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Re: Wimbledon 2013: Reminiscences of Green Grass

Long post so apologies in advance...

Originally Posted by Shafanovic. View Post
Anyone here happy with Petko getting a WC?
Happy for Petko - I used to dislike her in 2011 because of the dance and AO loss (I'm really predictable with this aspect of my fandom), but the way she has handled her injury struggles with grace has made me wish her the best. She seems like a genuinely nice human being.

Originally Posted by NashaMasha View Post
any result but winning Wimbledon = futher humiliation of Maria in GM ,bacchanalia about poor Maria and greater than Einstein Serena in american press, Ben Rottenberg and Nguyen calling Maria again laughably uncompetitive, Pete Bodo writing about how Maria is trash, etc....
And since when does whatever GM and these journos say have an impact on what goes on in the tennis courts. People like to hear themselves talk. So what? Also, I think you're banned so maybe I'm talking to myself.

Originally Posted by madmax View Post
So Maria is finally heading into greener pastures after her subdued and inconsistent dirt season...her clay game was the reason of her downfall on this surface last year, so hopefully a much more aggressive approach will be implemented this year. Masha's natural instinct is to bash the ball and not think about it twice. And this is the exact surface where this instinct has to be nurtured and rise again for Maria. That and her impoved net game of course. So I show the middle finger to all the doubters and say - GO FOR THE GLORY CHAMP!!!
Such a STAN! Show us basic fans how it's done.

Originally Posted by AnnieIWillKnow View Post
I wouldn't say the clay season was too inconsistent... W, F, withdrew from Rome, F. But yes, I think she definitely had the grass on her mind throughout.
Originally Posted by Serfpova View Post
IDK, I think she'll do well if she's healthy for the rest of the season, considering Wimbly/USO are her 'priorities'. But I still think it's a bit of a shame that the clay season didn't seem much of a priority as last year. With the lack of competition, her recent improvements and the amount of room there is left for more improvements, she could definitely end up with another couple of RG titles. It was always going to be more difficult with Serena in her form this year, but if she remains satisfied that she managed to finally win RG, she mightn't get another.
I'm not sure how you guys are judging her commitment to clay vs. grass vs. NA HC without having seen her play on the other two courts yet. I believe she tried her best in the events in which she entered (minus the sickness or whatever in Rome), but a better player (on those days) stopped her in the final. Maria is a professional on the court and I don't see her tanking or withdrawing from tourneys without a solid reason like her health. I think you may be reading too much into her comments that Wimbledon is her priority. Last year, she said the Olympics were her biggest priority when I have to think RG was a pretty big goal for her and Hoggy given the additional clay prep she played in compared to previous years. It might be just something she says to take pressure off herself (e.g., Serena and her "nothing to lose" comments).
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