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Re: Random Posts/miscellaneous/anything Petra :)

Most people watch red zone channel and in that game GB was favorite by Vegas, so this is like universal wisdom to them because it's their business to know, also statistic proves that NYG are better road team then home team since they have overall better record on the road compared to home in Eli's era in NY, plus to both SBs they get by winning on the road, on top of that not that good defense vs Big Time Rogers on the roll that's why this was not ridiculous to think 'Giants have no chance'. In that game Giants showed Big Time playing, some of the stats their shown were last time achieved long time ago in 2008. In SF's game 49ers were also favorite because their defense was fierce and they considered to be 'tough home team' because of their home record and what visiting teams usually can achieve on offense, also SF had 4-1 record, were tied with Texans for the lead in NFL team rankings on almost all positions(defense,offense(rushing) etc...) and just behind undefeated teams in NFL power ranking and Giants 'October record' was poor.

It's not weak clinches since most stuff about "chance or no chance", "owns", "home team or road team" etc. comes from what statics and record says with backing up some of those by Vegas odds or NFL Power rankings, that's why they exist, so not a hardcore fan would know general team place in the league and in what position they are. That's why we have heavy favorite teams but this doesn't mean they would win, it's just they are more likely to it. When you're hardcore fan you can recognize when some of those stats useless or when to discount some to back up your pick. You using stats too to explain why 'writing off' Giants was ridicilous or why they are not as good as last year etc., tho overall statics says opposite but being hardcore fan you know what numbers to compare and what to overlook but hardcore fans are minority compared to all people who watches NFL that's why i've said majority 'wrote them off' and this was not ridiculous thing to do because of some stats.

When i pick teams to win sometimes use overall statistic or compare some of them directly between teams but most of the time i go by my gut feeling or 'eye test' from watching this team previously even when it's contradicts stats, that's why we watch the game it's not fantasy football and stats do lie sometimes, otherwise it would be boring when you know for a fact who and how would win.
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