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Originally Posted by MashaFanForever View Post
But Spiffy, that's not the point. One tournament IS enough, but the point is that Sydney has a way, way stronger field than Auckland, and it would be much better for Maria to get a taste on what kind of competition she is going to face at the Australian Open. She is a three time grand slam winner for god sake's. She needs to grow up and realize that she can't keep on playing the lower tier tournaments to get a couple of cheap wins under her belt, which won't get her ranking high enough to avoid Clijsters, Wozniacki or Henin in the fourth round of a grand slam. It's what happened all of last year, and it turned out to be an absolute disaster. If she were smart, she would have played in Sydney instead. But as usual, she chooses to play in a tournament filled with juniors so she can get a cheap tournament win under her belt. And then, by the time a grand slam comes, she comes up short against Li Na or Wozniacki in the fourth round. I want to support her but it's just getting more and more absurd. She has only made one grand slam quarterfinal since the 2008 Australian Open, and that is a horrible statistic. She came back in May 2009, it's 2011 now, if she can't find her form this year then it is worrying. She should be back in the top ten by now.
You are being a bit heartless when it comes to Masha's long time out to recover post- Rotator Cuff surgery.

I have had time out from tennis for different reasons and miss it dearly... I can only hope that Masha will have used her off season to build nice and steady. Let's all be positive! It's a gloomy enough world at the moment, and we should look to sport to keep our spirits up, and not make them even worse.

<gets down off soap box now>
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