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Re: ** Masha News and Articles! ** Vol. 2

The press-conference with Russian Team

Question to the team: How is your acclimatization after Australia going?
Maria Sharapova : I arrived yesterday, it was a real shock for me. The change of the climate, I had the first practice…It’s quite difficult for me.
Svetlana Kuznetsova: I arrived one or two days before Maria, it’s also difficult for me. The hardest thing for me is the change of time. The frost, of course. But I try not to be outside so much, I as warm as possible.
Ekaterina Makarova: I like everything. Moscow is my home.
Nadia Petrova: It’s nice to be at home but I have a little shock because of the temperature. As sais Svetlana, we try not to stay outside…But I made a huge mistake…My hotel room wasn’t ready and I went to the nearest coffee house and it was freezing so much!

Question: After such a serious final in Australia, Maria, and Ekaterina, and Sveta…How did Russia meet you?
Maria Sharapova: Sveta is at home…(laughing)
Shamil Tarpischev: Yeah, everybody gathered at Sveta’s. (laughing)

Question: Do you think frost will have an impact on Spanish players?
Svetlana Kuznetsova: Yeah, they will freeze! (laughing) Even though the Spanish team is strong enough we have a good chance.
Maria Sharapova: We are not playing outside. They have an experience.

Question to the team captain: At the previous press-conference Martinez Sanchez said the surface isn’t so fast what could be more comfortable. Why did you pick this one? Against them or for us?
Answer: Of course we want to do the best for us that’s why we picked a faster surface than at the Kremlin Cup. The only problem was that we had to make it faster…We had to lay a structural chipboard because the floor is not flat enough. We created all conditions.

Question to Shamil Tarpischev: You are cooperating with PRORAB. How is this cooperation going?
Shamil Tarpischev: Of course I’m satisfied with the cooperation. Before we signed the contract for only one match and now we have signed for three. We will be playing till the final. We will be happy to continue it.

Question to Maria Sharapova: Last year you didn’t play very well against France. Did you make any conclusions? Is there any difference between your condition now and then?
Maria Sharapova: I’ve already forgotten that match. It was last year…I hope I can change the situation. I lost my first match and then Sveta lost, too. Nastya (Pavlychenkova) supported us and the most important thing is that we won.

Question to Maria: You uploaded a lot of pictures from Australia on your Facebook account. What is the best place in Australia?
Maria: I spent a month there. I had a lot of practice. I was concentrated on tennis. After the end of my career I would like to go back and visit Australian again.

Question to the team: It’s the Olympic year. Does it have an impact on your mood before the Fed Cup tie?
Nadia Petrova: You know, we try to do our best at Fed Cup, to be the leader team in this competition. Of course, it will help us to be prepared for the Olympic Games. We play for our country and go there as a team. We have an opportunity to support each other. We support each other here and it helps us to know each other much better.

Question to Maria: Maria, if you had a chance to exchange one of your Grand Slam titles for one gold medal at the Olympic Games, would you do it? When Elena Dementieva was asked practically the same question, she said that the medal is priceless for her.
Maria: It’s hard to say, you know. It’s unreal. Why to exchange? It I have a chance, it’s better to add. It’s my dream since childhood. I always watched tennis and supported Kafelnikov. When I couldn’t play in Bejing I was thinking about my chance in 4 years. And I hope to plat in London.

Question to Svetlana Kuznetsova: Question to the best specialist of Spanish tennis. Do we have any advantage because of the surface or is tennis now so universal that the Spanish players won’t have any difficulties with it?
Svetlana Kuznetsova: It’s hard for me to tell about the surface because I haven’t played yet. But I heard it is faster than at the Kremlin Cup. The faster the surface, the better. Our girls have a strong tennis and the Spanish are slower and play more spins. I think it will help us.

Question to the team: Who will support you?
Maria: My relatives will come from Sochi.
Sveta: I heard my brother is coming. (laughing) It’s everything I know.
Ekaterina: My whole family is coming. (smiling)
Nadia: My parents of course. My closest friends and my family’s friends, as well.

Question to Maria: Last week Sasha Vujacic said that you would like to comment on your wedding plans.
Maria: You want me to tell you everything here? (smiling) I think he just said that because he didn’t want to say anything. It’s personal.
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