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Re: ** Masha News and Articles! ** Vol. 3


Q: No Questions
M. Sharapova Great.
Q: How would you sum up last week in Madrid.
M. Sharapova Well, my preparation so far pretty good and in Stuttgart it was pretty good too with some tough matches and I was down in the 3 rd set and a great final and so I have had a really solid week and I'd have loved to win it but at least I've played few matches on clay.

Q: And what about your memories last year here
M. Sharapova Yes – this is one of the few events that I've won a couple of times and its meaningful for me and its feels great to be out on the court and the support I receive here on this court. I've been playing here since I was a junior and its great the enthusiasm that I have received form the public.

Q: After your success last year, was it easier to switch back to clay
M. Sharapova There are no excuses. From the beginning and the first few days of practice are different and you are moving around to positions that your not used to doing for the part 6 - 7 months but nothing is easy in this sport and you just have to adjust and some days some things are lacking and every day little things pop up from match to match and its no easy ride.

Q: Can you talk us through your clay preparation when the season ends in Miami.
M. Sharapova I usually start training in Indian Wells – Palm Springs a few weeks before the Tournament and after the tournament I take a few days off and train until after Wimbledon so I suppose the preparation is about 2 and a half weeks. In this period, Thomas goes back home to stay with his family and so I stay here with Vladimir and Dad and train.

Q: So the training starts in LA or Florida.
M. Sharapova Florida. I don't think there is any ready clay in California.

Q: What are your plans for Rome. Do you have any plans to shop or but clothes or just to rest.
M. Sharapova I'm glad to have a job because I'd be obese and in debt and do its good that I have something to do as this city is dangerous for the figure and for the wallet.

Q: What is it that you like to eat in Rome
M. Sharapova Just many different cafes that I like to go to and there are specialities in each ad the past and desserts and fillings and creams and they feel so good and you want all of them and the you just have to balance them.

Q: When Tomas is not around what role does your father have.
M. Sharapova We speak if not every day, every second day. He's on a permanent life vacation. He says he's actually training for the Senior Olympics as a skier but that's not going to happen but he is involved in every aspect of my career and he knows my game better that everyone else. He's sees so much and seen so many coaches and when to say something and when not and gives his 2 cents and gets mad and then later asks what we having for lunch.

Q: You are one of the few players who has played in Singapore a few years ago. Can you talk to us about what the crowds are like
M. Sharapova It was a 1 day event and I had played in Istanbul before and it was sold out and so you expect much more buzz but yes, from the 3 candidates cities I don’t know why but it was my first choice – probably because its closer to the vacation destinations.

Q: You play alone but recently you've started to use on court coaching recently stared to use it. Tomas is not here and so does that change things for you.
M. Sharapova Its interesting when started I was not a big fan as I think tennis is an individual sport and its you and your opponent and how to figure it out and pull yourself together and in some situations the ball is in then its not and I suppose if I need a bit of a boost then I use it.

Q: Some people when they are with their coach tend to have a conversation but you just listen.
M. Sharapova Well, I choose the words I want to listen to.

Q: Have you heard about the plans of Mahesh Bhuphath for an Asian tennis league November and December which is in your off season.
M. Sharapova Yes, I've heard a little but o don't know the details but I know that a lot of events are moving in that direction and so its no surprise for me. I think its great that we get the opportunity to take tennis to new cities but it wont happen for me. I mean, I'd do a couple of matches but I don't think I could do the whole thing.

Q: Why won't it happen.
M. Sharapova Its long and I want to recuperate. What I heard is that it s a tour and I think its difficult to work for 3 weeks and it takes a lot out of you. I think this is why I've been successful to understand what is important for me and how my body is and how to get ready for the next event.
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