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Re: A-z

Joan Eunice WALTERS (SA)
Born 3 October 1916
Married Frederick Steele KOEHNCKE circa 1940

A promising junior who did not improve as much as expected in her senior career. Joan beat Dot Stevenson to win the 1935 SA Junior title and again upset the Victorian (seeded fourth) in the 1936 Australian Championships.

Walter's forte was to force the pace and put away the easy ball when it came along.

Metropolitan Champion 1934
Metropolitan HC Champion 1935
East Torrens Winter Champion 1936
South Australian junior Champion 1935

Betty J WARD
Married Ross HARMER on 12 June 1937

Gwynneth J 'Gwen' WATERHOUSE (NSW)
Born 1904
Married Jack E CASSIDY 1928

Alice Laura WATSON (VIC)
Born 1875
Married James Reedie BECK (SA) 1914
Died December 1916

1912 South Australian Champion

"Perhaps the finest doubles player in the Commonwealth, a hard hitter and..her stamina was remarkable."


Married Laurence Henry BANDY in 1943

Meryl Aitken WAXMAN (VIC)
Born 5 June 1894
Married (1) Charles Roy LISTER 1916
Married (2) Patrick 'Pat' O'HARA WOOD 1923

An enduring player who first came to attention in 1909 when she won the Victorian schoolgirl's title. Her 'pretty' style of play won her many fans and kept her at the top of Australian tennis for nearly 25 years.

She was 34 when she was first able to compete overseas as part of the 'Invicible' women's team of 1928.

South Australian Champion 1913, 1915
Queensland Champion 1925

Married Lyle Henry GRAHAM in 1940

Cumberland Champion 1937

Married Robert A MACBETH 1925

Western Australian Champion 1925, 1927

Katherine Ruth 'Kath' WEMYSS (SA)
Born 24 January 1901
Married Ivor BULL in Colombo, SRI 1935

Married Maxwell 'Max' B SMITH in 1935

Dorothy 'Dot' WESTON (SA)
Born 21 February 1900

1934 South Australian Champion

Joan Elizabeth WHEATON (NSW)
Married Thomas Mitchell WEBB 1936

Rosemary WHITE (NSW)
Married Neil GIBSON

Married John YOUNG on 25 February 1949
Cousin of Marcel and Shirley Whittaker

Married Dr Eric Evan PRICE on 31 October 1939
First name sometimes spelled 'Marcelle'
Sister of Shirley Whittaker

Born 30 May 1914
Died 6 June 1939

Suffered a nervous breakdown in December 1938, soon after having completed her arts course at University. She was seriously ill from then until her death.

"A versatile and clever left hander", she was University Champion in 1934, 1936 and 1938. In 1935, playing with Fred Perry, she won the New Zealand mixed doubles championship.


Married Cecil MORGAN in 1937

Married AE 'Alec' COOKE in 1937

Results sometimes refer to 'Mrs LM COOKE'

Gertrude Jane WILMOTH (VIC)
Born 1876 - Melbourne
Died June 1950 - Horsham, VIC

Name sometimes published as A Wilmoth (and variety of spellings including Willmott, Willmoth, Wilmott)

Jean Thea WILSON (SA)
Born 11 Jan 1912 - North Adelaide
Married Cecil DAVIES 22 May 1937

Her father, George Albert WILSON, instituted the 'Wilson Cup' for women.

Margaret WILSON (VIC)
Born circa 1920
Played overseas in 1938

Muriel 'Muff' WILSON (NSW)
Played Wimbledon in 1933

Married John Ernest 'Jack' DE LITTLE on 19 March 1928

Married Max MCDERMOTT 1943

Beatrice Ethel Lydia (Ethel) WOODS (WA)
Died 1954
Married Edmund Shelley BARKER in 1895

Western Australian Champion 1909, 1911


Nancye Meredith WYNNE (VIC)
Born 10 June 1917 - Melbourne, VIC
Died 9 December 2001 - Melbourne, VIC
Married Sgt. George Frederick 'Peter' BOLTON 6 July 1940 (he died in 1942)

The first Australian woman to reach the final of an overseas Grand Slam singles title (US - 1938) and the top Aussie player for around fifteen years (1937-1952). Bolton might normally have been expected to peak as a player during the World War II years of 1940-45, so missed out on numerous opportunities to improve her already impressive list of championships.

Despite winning 10 Australian doubles titles with Thelma Long, Bolton was only able to enter five overseas slam tournaments with her long-time partner. And of these five, the pair had to default in three of them.

Australian Champion 1937, 1940, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1951
Wimbledon QF 1948
French R3 1938
US Championships F 1938

"Tallish, in short skirt and stiff-brimmed white hat, and on hot days a knotted handkerchief round her throat, she made a distinctive and dominating figure on court. Her forehand was a well-behind the handle form of Eastern (approaching Extreme Eastern), and instead of wrapping her thumb round the handle in the normal way, she laid it along the handle's top surface. There was no advantage in that; it was just her own way. A hard hitter anywhere, she fairly pounded high-bouncing forehands.


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