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Re: WTA Computer Rankings


Year End Rankings (December 23, 1985)



Year-End Singles Rankings

001--17 events--191.32 Martina Navratilova (US)
002--18 events--175.02 Chris Evert-Lloyd (US)
003--17 events--103.19 Hana Mandlikova (Cz)
004--18 events--089.76 Pam Shriver (US)
005--20 events--087.52 Claudia Kohde-Kilsch (Ger)
006--13 events--077.73 Steffi Graf (Ger)
007--19 events--070.83 Manuela Maleeva (Bul)
008--20 events--069.60 Zina Garrison (US)
009--21 events--065.61 Helena Sukova (Cz)
010--16 events--061.65 Bonnie Gadusek (US)

011--17 events--057.06 Kathy Rinaldi (US)
012--19 events--051.56 Gabriela Sabatini (Arg)
013--19 events--048.44 Caterina Lindqvist (Swd)
014--18 events--041.60 Wendy Turnbull (Aus)
015--18 events--039.72 Carling Bassett (Can)
016--13 events--034.40 Andrea Temesvari (Hun)
017--17 events--033.91 Barbara Potter (US)
018--14 events--033.28 Stephanie Rehe (US)
019--15 events--033.15 Kathy Jordan (US)
020--12 events--024.55 Anne White (US)

021--15 events--022.81 Sylvia Hanika (Ger)
022--19 events--022.16 Peanut Louie (US)
023--17 events--021.91 Bettina Bunge (Ger)
024--21 events--020.13 Annabel Croft (GB)
025--14 events--019.95 Kate Gompert (US)
026--19 events--019.57 Jo Durie (GB)
027--24 events--019.49 Elise Burgin (US)
028--23 events--018.88 Katerina Maleeva (Bul)
029--22 events--018.70 Terry Phelps (US)
030--19 events--018.06 Dianne Balestrat (Aus)

031--11 events--018.04 Eva Pfaff (Ger)
032--19 events--017.84 Robin White (US)
033--18 events--017.83 Christiane Jolissaint (Swt)
034--20 events--017.87 Pam Casale (US)
035--18 events--017.27 Alycia Moulton (US)
036--22 events--016.94 Lisa Bonder (US)
037--19 events--016.92 Debbie Spence (US)
038--23 events--016.72 Rosalyn Fairbank (SA)
039--16 events--016.40 Catherine Tanvier (Frn)
040--13 events--016.03 Anne Hobbs (GB)

041--20 events--015.86 Virginia Ruzici (Rom)
042--22 events--015.86 Raffaella Reggi (Ity)
043--19 events--015.60 Elizabeth Symlie (Aus)
044--16 events--014.99 Molly Van Nostrand (US)
045--13 events--014.65 Betsy Nagelson (US)
046--21 events--014.42 Pascale Paradis (Frn)
047--23 events--014.37 Susan Mascarin (US)
048--21 events--014.11 Helen Kelesi (Can)
049--21 events--013.57 Sandra Cecchini (Ity)
050--19 events--013.33 Kathleen Horvath (US)

051--23 events--012.85 Carina Karlsson (Swd)
052--18 events--011.93 Tine Schuer-Larsen (Den)
053--22 events--011.86 Ann Henricksson (US)
054--20 events--011.82 Sabrina Goles (Yug)
055--17 events--011.77 Larissa Savchenko (USSR)
056--15 events--011.56 Michelle Torres (US)
057--24 events--011.51 Iva Budarova (Cz)
058--17 events--011.45 Lilian Drescher (Swt)
059--20 events--011.48 Kim Shaefer (US)
060--27 events--010.79 Grace Kim (US)

061--18 events--010.62 Mary Lou Piatek (US)
062--29 events--010.45 Camille Benjamin (US)
063--23 events--010.00 Laura Arraya Gildemeister (Peru)
064--18 events--009.77 Gigi Fernandez (US)
065--08 events--009.70 Anna Ivan (US)
066--15 events--009.52 Linda Gates (US)
067--13 events--009.34 Candy Reynolds (US)
068--11 events--009.13 Caroline Kuhlman (US)
069--20 events--009.12 Marcella Mesker (Neth)
070--17 events--008.92 Belinda Cordewell (NZ)

071--13 events--008.79 Mima Jausovec (Yug)
072--25 events--008.72 Anne Minter (Aus)
073--15 events--008.56 Petra Huber (Austria)
074--10 events--008.55 Svetlana Cherneva (USSR)
075--19 events--008.54 Andrea Holikova (Cz)
076--15 events--008.44 Angeliki Kanellopoulou (Greece)
077--17 events--008.44 Sara Gomer (GB)
078--24 events--008.43 Barbara Gerken (US)
079--23 events--008.35 Vicki Nelson (US)
080--18 events--007.97 Regina Marsikova (Cz)

081--12 events--007.90 Melissa Gurney (US)
082--21 events--007.85 Adriana Villligran (Arg)
083--09 events--007.73 Patty Fendick (US)
084--22 events--007.69 Lea Antopolis (US)
085--23 events--007.48 Beth Herr (US)
086--20 events--007.42 Janine Thompson (US)
087--10 events--007.25 Petra Delhees Jauch (Swt)
088--17 events--007.01 Rene Uys (SA)
089--09 events--006.95 Virginia Wade (GB)
090--12 events--006.82 Amanda Tobin Dingwall (Aus)

091--25 events--006.69 Kristin Kinney (US)
092--12 events--006.64 Petra Keppeler (Ger)
093--26 events--006.61 Lori McNeil (US)
094--17 events--006.52 Leigh Anne Thompson (US)
095--17 events--006.47 Wendy White (US)
096--14 events--006.41 Hu Na (US)
097--19 events--006.31 Myriam Schropp (Ger)
098--25 events--006.23 Eysuko Inoue (Jap)
099--07 events--006.07 Mary Joe Fernandez (US)
100--19 events--005.85 Katerina Skronska (Cz)

112--15 events--004.81 Nathalie Tauziat (Frn)
183--06 events--001.61 Rosie Casals (US)

By the numbers
17.9 The average events for the top 10 (Sukova had the most at 21, Graf the least at 13)
Most events played in top 100: 29 (Grace Kim)
Least events in top 100: 7 (Mary Joe Fernandez)
5 Americans in the top 10 and 48 Americans in the top 100.

Year-End Doubles Rankings

001--14 events-- 368.95 Pam Shriver (US)
002--14 events-- 362.65 Martina Navratilova (US)
003--21 events--254.09 Helen Sukova (Cz)
004--20 events--247.16 Claudia Kohde-Kilsch (Ger)
005--14 events--218.29 Kathy Jordan (US)
006--18 events--217.25 Hana Mandlikova (Cz)
007--20 events--202.09 Elizabeth Smylie (Aus)
008--19 events--192.98 Wendy Turnbull (Aus)
009--12 events--175.11 Barbara Potter (US)
010--17 events--150.85 Gigi Fernandez (US)

011--13 events--141.23 Chris Evert-Lloyd (US)
012--20 events--132.26 Sharon Walsh (US)
013--14 events--111.67 Andrea Temesvari (Hun)
014--12 events--102.79 Svetlana Cherneva (USSR)
015--22 events--101.13 Rosalyn Fairbank (SA)
016--25 events--097.48 Elise Burgin (US)
017--11 events--093.50 Eva Pfaff (Ger)
018--19 events--093.13 Robin White (US)
019--15 events--091.30 Larisa Savchenko (USSR)
020--11 events--089.68 Anne Hobbs (GB)

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