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Re: [Wimbledon 2012] What does Moos eat? Grass!

Okay what the hell happened to the novel I'm writing for Maria in the OP.. I spent 30 minutes on it

Here it is..

The journey of Maria, and her apetite for Grass Slam.

8 years ago, an unknown hero was born.


Our Hero, Maria was in a serious dilemma between her two personae: Cowpova and Goatpova. Throughout the years, she has battled her demons - have succeeded, and then failed. In her quest find balance between her two personae, she has come close in succeeding, but failed miserably. But in the summer of 2004, one fateful day, she has battled and won this plate called Wimbledon. The plate shines with grace and as it showers Maria with its almighty shines, Maria grew stronger, and the imbalance of her good and evil has been stabilized. For a year, this source of strength has guided Maria in her journey and gave her remarkable power and forehand to obliterate the evil that threatens the society she has taken an oath to protect.

However, one night, she has learned that she was not the only one after the holy plate: other heroes who seem to be sisters were battling for it too, and in 2005, the plate was snatched from our hero by another more powerful being than her, whose name is Venus: the goddess of grass. The moment the plate of life was taken from Maria, the instability emerged as she started to find cracks in the dimensions that keep her egos balance. She has become weaker and unstable, but she embarked on a long journey that she dedicated herself into. It became a mission to find a source of strength, and the only way to find it was to fight through the dangerous path of slams.

In the years to come, Maria has battled her demons, finding more ways to find balance between her good and evil. In 2006, she has captured an alternate source of balance in USO where she had taken a drink out of the Holy Grail Trophy that gave her stability and power for the next two years. Still, she realized that this was not enough, so she pursued to capture the plate once more. So she did in 2006, 2007, and failed. She quickly learned Venus and her sister, Serena (the goddess of earthquake) has found a way to exploit the power of Wimbledon, giving them unprecedented strength that they used to dominate all that there is in there path in the long years to come. Maria learned that she needs to find a source of balance elsewhere.

Therefore Maria has decided to find another source of power, as the balance between her egos is breaking apart and she is about to loose it all, and in 2008 she has battled her way through the Australian Open. The fight was not easy, but in the end she has won the lamp of wishes. As Maria gently rubbed the AO trophy, a magical genie appeared before her eyes.

"Who has awaken I, the god of tennis," the genie rumbled in anger.

"Me, Maria," she muttered with intimidation, but yet she was adamant.

"What can I do for you?"

"I want a cure for my demons, I want power, I want strength"

"Your three wishes are my command. By the power of the Acegods, I know infuse you with your grants. Be smart and be careful with your consequences."

"What consequences?" she asked with some fear.

"That is for you to find out. Good bye my brave soldier. Save the world," the echoes vibrated through the wind as the genie disappeared into thin air.

to be continued I need a break.
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