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Re: Off Topic....Anything Goes vol4

I can't, I can't, I'm dying


Originally Posted by CoolDude7 View Post
I am a gay man, and I have received light in the darkness (the holy spirit) from our savior Jesus Christ through death of the ego. I’m not one to talk about this, because I am not a person of ego, but I was blessed so I speak in hope that it saves one of your souls, I have done my job. It hurts me to see many gay men condemning themselves to hell because they are gay and refuse to get off the ego trip.

Know this

All sexuality is wrong! Yes, if you are having a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, you are in the wrong. We were made to be the bride of God, not of man. Adam and Eve was after the fall from heaven, meaning we were already separated, and that it was never intended for us to share our love with anyone BUT God. There is no SEX in heaven, just pure love via through light merely by being near God’s presence. It states this in the bible as well! Know that we all are born in sin, and that we must seek to not turn to darkness for darkness binds the soul to death.

Understand that Jesus was perfect and died on the cross for your sins. All you have to do is accept this and you will be given infinite amount of incarnations to come into god’s grace and never truly die for you become a spiritual being, a being of light! Understand that darkness understands light not.

I know this for a fact, I don’t know why Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God choose me to see but I do. Demons are married to the night, when you lie down at night they bind your soul. The light from the Holy Spirit cleanses you from the demons and sins. The more you turn away from sin, the more visible you will see demons. They cannot hide from you. You will see the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and God fight these demons for you and vanquish them. Eventually you will birth a spiritual baby via being in union with the Holy Spirit (This is truly what is meant in the bible when they mention Baby, it is a pure spiritual baby not one of the flesh for flesh is fleeting and lies with death) You will experience things like traveling to the heavens, going back in time, and even into God’s kingdom where you will see him bless you with the holy spirit.

I will stop here, but I’ve been to other worlds etc via the spirit. I would advise anyone to research Edgar Cayce. What he says is the truth. I have experience being a lone white light mid darkness at I went up into it. While my talent isn’t one of reading the akashic records, I am blessed with the ability to SEE (Identify demons (even Satan himself), angels, TRAVEL (traveled to the spiritual realm of Atlantis which is a city of crystal). I have even located the vortex that Thoth created to travel in the middle of the earth.

God will bless you according to your scarf ice. You have to sacrifice your desires to get light, to shine in the darkness, to walk through that open door, to never taste of the cup of death. Does it mean you will never sin again, “NO”! What it means is that you will be able to identify via your open spiritual light and can repent and see God work his miracles! IF God is pleased when you die with your sacrifices you will be free to enter his kingdom and be free from all struggle and all that is evil. You will be like Jesus said, one with God. As he thinks, you will also think. You will not have an individual thinking mind. It will be like a kingdom of Heaven. Heaven will come to you.

I just hope I am not punished for revealing my spiritual blessings. They are meant to be between you and God. My God have mercy on me.

Please accept that you are a sinner. Know this because you are dying with each passing minute. Know that you can live forever by beginning to accept Jesus!
The Atlantis part, pure comedy

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