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Re: When In An Elevator (starring M. Sharapova,S. Williams,V. Azarenka, N. Djokovic..

Sorry for taking so long to post the next part...hope you enjoy it and continue to tune in!


“Novak?” Maria asked. Suddenly everybody was looking at him, expecting him to answer.
“Novak, are you there?” she asked again.
“Huh, what?” he said still holding her.
“Um…you can let go of me now ...We stopped fighting like, ten minutes ago...”
“Oh shit” he thought. – “Ugh yeah, I know that ...You know just to be on the safe side...”
“Right...Err, you’re still holding me...”
“Yeah I’m letting you go now. Don’t do anything stupid.”
“I don’t mean to interrupt your thing ...whatever that is, but we need to do something about the elevator...remember, the one we've been stuck in for the past thirty minutes?” Serena said.
“Well we can always climb on Maria and escape through the service hatch” Vika mocked.
“No we can’t do that it’s probably locked” Serena replied frustrated.
“Yeah...cause that’s exactly what we would have done otherwise!” Maria scoffed.
“ OK knock it off. I think we should just wait for the technicians to come, surely they are on their way” Novak suggested.
“Wait, did anyone push the alarm button? Does anyone know we are even here?” Maria asked.
“Wasn't that the reason you two were fighting?” Serena wondered.
Vika and Maria looked at each other baffled. “I thought you did that!” snapped Azarenka.
“Well I was too busy trying to rip your head off, so...”
“Oh, my God this is never gonna end, is it?” Novak interrupted.
Serena started getting pissed off by everyone’s uselessness and stupidity and therefore decided to just push the button herself. “So... Now that that’s settled...” Serena said and sat on the floor next to Rafa. Djokovic noticed that for some unknown and completely illogical reason Sharapova and Azarenka were sitting next to each other too. “Okay...not a brilliant idea” he said and sat between them, gently pushing Azarenka to the side. Serena obviously in that kind of mood, tried to start conversation with Rafa.
“Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?” she asked seductively.
“You want my sweater?” he offered.
“Um...That doesn't make any sense...I said I’m hot, why would I want your sweater?” she replied confused.
“Oh, sorry. My English not that good. I confuse words sometime.” he explained.
“Well...maybe we could arrange a private lesson...
“I have teacher in Spain, muchas gracias!” he smiled.
“You are not getting this are you?” said Serena in despair.
“Get what?”
“Never mind...”
While this was happening, in the other corner Novak was also in that kind of mood.
“I ‘m really glad you are not having a nervous break down right now. You’re so much prettier when you are not screaming hysterically, punching people and spitting in my face.” he said cheerfully.
“Oh, Novak! That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me!” she laughed.
“Well, I am adorable, aren't I?”
“Ha ha... Are you trying to be funny? Djokovic the Djoker!”
“Oh, and it was going so well...” he said and they both laughed again.
“So are these rage outbursts like a regular thing for you?”
“Only when SHE is involved” Maria answered.
“I heard that!” Vika snapped.
“Then I’m assuming, this doesn't happen often for you, huh?” Novak asked
“No, not really...”
“Oh, that’s too bad, cause I sort of enjoyed trying to calm you down...It would be nice if that was something I get to do more often.”
“Well I’m glad somebody enjoyed it...”
“This is not working... Obviously she doesn't understand where I’m going with it.” he thought desperately.
“Yeah, you’re kind of hot when you get angry... Well, actually not just when you’re angry... You know in general too. “
“Um...Why are you telling me this? I’m gonna be honest here...I’m getting this weird vibe from you. Where are you going with this?”
“He says you caliente” Rafa winked at Maria.
“Oh so now you understand what hot means!” Serena said annoyed.
“Heh...” Maria laughed nervously – “No he’s just kidding. You’re kidding right? Please say you’re kidding...”
“Um no... I don’t think I am...Actually I think I’m kind of hitting on you...”
“Well first of all you have a this is not happening here buddy, this (gesturing towards herself) sweet sweet Sugarpova is not for you. But you know what, here, you can have some Sugarpova gumballs instead.” She patted him on the back and handed him, or more accurately threw a pack of candy in his face.
“Oh no she didn't!” Serena snapped her fingers. “That was so good! Give the Chocomamma a, you know what, come here you, gimme a humor hug...That’s right just take it, it’s all yours, you deserve it!”
“Um thanks...I guess!” She hugged her back – “I just thought of it actually...I don't know, it just came to me right now!” Maria grinned pleased with herself.
“Right, I was saying...” Djokovic started.
“Look. I know we've been stuck here for a while now, and that you have hormones and testosterone and stuff, and I know that you’re like a manwhore, and that you like to hit on everything that’s female and moves but you need to tone it down here. Tighten up!”
“Snap! Girl you’re on fire today, manwhore that was so good!” Serena interfered again.
“Oh thanks but that’s not mine, I saw it on Grey’s Anatomy”
“Ugh that McSteamy is so H-O-T! Which by the way means hot for those who didn’t get it”
In those couple of minutes Novak’s expression was easy to read: first confusion, then doubts about Maria’s sanity and finally anger.
“YOU” he said pointing at Serena - “Stop being so stupid!”
“And YOU” he continued now pointing at Maria – “Stop being so bitchy and childish!”
“Hey Novak I didn't mean...”
“I’m not done!” he prevented her from finishing her sentence by putting his finger on her lips. His sudden change of behavior took her by surprise and what surprised her even more was that a small part of her enjoyed it. After a couple of seconds she managed to take control of the situation and smacked his fingers away.
“Did you just shush me? I don’t like being shushed. Nobody shushes me!”
“Oh, is that right?” He raised his eyebrow, giving a doubtful look, letting her know that he wasn't intimidated. He continued provoking her by stepping closer, putting his hands over her and reaching for the wall. Allowing her no space whatsoever, she was now positioned between the wall and him.

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