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Re: Roland Garros 2012: Victorious Moo

Originally Posted by Tennisvampire View Post
Everything you said is so true Just one thing-I don't know about the others, but I'm sure they feel the same way.

I was sad that she lost, kind of disappointed in the beginning, but I think majorly because after all those wins, she made me forget that losing is a part of sport and life as well. So naturally, I was pissed off that she lost, because that's just a natural state of my mind when that happens But one thing that I sure haven't done, and that I'm never going to is stop believing in her
Thank you for your kind words. When I said that a lot of people dont believe in her is based not on just this occasion, but what generaly I have dealt with during all those years, especially after the shoulder injury.

And I definetly can understand and relate with some of these comments, but most of the time it is really, uncalled for imho.

Uncalled because if you take a look at the WTA at the moment you will see there are not many players that are in Maria's caliber. Lets be a fan of Petra Kvitova for a moment. She wins Wimbledon last year, then what actually happens? Mostly nothing really. Lets be Li Na fan for a moment. She wins RG, what happens after that? Nothing. Lets be Stosur? Same and worse. You can even be Vika... she wins AO and then survives the first round of RG, only to be eliminated in the 4th round. Even Williams gets koncked in the 1st round of RG by some unseeded player.

My point is... why Maria should be treated so harshly sometimes by her fans? I can understand the huge expectations, I have them as well, but sit back and think this through a bit. What other WTA player could provide you with what you ask from Maria (dominate the game)? I seriously cant find one...

Lets remember what Maria has achieved since the start of this year. She went to 6 finals of a total 9 tournaments. She won 3 of them including a Grand Slam (completing career slam) and she reclaimed the no1 position. All that after a period of time where both the press and fans did not believe in her she will ever make it. She proved them wrong. She is the most consistent player and even though she was eliminated in the 4th round in WB, it wasnt by some nobody player we never heard of, like it happened with some other top players.

Some comments after her loss where very harsh and uncalled for imho. I always want Maria to win, but I can understand that she will also lose at some point. She is only human, she has been away from home for so long, her personnal life might be itchy, she really needs to rest mentally.

A lot of people did not believe in her all these years, that is why I made that comment. And I just thought that maybe after all she accomplished these past few months, that finally people will believe in her and not become disappointed or depressed after the first new bump on the road... I think her accomplishements deserve our belief no matter what happens.

Sorry for long post.
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