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Re: When In An Elevator (starring M. Sharapova,S. Williams,V. Azarenka, N. Djokovic..


“Err...Wha...What are you doing?” she stuttered.
“Will you stop interrupting me!” He locked eyes with her. “You need to realize that I’m being serious here. I know I shouldn't be saying this, but I can’t help it really...”
“What’s happening? What is he doing? Has he completely lost his mind? Why aren’t I stopping this? He pushed me over a wall! Is this how being abused feels? Could this be sexual harassment? I will sue him! Oh god they are all looking at us...he couldn't find a better time for this shit. What did he say to me? Why can’t he just leave me alone? Leave me be. I hate his stupid face, so close to me; I can’t even take a breath without his stupid perfume burning my nose. What is that anyways? Who wears such a thing...OK don’t be unfair now, it’s kind of...pleasant. YEAH for a toilet refresher!... You are being mean, it’s not that bad...I’m starting to like it actually.”
“Why did you react this way before? I mean would this be so unheard of, that you won’t consider it even as a possibility...”
“Did he always have muscles like this... I've never noticed before. Ugh I can’t think when he’s looking at me like that, I’m really uncomfortable. His eyes are so...intense and green, they are too green! What is he even saying right now...his lips keep on moving but I can’t hear anything. They look really soft though, I wonder what it would feel like to...Oh my god! What did you just think? What was that? Seriously! Did you just think that? Seriously! You did, didn't you! Get a grip of yourself! Control - freak mode back on. STOP. THIS. NOW.”
“Let go of me. I’m serious, Novak.” she said angrily.
“No, I’m not letting go of you, Maria.” he said in a sarcastic tone.
“Are you mocking me? You’re not being funny.”
“Stop avoiding the subject. Why can’t you just answer me?”
“Why can’t you just let it go?”
“You know what I think? I think that you feel that way about me too...”
“What? That’s not...”
“...Oh yeah? Then why won’t you just answer me? I mean, are you prolonging this on purpose? I think you are actually enjoying yourself.” he said with a smirk.
“No, I’m NOT.”
“You’re not really convincing, you know.”
“Oh my God, you’re so full of yourself!”
“Would that be something you'd like? Is that a thing for you? Cause if it is, we could work something out.” he winked at her.
“Um, I…I-I don’t know how to respond to that.”
“Oh, wow, Maria Sharapova is at a loss for words? I never thought this day would come, but hey, you’re a human being, right? Even you can’t resist my charm.”
“Who do you think you...” she started, pissed off.
“Hey, I’m not blaming you, I get it.”
“Oh really? But the thing is I’m not the one that’s all confessional today.”
“Well if you’re in the mood, I’m always available to confide in. Anyplace, day or night...preferably night.”
“Thanks, but no, thanks.”
“Yeah, yeah whatever. This is totally happening now. I can see it in your eyes.”
“What are you talking about? What exactly is happening? Are you delusional?”
“Keep living in denial, all you want, but...”he said and moved even closer to her.
“I don’t appreciate the fact that you’re intruding my personal space.”
“Can I ask you a question?”
“What would you do if I...kissed you?”
A general gasp echoed across the elevator from the spectators.
“I’d slap you. Done deal.”
“Ohh, I love it when you get physical. Tell me more, please. This is getting interesting.”
“What, no! That’s not what I was trying to say...”
“Maybe you were trying to say you’d kiss me back, eagerly, but along the way you got confused.”
“No, I don’t think I was trying to say that either.”
“Okay, so you get another chance. Let’s go again. What would you do if I kissed you?”
“No, I’m not talking about this anymore.”
“Oh OK,then I might as well give it a try and see how it goes, if you’re not gonna talk about it...
He leaned in closer, his breath against her ear while whispering “But your lips look so delicious, I don’t think I can resist.”
At that moment Maria was having a hard time gathering her thoughts: “Say something, say something, say something”
But instead what came as a reply was this:
“Whaaaahohh…” a mixture of the word what and a mumbling sound.
A quiet chuckle escaped Novak “I think I’ll take that as a yes.”
He slowly started leaning towards her, just about to kiss her, when suddenly Maria’s reflexes took over, reminding her to bend so as to avoid the kiss. As a result Novak hit his head on the wall and Maria had now managed to escape his grip.


“Aaaaaaaaaawkward...” Serena said.
At that moment all eyes were on her.
“What? Come on admit it...You were all thinking it, you were just afraid to say it.” She continued.
“Ouch, that hurt!” Novak exclaimed.
“What the hell was that?” Maria yelled. “Are you stupid?”
“What...I thought this was happening. I warned you.”
“Well, it wasn't!”
“Oh and how was I supposed to know that? You weren't exactly making a lot of sense at the time, all I could hear was some mumbling.”
“Well, still that wasn't a yes, was it?”
“Well it wasn't exactly a no either.”
“Oh I’m so sorry I didn't make myself clear enough, for you not to assault me!”
“You are forgiven, just give me a heads up next time, so know, don’t hit myself!”
“Believe me there won’t be a next time.”
“Whoaaaaaaaaaa…” Serena exclaimed. “Really? But you guys are so good together. You are just like Damon and Elena from Vampire Diaries. You are meant to be!”
“Umm... right. Can we please change the subject? Let’s all pretend this never happened.’’
“Yeah Maria, that’s the way to go. Just erase stuff from your memory...healthy.” Novak scoffed.
“Sooo...any topics you guys? Preferably not anything too personal...” Maria said ignoring him
“Does anybody have a snickers? I’m starting to get hungry.” Vika asked in a worried voice

A couple of minutes later…

"…Yeah and so I went there and I was like “Hey what up! You want some chili I’m gonna give ya some chili”" Maria laughed.

“...and then they were really freaked out by me. But what was I supposed to do? Nobody else was talking, like AT ALL, and I needed to say something to break the tension. I considered rapping but then I was like, NO. Maria you can’t rap. Don’t go there. So now what? Keep it up with the jokes? They’re looking at me weird. Novak looks kind of worried. The joke was that bad, huh? ...They’re still looking at me, am I supposed to say something now? Act normal, act normal, act normal! Say something smart.”
“Do you like tortillas?” she asked enthusiastically.
“Yay tortillas!! Gimme five my man!” Rafa said.
“Um...Alright just please don‘t call me that.”

“She wants me, I know it. I can see it, it’s obvious. It’s just her stupid brain getting in the way. So what if I have a girlfriend, who cares? ...Okay, don’t say that, you’re better than this. But what if I didn't have a girlfriend? What would have happened then? Would she still have rejected me? Am I being desperate, is this like appalling to her...was the flirting too much? You know what Novak, she’s right. You DO have a girlfriend so what’s the point of thinking about this?I should just let it go. Oh my God, did I just cheat on my girlfriend? Well OK I didn't cheat exactly, but I would have if things had gone better. I need to stop this, it’s wrong. Yeah I’m letting it go...It’s done.”

“...So overall I think I’m gonna go with the red dress. It’s kind of short, but not in a slutty way, you know? And also the cut is really...”
“What did you mean by that?” Novak interrupted suddenly.
“Oh, come on, it’s a nice dress! Jesus don’t be so judgmental, you haven’t seen it!”
“I said, what did you mean when you asked me to pretend nothing happened?” he continued annoyed.
“I thought we weren't going to discuss this.”
“Is it just because of my girlfriend? I mean, if I was single, would you still have reacted the same way?”
“Or is it something else? Is it that you don’t find me attractive or something?”
“But you do have a girlfriend so why are we talking about this?”

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