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Re: A-z

Fay Patricia 'Pat' PARMENTER (NSW)
Born circa 1937
Married Anthony John RANDALL in 1960

From the NSW country town of Maitland, Pat was also an Australian squash champion.

Magdalene Jessie 'Maisie' or 'May' PARR (SA)
Born 1 May 1864
Died May 1948 - Adelaide SA

Six-time SA Champion (1892 to 1899), she was also a finalist in the Victorian Championships (1894).

Returning from England in 1881, where she learned to play tennis with her sister after watching games, she joined the Adelaide Tennis Club and won the club championship in 1883.

She won her first SA singles championship in 1892, aged 27, and her last in 1899, aged 34. She was runner-up in 1911, aged 46. She won her last doubles title, in 1907, at the age of 42. In 1931, the 66 year old played in the South Australian championships but restricted herself to handicap doubles.

In 1909, when she was well past her best, a critic wrote "Miss Parr is a fine example of strong, active women. Her play, though she is a veteran in years, is a marvel of vigor and dash; and though beaten by safer methods, her game is the most attractive to watch. Like Miss Payten, she goes for winning strokes but, unlike her, she misses many."

Born 1904, Woollahra, Sydney
Married Lt Kenneth HARVIE on 12 December 1931
Daughter of AB 'Banjo' PATERSON

Lillian Eleanor PAYNE (SA)
Born 6 August 1875
Died 1944

A nine-time SA Champion (1895 to 1907), she was also runner-up in the Victorian Championships (1901) and winner of the Victorian mixed doubles title (1906).

Lillian was a cousin or niece of Maisie Parr, who had taught Payne the game.

Rose Hannah 'Babe' PAYTEN (NSW)
Born 20 December 1879 - Campbelltown, NSW
Died 9 May 1951

NSW Champion 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1907
QLD Champion 1903, 1904, 1905, 1907
WA Champion 1906

After retiring from tennis in 1909, she became a champion golfer.

Bertha Louise Harwood 'Beth' PEACH (NSW)
Married Lt John William 'Jack' CHAPMAN on 21 May 1942
Daughter of former champion Frank Peach, Sister of Eileen and Paddy.

Eileen Frances Harwood PEACH (NSW)
Married Francis Joseph 'Frank' RUWALD on 10 July 1939
Eldest daughter of former champion Frank Peach.

Norma Jean Harwood 'Paddie' or 'Paddy' PEACH (NSW)
Married Kenneth Douglas 'Ken' FRANCIS on 25 January 1939
Youngest daughter of former champion Frank Peach.

Phyllis Josephine Banner PEACH (NSW)
Married Ralph HOLDROYD on 17 April 1946
Daughter of former champion Norman Peach, Cousin of Beth, Eileen and Paddy.


Born 22 December 1930 - Sydney
Married James Arthur F COLLIER 1957

A somewhat controversial selection in the 1952 Australian tour of South Africa, Penrose justified her selection by being the only player not to lose a rubber in the team matches. She then travelled to Europe and won the Welsh singles.

In 1955 was seeded 7th at Wimbledon and justified this by reaching the QF only to lose to Louise Brough. Beryl played most of the top post-war players during her career - eg Hart, Fry, Connolly - but rated Brough as her toughest opponent.

Beryl's grandson, James Duckworth, is a current ATP/ITF player.

Rose Eileen (Eileen) PERSSE (QLD)
Born 1875
Died 1959
Married Fitzpierce JOYCE 1905

R/U in 1897 Queensland Championships

Born circa 1905
Died 2001
Married Douglas JONES

Played overseas (at least Frinton-on-Sea) in 1930

Daphne POON (QLD)

Kerryn PRATT
Born 20 June 1959

A leading junior player, she went on to make the last 16 in the Australian Open singles, was a semi-finalist in the Australian Open doubles, a finalist in the Queensland Open singles and won the Australian Hardcourt doubles.

Since the 1980s, she has been a respected TV sports journalist, producer and tennis commentator.

Nicole PRATT (QLD)
Born 5 March 1973 - Mackay, QLD

Maria Amy (Amy) PRATTEN (QLD)
Born 1875
Married Thomas DORAN 1909

1895 Queensland Champion

Clara Harrington 'Clare' PROCTOR (NSW)
Married Frederick George COPEMAN in 1954

Nicole Anne-Louise PROVIS (VIC)
Born 22 September 1969
Married Mark Robert BRADTKE 27 February 1994

1894 Queensland Champion

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