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Re: ** Masha News and Articles! ** Vol. 2

Friday, 18 May, 2012

An interview with: Maria Sharapova

Q: Compliments for your winning. Are you satisfied with your level at the moment on clay?
Sharapova :
Yes I am very happy with the way I played today. I haven't played Venus in a long time and in the last few times I played with her I lost but is obviously good to be in the Semi finals here and this point in every match is very tough.

Q: We've had some impressive results this year. Consistency. Can you talk a little about how you manage your schedule and how you manage to organise your schedule with the big tournaments ……….
Sharapova :
I have had a similar schedule since I got on tour and I worked … I am never a player that has played more than 16 or 17 tournaments a year…… whether because I wasn't healthy or because its because it is about being healthy or not It isn't the quantity but the quality and so if you need to do a tournament just to get the points…. I didn't change my calendar and I kept to the same.

Q: Maria what did think of Venus and do you think she will be able to get to the top again,
No doubt. Its good to see a player like her back and playing and being healthy and she is a great player and competitive and you have to be ready for that … no matter how long she has been out of the game and so …. she is experienced enough to know what she needs to come back.

Q: How is important is it to defend this title considering how well you are doing on clay this season.
Sharapova :
It its always nice to come back to where you have good memories and where I played and beat some good players last year and good results on clay and it was a big win,,,,,, the memories come back again …….. Yes, I would like to win again. How about complimentary Pina Coladas for the broken air conditioning in here.

Q: Can we talk about your potential opponents, Petra and Kerber…..
Sharapova :
Both lefties so you are going to get that. I had a good match against Petra in Stuttgard and another in Australia(?) and lost to Kerber in Paris so if I play against her then it will be good to get a rematch but on clay it is always a bit oof a challenge with their spin – but it is a semi and so who gets there it playing good tennis.

Q: Azarenka yesterday said earlier on Twitter that players should have more right because she complained about WTA rules that impose the players to play in a tournament they .. she retired yesterday about her shoulder injury and what do you think about that? Are you with her.
Sharapova :
First of all she is probably injured more than any other player and to be number 1 in the world and be able to play a full schedule. I think last year she had more retirements that anyone but played a full schedule and after 2 days retirement you would see her practicing and so its tough to know what her state is and what she is feeling. Personally, if I am injured however big or small the fine is, the body is no support for me and if this is the tournament where you have to participate or get zero points but to be honest I don't really care about that because but for me the health is the most important thing….if I am healthy then I can go on court and beat someone and not go and save whatever money and I pay the fine. We have a new system of new rules and mandatory tournaments and its very successful because all the top players attend and the TV and the public covers you and the fan are there is no reason whey thus style doesn't work. Sometimes all the top players are not there because some players get injured but sometimes you have to pay a little out of your pocket and not play or you do a little more media for the tournament but if you are not healthy then you are not going to play.
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