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Re: ** Masha News and Articles! ** Vol. 2

Sunday, 13 May, 2012

An interview with: Maria Sharapova

Q: Maria, Are you wanting to achieve what he did last year, the Final in Australia, the world number two. Does come from the confidence that you got playing here last year and winning last year?

Yes, I think there is a very great memory and I think that this year ..[inaudible].. to come back in with my coach and I think everything is coming back together. I'm feeling much more comfortable … this time last year when I started picking up my confidence ..[inaudible].. and I was able to adjust to the new racquet and the new coach. It took a while to start feeling comfortable but I was able to find my ground and it was a good win here – it boosted my confidence – especially because I beat good clay court players.]..

Q: Would you say your victory in Stuttgart was like this one last year here?

I don't like to compare – every tournament is different and I was a really good event there and..[inaudible] is always hard and tough when it is the first tournament of the season…… on clay …… you always need time to adjust and so it is good that here I have already played a few matches already on the surface. In Stuttgart I was feeling good from the beginning and ……..

Q: Considering how you used to play on clay at the beginning and now – would you say you fell as comformable on clay as you have ever felt?

It's really tough to say –whey or playing on it 70% of the time but I am feeling physically fit and especially with one tough match after the other I am able to recover better It is important because when you play on clay then the season is short and you need to be physically ready – you often have 5 days in a row with 3 hr matches and so I have improved on recovering effectively and this has given me confidence and the experience that I have now has helped me to understand my own body better and I know how long it takes me to recover. I mean with grass – I really love playing on grass – and last year …..[inaudible]..

Q: If you could achieve a career Grand Slam – what would it feel to do that?

Just winning one Grand Slam on its own is a great achievement. Obviously it would be great winning a career Grand Slam ….. that would be great. Grand Slams are always the tournament that we look forward to and want to win…. The French Open is a prestige tournament and its been going on for so long – but Grand Slams are always the most challenging.

Q: Maria – you never seem to be like a player who … but if you were up against Serena ……..

I see some of her previous matches and then she plays with me and she produces 13 aces and I say – what about the other matches? I am flattered that she likes to do that against me. She is serving very well and playing a second serve aces also it is very tough on her for she goes for the lines but she return amazing and the small changes that I had I did not capitalise on --- its tough always to play catch up for me.

Q: Do you find that you try and change your play when you are against her?

When you go into the match you think what you want to do and sometimes it would and sometimes it doesn’t, Clay court rallies are especially hard because they are long but obviously you have to believe that you are strong and that you have practised a lot to get to where you are ………..

Q: Did you find the blue clay to ..[Madrid].. be that bad as everybody says?

When it is such a big event ……. the court is much more slippery and ……………… I don't have as much experience as they guys that play a lot on clay but I am sure that they are finding it uncomfortable also …..

Q: This year there will be another important event in your life – your wedding. How much time are you able to devote to organising it and which fellow players will you invite?

If it is going to happen this year I hope to have the time to find the dress because I don't have one yet.
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