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Re: ** Masha News and Articles! ** Vol. 2

Tuesday, 15 May, 2012

An interview with: Maria Sharapova

Q: Maria, can you tell us something about how you played today and last week?
Sharapova : It was really about adjusting and I made too many unforced errors in the first part…..part of it was that she was extremely consistent and she made me hit a lot of balls and perhaps I tried to many winners and so I was fortunate to get back into the second set – you know, win the first and then get back in the second – it was close. She has certainly improved since the last time that I played her. I look forward to improving for the next match too. I am happy to win and lets see what will happen next.

Q: Can you tell us something different here in the Foro Italico and what you think about the installations.
Sharapova : Every year that come here there are always changes –changes for the better. Something is that the press centre is a bit further for us players. There are about 40 steps up to get here and it takes a few minutes and huffs and puffs. As far as the stadium – the 3rd stadium is bigger – I haven't played on it yet this year but I've heard that it is bigger and its good because we have the men and the women and I think we might have some rounds there this year. Its nice to have that bigger and improved. My favourite is the second one – with the statues around it – It’s a classic and I can remember playing there when I was younger and thinking – lets hope this doesn't change. You know – we are always making the stadiums bigger and more technological and its nice to have something which is true to the city and represents the culture as well.

Q: Just on your opponent. Is she one of the up coming players and what does she do well.
Sharapova : Yes,, I think the last time I played against here was in the US Open – I can't remember how many years ago but she has improved and is more consistent and has two different strokes…… her forehand she likes to loop up and her backhand is more of a flatter one and so . She moves pretty well and she makes you hit a lot of ball and her consistency and her capacity to get back on the ball…. She did that very well. I think she has certainly beaten top players in the past years and she ir rising in her game and do I think she'll have a good future.

Q: One of your strong points and one weak point on and off the court?
Sharapova : Well, I am extremely stubborn and in a way its good because I am very involved in things and I suppose that I am always in control and I get involved in things – but sometimes I think that this is a weakness as I get really involved in things and so I think sometimes that I should really back off. The good think is that I am pretty humble and a lot of things that make me happy and they don't necessarily have to be big – there are a lot of small things in my life that make me passionate and no mater bad days I have had in my like of my career I have always been good at finding the positive side of this and this is what has mad me the player that I am and the person that I am today. I don't take no for an answer and I keep going and fighting for what I believe is right.

Q: You talked about the stairs to get here and that you have to do it once a day. We have to do it about 40 times a day.
Sharapova : But you don't play a game of tennis before. After a big bowl of pasta perhaps its good to do the stairs.

Q: The first question is if you are able to speak some Italian and the second is….
Sharapova : I'll answer the first. I have a fiancée who speaks good Italian and he is always telling me what to say and how to pronounce it . I t is tough to learn it - As I said, I am stubborn and he tells me how to pronounce it. I can say, dove vai, cosa fai, come stai and I can also say cosa mangiamo. E andiamo….. very important in my life. I think I'm good.

Q: Since I think I haven't been invited to your wedding, is it going to be an intimate wedding or are you going to invite any embers of the press – people who have known you since you were a baby,
Sharapova : What do you think. Why don't you answer your won question. I know you know the answer but you still ask the question, I think it will be an intimate wedding but we know so many people. Anyway, I haven't sent out the invitations and so perhaps your invitation may accidentally be sent out to you.
Maria Sharapova

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