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Re: Off Topic....Anything Goes vol3

Originally Posted by dsanders06 View Post
Also, I just typed out a big long post to contribute to the "wtf do i do with my life" discussion, but it was depressing me so much that I deleted it all

Originally Posted by BlueTrees View Post
I still think I'm trying to figure out what interests me I think science is the right path for me in terms of study because I am able to get pretty decent grades in it, then I guess I just really have to start thinking about where it leads me after that in terms of occupation. There really are so many options nowadays (both in terms of degrees and occupations) and I think that's one of the problems

Hope that all goes well with chosing your master degree

Fair enough

I do Biomedical Science at UWA.

I know right? I'm so jealous of my friends who are enjoying their degrees and close to finishing Especially seeing as some of them I got way better grades than at school School is built up to be such a big deal, but once you've finished and are at uni, what you did at school is pretty irrelevant.

I'm exactly like you also in that I initially chose what my parents wanted me to do. I did Engineering for one year in 2011 and HATED it so much omg I think it's just important that we make our own decisions, rather than what our parents want us to do. That's the advice I'd give to anyone leaving high school.

I twas actually thinking of switching I'm doing biomedical science so it's a lot of similar units, at least at my uni (UWA) so it's easy to transfer. If I switch I have way more choice of what units I can do, so I think it's better. At least semester doesn't go back for another three months so I have some time to decide.

Hope it all works out for you!

I just find it cool how a lot of us here go through the same problems...many of us are/were closet gays who can't tell our parents and/or have trouble deciding our futures after highschool. All of us seem to be a similar age too. At least we have each other
you're Australian? I didn't even realise!

Pharmacy is okay if you like it. plenty of people enjoy it but plenty of people also loathe it at usyd, from each pharm cohort, maybe only 25-35% of first year students end up finishing the course I think cos they all drop it. Idk working in a pharmacy is really easy and relaxed, the only annoying part about it is running a business with all the paperwork and expenses ontop of all the paperwork for just being a pharmacist already.

owning your own pharmacy will get you far, like I know someone who owns a pretty quiet pharmacy but she and her family goes on holidays like 4-5 times a year and only works like 3.5 days a week. not to mention she's the only one bringing money into her family of 5 people so yeah, the money is INSANELY good but a lot of work at the same time (then again what isn't)

you should definitely enjoy it if you like science orientated stuff, but remember that there's also the business aspect of it and interactions with customers as well. there's heaps of responsiblities that comes with being a pharmacist because patients tend to trust pharmacists more than other GPs and so there's also the pressure of needing to always be up to date with the latest drugs and being able to answer any questions they might ask.

sorry for typing so much, i just wanted to give you heads up if you have any queries about pharmacy you can always ask me and I can try my best to answer you with my extremely limited knowledge!

but yeap I'm still stumped with what I want to do with my life, or what uni to go to. I really wanna study away from home but the thought of it is a bit scary. I don't know how to 100% support myself yet ahhhhh fuark. Even then, I'm already researching on which area I want to move to after I finish uni i'm making my own life a clusterfuck but grrr soooo not happy living here or with what I'm studying.

I hope things work out for you too!

Originally Posted by Светльо View Post
Yay! While we are on the topic: I graduated from high school. Then had to choose between two different degrees in different cities. Went with the one where my BFF was gonna be. She moved to Spain after a year and I dropped out in the first semester of the second year. Now I am abroad studying a freaking law degree not into my native language; it is fucking hard and I hate it! Basically, I am fucked but no chance in hell of me dropping out. Oh, and I am already 21 so when I graduate I will be like a full-grown granny.
So yeah, you are not alone in your suffering, you poor confused kiddos!

Ugh, it is 100% him. Don't appreciate that this alter ego of his is such a Pova hater. Of course, that bitch is not banned as well. #TFmodsaretheworst
how hard must it be to support yourself!! I assume you're living alone or with a roomie anyway. Do you work full time while you study or something?

and omg forehand27 is justineheninfan? i actually liked justineheninfan but forehand27 is a hot mess
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