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Re: Off Topic....Anything Goes vol2

Originally Posted by aussiesharapova View Post
Really happy for you lefty It's great she was nice to you, i'd never think of her as a bitch at all.

oh that sucks. but why behind the bush?
i keep thinking about meeting maria & crying in happiness in my dreams and i still havent even seen her at AO yet.. dam i try too hard
Thank you!
and I was hiding behind a bush because she was on the last practice court so it was the easiest way to see her. I wasn't the only one though. People were going CRAZY for her. But a security guard threatened to kick me out if I didn't leave the bush.
one year later there are security guards aligned along the bushes so that no one can hide in them. oops.
Originally Posted by Directioner View Post
So happy for you! i remember at sydney when i was walking around Dokic and her camp all walked past me and her coach said she liked me hair anyway as soon as i saw Jelena i froze and started shaking and couldnt talk (her and Mash are my equal favs). I was just like omg omg omg omg omg omg and after watching her practice for an hour i finally got a pic and i was over the moon! its the best feeling!

Yeah like most of my favs never play sydney but i still love going!
I felt like that too when I saw Miley. It was kind of surreal.
Originally Posted by Teerin View Post
Maria wasn't bitchy to me at all. She was smirking when I screamed for an autograph and she was like Mkay.
lucky! haha. I love smirkpova.
Originally Posted by Griffin. View Post
So Dark Knight Rises? Fucking epic. But I've been up for 23 hours straight so to sleep I go. But all of you need to see it ASAP.
I'm going to see it tonight at 10:30. Did you hear about the shooting? So scary.
Originally Posted by HipsterPova View Post
Haha, I think I would probably drop dead if I ever did see her, so its a good thing she hasn't played the Hopman Cup in the last few years. I've met Serena, Fish, Henin, Stosur, Hewitt, Safarova and I actually sat in a restaurant with Henin by coincidence, but if I'd known about all those herpes rumours and the photos, I probably would have moved a few tables away.

Anyways, for some reason I only had enough courage to ask Novak for a photo, and he was really nice and he interacted with the fans heaps, and even accepted a branch from a tree or something that a Serbian lady had gotten for him. I don't know what it was, but he laughed about it with her.

I saw Ivanovic play, but she lost to Henin so she left the court really quickly, she seemed almost in tears, and when her and Djoko won doubles they went a different way straight back to the hotel instead of the players area.
Yeah I didn't realize it would be that scary to ask a celeb for an autograph. It's like you feel kind of guilty for interrupting them.
Originally Posted by JamieOwen3 View Post
on their way to see magic mike

haha you love that gif Jamie!

Originally Posted by gc-spurs View Post
I said a few words to the queen at oz open. She actually replied which I wasn't expecting cause she didn't reply to anyone else. Fairly reserved that one.
That's awesome! Those pictures you got of her hitting her team with a towel were GOAT.

Originally Posted by Directioner View Post
What did u say/what did she say?
I remember you told us but I forget now.
Originally Posted by BlueTrees View Post
lefty that was such a cute story Seems like a day you'll never forget. Hopefully you get to meet Masha one day too
Thanks BlueTrees!!!
Originally Posted by Sasja View Post
Nothing much really

She did a autograph session at WTA 's-Hertogenbosch last year. There were only a few people there
So me and my friends decided to go and ask for some autographs. She was really nice and relaxed. And happy that people were coming over there. She said she really liked this tournament etc and we wished her GL for Wimbledon. My friend also wanted some pictures with her and she wanted to see if they were any good. As the 1st one wasn't that great she just said we could take another one. She seemed really nice to staff there as well who were also taking pictures there.
That's great to hear! I don't care who the player is, meeting a tennis player is always amazing. Meet and greats are great.
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