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Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

Well, Katrin, itīs such a shame that your adventures ended but so does everything in life. Atleast you had a great time, thatīs what matters the most

And tell me, have your Spanish skills improved? Would you be able to maintain a conversation with a native, for example? And this happens to everybody, has the grammar driven you crazy?.

Iīm not surprised everyone quickly noticed youīre from some Slavic country (They surely canīt known youīre exactly from Estonia ), because well,itīs easy: almost all of us ae more the Latin type: much darker skin, eyes and hair colour, you know . And LOL at the people knowing Estonia because of the ESC. I thought it was totally useless, guess not BTW,I always wanted to ask you, your hair is blonde or red?

Itīs unfortunate what happened to you when diving. Iīve never done anything like that so I donīt know how it feels though, admittedly, I donīt like the water very much so Iīm not too keen of doing so .

And BTW what did you reply to him when he asked you if you had been partying the night before? .Surely he must have been joking

Itīs great you finally went to Madrid! . Those touristic buses are everywhere (Iīve never been to one in Madrid, but Iīve been to those in some other cities, like Lisbon, and those are cool ; ) ).You learn a lot about the city and see things that you couldnīt have seen if you were just walking . TBH itīs no surprise that you were more than surprised, Madrid is BIG : lol :

And what are the Alsa Supra bus like? Never heard of them. I know Alsa is a popular bus company,but Alsa idea whatīs is that. Though it must be amazing for what you say

What about the gazpacho? Did you like it?

Also, you did well in trying the horchatas to fight the heat ; ). Poor you that didnīt like the first one : hug : ,but glad it had its good use : D

Iīm not surprised you have to witness a protest. They are EVERYWHERE these days and with a good reason. Beyond useless and shameless villians is what our political people are. Though itīs our fault to vote them I guess . Must be because back then everyone thought the other party was even worse but guess not...Anyway this is off-topic so Iīm gonna leave it at there. Also I lolīd when you said that a protest in Estonia is just two people with a poster : lol :. Surely must be because people there doesnīt have as much to complain as we do : shrug :

I canīt believe you missed El Oso y el Madroņo. They are just in Puerta del Sol, itīs unbelievable you didnīt see them . And ugh @ Sponge Bob. How I loathe this stupid character

Pretty cool photos Katrin : yeah : : cool :. That ship-restaurant looks amazing : eek :

I live in Extremadura, dunno if you had ever heard about this region. Probably not though . Weīre from 300ks away from Madrid : p. And we still are one of the most rural regions in Spain : tape :

I want to change my university because the first year Iīve been in University King Juan Carlos, in Fuenlabrada, one of those cities of 100,000+ people that are near Madrid. But itīs not the same as Madrid, and I just want to be in Madrid because it has everything. Iīm gonna tell you, we have a pretty good friends of my parents who live in Fuenlabrada and since last year was my first year far from home, my parents thought I would go with them so they kind of felt more safe about me. But I was bored there so I decided to try something bigger. And thatīs Madrid, as you can already guess : p

Great holidays you had : worship :.Hopefully youīll come again in the upcoming years ; )
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