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Re: ** Masha News and Articles! ** Vol. 2

Both Steve Tignor and Peter Bodo @ hate Maria Sharapova for some unknown reason - Peter Bodo for example wrote this piece of shit about Masha's patriotism just before the Olympics

I've gotten banned there because I started a questioning Peter Bodo and his attacks vs Masha and called him a "Russian hater" - What I understand is that Peter Bodo is Hungarian and had to flee when the Russians occupied his country back in the cold war - So - I urge you all to subscribe a free Livefyre account there and start commenting on all their idiotic comments about Masha - Just click the "Post comment" button in any article @ and create an account - The more Masha supporters the better

Example - Peter Bodo: Wimbledon: Fearless Forecasts
Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams will meet in the women's final because the tennis gods, having allowed Maria that win in Paris (completing her career Grand Slam), don't want this whole "I am a brand" thing to get out of hand. If there's any branding to be done, the cowgirl holding the runnin' iron will be Serena, whose job description all these years has included mercilessly punishing Sharapova at every opportunity for having snatched that Wimbledon title out of her hands those eight long years ago. You think Serena's forgotten that? She's won seven of the eight matches they've played since.
Another example from Peter Bodo: U.S. Open Crystal Ball
Women: Maria Sharapova, seeded No. 3, will scream and shriek and pause thoughtfully as if frozen in mid-step before she returns to the service line to play a point, and it will all look persuasive and menacing and at times unbeatable—until Serena Williams gets a hold of her in the final and squishes her like a piece of that gummy Sugarpova candy under the sole of her Nike kicks.
Take Steve Tignor who recently had 2 articles (Fan Club: Maria Sharapova part 1 and Fan Club: Maria Sharapova part 2) about Maria Sharapova in which he claims that he likes her and points out that what he says are only reflections of other people's opinion - yeah right!!

Maria is a curious case to me when it comes to fans and fan love. She's always had plenty of sponsorships, and been as high profile as any tennis player, but I used to wonder how many fans of the sport really liked her, or liked to watch her play.
Note the choice of word:
The crucial factor for many, of course, is The Shriek. I do wish she would stop, but I can deal with it after a few minutes of adjustment. There's even something perversely admirable about the way she ignores everyone’s opinion about it and just keeps at it.

I know no one talks about loving the way she plays, and when she's bad she can play some really ugly tennis; but when she's good, I like to watch her laser shots, especially her backhand, find the corners. I think one reason she isn’t beloved among tennis aficionados is that she doesn’t play with a ton of variety or touch
No one loving the way she plays? - She isn't beloved among tennis aficionados? - Of course if you do like her - Steve Tignor suggest that you're not a a fan of the sport or a "tennis aficionados"

Those are comments you expect from a fanatic Serena supporter in his teens but not from middle aged editors of a (on line) tennis magazine - who should know better then to flame a well respected tennis player like Masha over and over again - cause let me tell you - every time these two need to to say about Masha 'cause she's won for example - there are always some references to her shriek or other negative implications

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