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Re: ** Masha News and Articles! ** Vol. 3

Originally Posted by Trih View Post
I didn't even notice it was just above this but anyway I translated it hoping it's better than google translator. (and some english exercise is always good)

The world of Maria Sharapova "Love made me stronger"

The champion is happy with baby boyfriend Dimitrov: "He's more mature than his 21 years age, helps me staying young". "I love Rome but it's dangerous for your line and your wallet, with all those pastries..."

- Maria Sharapova, what's your best aspect?
"I think the ambition. I love life, waking up in the morning and thinking about what I want to achieve and do again. I'm always capable to push myself to the limit even in the hardest moments and see things from a different point of view".

- The shoulder surgery and the stop have helped you to improve.
"I always had in my mind to get back where I was, in the rankings and in the tourneys. Experience and motivation helped me, and the will to relive those feelings again, mostly in Slams".

- Best moments of the year so far?
"Winning Indian Wells: it was many years I couldn't do it, I played well in the final".

- But you lost to Serena the last 12 times in a row: how is it possible? [Translator's note: ]
"When she plays me, Serena is capable to output and keep up a great power. Specially in the first two shots, serve-return, because otherwise, when the rally gets longer, I win more than 50% of the points. And she manages to keep up that level for 3 hours, more than anyone else. It's this incredible quality that gives so much confidence to all her game". [Translator's note: I agree so much with her, I wish she could play like Caro when she's against Serena. ]

- Rome is the last stage before Roland Garros, where you're the defending champion. What did that win mean to you?
"In my career I had many satisfactions, but, maybe because I'm getting older, I remember better the latest, so winning Roland Garros was the best memory of all".

- Two back to back titles in Stuttgart and Rome, and the last one in Paris: how did you manage to learn to win on clay too?
"Key is the physical improvement, the movements, I understood how to be in the right place at the right time. And I became stronger at recovering between one match and the other".

- What do you like about Rome?
"I love the city, the tourney and the crowd, the enthusiasm, the passion, you're very "italian". And the fact I had much success in the last years. It's a dangerous city for the line and the wallet, you have to be careful: it's full of cafe, every one with it's own special pastries, desserts and icecreams...

- What Rome souvenir do you have?
"The trophy, it's the best souvenir".

- Typical day in Rome, without tennis?
"I'd love to be a tourist, but I never have the chance: I'd love to walk, when there's less people around, and visit the Colosseum".

- Maybe you're going with Grigor Dimitrov, your colleague boyfriend. Who's 21 years old.
"Yes, he's younger than me".

- Seems strange, Sharapova with a younger boyfriend.
"I thought it would be very difficult to have a boyfriend someone who acts like a kid. The majority of my friends and my fans is older than me, and the experience in my life and career, tells me I've always been more mature than my age. It's quite interesting this age difference with Grigor, it keeps me young.".

- Dimitrov is very mature for his 21 years.
"Indeed, regardless how good he is on a tennis court, he has so many other qualities. And, for me, everything comes from personality, from what you have inside. Through the years, I've seen him many times around, even when he was junior - and I've been on tour so long... - but, as a person, I didn't know him well, and I found out the passion he puts in the things he does, he knows many topics and he's interested in the new things and in the world. It's an uncommon characteristic, considering his age".
[Note by translator: I'm dying about how much I love this answer, because I always felt like a kid watching Maria, even if I'm 2 years and a half older than her.. ]

- The balance between tennis and life is fundamental.
"It's important to know what you want to do in your career and what makes you happy on court, but at the end of the day there's so much more in life. I know very well that tennis lasts some year (few now for me), and it's important to be yourself. Imagine for someone indipendent like me. So it's fundamental to share everything with someone you're feeling good with".

- Will you be a mom who spanks her sons or the kind who can talk and give punishment?
"I think I'll be the first kind, strong, that when it's needed can give a spank. Just because I've always been very honest and open, I understood that I am what I am also because of how my parents grew me up, of how they formed my personality in the age of development. And I'm thankful to them because I'm happy about how I am today. And I want the same for my children".

- Whatever happened to dad Yuri? He suddenly disappeared!
"We talk every day, or every other day, he's on permanent vacation. He says he's training for the skiing Senior Olympics, but it's not going to happen. He's still involved in every aspect of my career and knows my game better than anyone. He sees always everything, knows everything about the coaches, he's still interested in them and asks me what I had for lunch".
Thanks, awesome!
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