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Re: The Maria Sharapova Picture Thread 2013

Honestly.. Em.. Why is she so tight and his right hand, why does he have a fist?? Besides, it is funny how her relationships progressed - from not even holding with Charlie, to holding hands with Sasha, to kissing Grigor on the streets...

Originally Posted by TrollPova View Post
Maybe after Grigor defeated Novak they decided to celebrate by going public? I mean it had to be his greatest day as a tennis player yet and he could have wanted to celebrate and be "reckless" and just act like a real couple?
He can want whatever he wants but if Maria and IMG do not agree to that, it won't happen.

Originally Posted by Abuttons View Post
We can all have our conspiracy theories about this relationship. From the little I may presume to know of Maria, the pictures tell me there's not one chance that the timing of the outing was set up or that this is part of a ploy from the IMG man.....just my view....

And by the way, welcome to the Forum!!!
Originally Posted by Alizay View Post
Doesn't all this seem too superficial? in the sense that as soon as he beat Novak, they outed themselves... I mean couldn't they have atleast waited till the end of the tournament or something?
This just sort of feels like another of Max Eisenbud's business strategies for Sharapova that she has a boyfriend who is successful so that sort of qualifies him for the position of her bf...hence they can now be allowed to be seen in public! =/
On the contrary, here is not Maria in the center of the position of having a "successful" BF (afterall she is still way way more successful, experienced and dominant than him ), it more smells to me of Nike's promotion of Griogr as the next best thing. First they glued him to Serena, then they started agressively promoting him by photosessions and pics and the next day when those pics came out there was him following Maria all around in Milan. Hmm.. A real couple? Yes. But it still made me raise my eyebrows a bit. Since them none of them confirmed it when directly/indirectly asked.. Whispers, rumours, writings are good - that is a better publicity than staying quiet, and they did good - by not admitting they ensured people would write/wonder about them --- if they went official in December/January - the media would have lost interest after 3 months. Now that Grigor finally is rising and playing well and defeated a top dog - it suits to Nike to go public with their relationship and wear Nike by doing it ...

Originally Posted by Sebastian222 View Post
"From the little I may presume to know of Maria (& Max)" they do a great job by directing Maria's Life for the public... and they are quit right, we are a nosy bunch...
We are but we get the things earlier then the mainstream media.. We knew about the breakup with Sasha by analyzing things and we weren't surprised, we know about Grigor since December...
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