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Re: WTA Championships 2012 iStanbul Mission: Win the title by not facing Rena/Vika

I am so sorry but I wouldn't blame Hogstedt... In my opinon he actually brought some freshness into her mental state... She was stagnating in 2010. I am glad she has a coach like Thomas, he believes in her endlessly. And goes through everything with her. And is prepared to work with her.
She is better on clay, yes, but all in all she seems kind of fragile to me, still... And I have a feeling she can fall appart any time. Like a house of cards. 2012 has been one of her best years, if not best... Azarenka has improved dramatically, Serena will always be an unclimbable mountain for her... And this year next to Serena and Vichka is Maria... Unfortunately she has become a mental-midget against Vichka.. Due to Vichka's improved movement, mentality, fitness (read game) and due to herself (her mindset since AO).
Maria will never be the old player she was... And this I think is actually close to the maximum she can give..

Originally Posted by Jechijo View Post
So true! Moreover, there's no net game. She doesn't attack the net anymore. She just plants her feet on the baseline and stays there. One more thing: after every serve she lands two metres inside the baseline.. how can you possibly hit Vika's deep ROS back if it always gets past you?
100 coaches cannot help you if you are not willing / don't know how to do it. She practices net game, yet she never plays it in matches and when she does she fails... There is a part of Maria's mind also involved in it. I think she is too insecure to attack the net. In the past, when she was full of confidence, like that AO 2008, she did it great. But then again, she is bad at moving forward-backward, and there are a lot of great defenders now..
And yes, well, that is Vichka's specialty against Maria, taking the ball early and deep, not giving her any time at all to react. Maria won't change her landing because of Vichka now, and Maria's reaction time is longer than Vichka's... Serena outpowers/outserves Vichka, Maria can't... So she will always be in the loosing position... Unless Vichka becomes a mental midget again, like she was in the past..

Originally Posted by Mexicola View Post
Maybe not in time for the YEC, but I believe Kvitova will be back to top 3 form soon. And that will be another huge problem for Maria in 2013 and beyond, to go along with her mental blocks with Serena and Vika.
Honestly? I think, too, that sooner or later Petra will rise up again... I do not want to sound pessimistic, but I do expect an improvement to Petra, she will overcome her growing pains... While Maria... Well she is not younger day by day... + her game does not have varitey, never did in full and it won't have... Changing it now would ruin her confidence... We will see how long she'll be able to keep it up. I am a bit afraid for 2013...
So I think I should cherish what I get from her this year, despite her constantly loosing to Vichka.
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