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Tennis Tipping General Rules 2014 ( No more 3 months + 100 posts rule)

What is Tennis Tipping?

In the game, participants pick the winners of all main draw matches and are placed in a knock-out system. That means each participant plays a different participant and whoever predicted the winner of most matches correctly, moves on to the next round. The same applies for doubles, but you're in a team format and your scores are combined.

Note: In case of a tie, new SR/TB rules will decide who moves on to the next round.
New SR/TB/CB rules for 2014:


In case a player (i.e. the actual WTA Player) retires in a match, the match WILL count in TT, as long as the first point has been played, but they do NOT COUNT for SRs, ISR (giving a set to a winner) or for TBs.

- If players are replaced by a lucky loser after the start of Tennis Tipping, these matches will be cancelled.

Some other rules:

Draw Sizes: Tournaments should have a draw which has the same size as the real one. Qualifying draws should have room for 32 players except in weeks where there are 3 WTA tournaments. In those weeks the qualifying draws should have room for 16 players. Any exception to this rule should be decided by the board members.

2-days QF: For tournaments with a 32 Player-MD-Field and 7 MD-days we use to have 2 days of QF. So if there is a Sunday final, Qualies starts Saturday and MD starts Monday.
If day one has less than four matches in total or no main draw matches. In that case, round 1 becomes a 2-day round.

Standard First Page:

Tournament Managers: Now that we have many players, managers should start their "managing career" with managing challengers (possible to manage also International tournaments if the board agrees). Only high-profiled managers will run slams and bigger tournaments.

Rankings System: Best of 16. This means that your best 16 results throughout the year will be counted for your ranking. When two or more players have the same number of ranking points, the tie for the ranking position will be decided according to the following priorities:

a) The player with the most total points from all tournaments
b) The player with the fewest number of tournaments
c) The highest number of points from one single tournament, then if needed, the second highest and so on
d) name (for singles; doubles players stay tied)

Tournament Points:
Grand Slams:
Winner: 2000
Final: 1300
Semifinal: 780
Quarterfinal: 430
R16: 240
R32: 130
R64: 70
R128: 10
Q: 40
QFR: 30
Q2: 20
Q1: 2

Premier Mandatory (R128):
Winner: 1000
Final: 650
Semifinal: 390
Quarterfinal: 215
R16: 120
R32: 65
R64: 35
R128: 10
Qualifier: 30
QFR: 20
Q1: 2

Premier Mandatory (R64):
Winner: 1000
Final: 650
Semifinal: 390
Quarterfinal: 215
R16: 120
R32: 65
R64: 10
Qualifier: 30
QFR: 20
Q1: 2

Premier 5 (R64):
Winner: 900
Final: 585
Semifinal: 350
Quarterfinal: 190
R16: 105
R32: 60
R64: 1
Qualifier: 30
QFR: 20
Q1: 1

Premier 7 (R64):
Winner: 470
Final: 305
Semifinal: 185
Quarterfinal: 100
R16: 55
R32: 30
R64: 1
Qualifier: 25
QFR: 18
Q1: 1

Premier 7 (R32):
Winner: 470
Final: 305
Semifinal: 185
Quarterfinal: 100
R16: 55
R32: 1
Qualifier: 25
QFR: 18
Q1: 1

International (R32):
Winner: 280
Final: 180
Semifinal: 110
Quarterfinal: 60
R16: 30
R32: 1
Qualifier: 18
QFR: 14
Q1: 1

WTA125 (R32):
Winner: 160
Final: 95
Semifinal: 57
Quarterfinal: 29
R16: 15
R32: 1
Qualifier: 6
QFR: 4
Q1: 1

Challengers (R64):
Winner: 150
Final: 90
Semifinal: 55
Quarterfinal: 28
R16: 14
R32: 7
R64: 1
Qualifier: 6
QFR: 4
Q1: 1

Challengers (R32):
Winner: 150
Final: 90
Semifinal: 55
Quarterfinal: 28
R16: 14
R32: 1
Qualifier: 6
QFR: 4
Q1: 1
Wild Cards: Not used in the 2014 season.

Special Exempts: Anyone who wins a challenger tournament gets direct entry into an international tournament a fortnight following their win. If you win a challenger in week 1 of the new season, you gain direct entry into the MD of the international tournament of your choice in week 3, and so on. If there are no international tournaments that week, then your "special exempt" status rolls over to the week after, and so on. Challengers which take place in the last 2 weeks of the season and afterwards do NOT count regarding this new rule. To make use of this rule, a challenger winner should enter the international tournament of his choosing and tell the tournament manager that he has SE status. This rule applies for both singles and doubles. In doubles you have to enter MD of international tournament as special exempt with the partner you won the challenger with.
LE top-30-ranked players will NOT gain an SE for winning a challenger tournament. If they win an event, the SE will "roll over" to the next week. The runners-up will NOT gain the top 30 player's SE.

Determining Lucky Losers: In the end of the final qualifying round, managers should post a list of the losers who had the highest scores in that round (If the score is the same you should use the TB/SR system to order the players). Those are the first players to be called in case someone doesn’t send his/her picks.
Players who had a BYE in 1st round and didnīt send for FQR will be at the end of the LL List only (behind those who sent and lost in 1st q-round)! The order of those in the LL list will be decided by ranking then.

Deadline for Picks: The deadline for accepting picks is the time at which the matches are scheduled to start. NO PICKS will be accepted if they are sent after that point. Managers are allowed to make the deadline earlier if they are not able to post the differences at the time when the play starts. However, all picks which are sent between "manager's deadline" and real start of play have to be counted. When the differences are posted, you can't change your picks anymore.

Example: Manager sets the deadline to 10am because (s)he needs to post differences earlier but the play (the first match) starts at 11am. All picks received between 10am-11am have to be counted.

Challengers: Top 30 singles players and top 30 doubles players are now considered to be "late entrants" for all challenger/futures tt tournaments. the order of LE priority which they gain will be dependent on their reverse rankings (ie world #30 has first LE priority, world #1 has last)

We will have a challenger YEC in 2014 as long as we can keep the challenger race up to date. It will be run in the same week as Sofia and will feature the Top 8 challenger players and Top 16 challenger doubles players of the year. Doubles players will qualify as individuals and not as teams. People who play in the YEC or Sofia are INELIGIBLE for this event. They can play singles of one and doubles of the other, but not singles in both, etc. The format will be two groups (4 players in each group) for singles and two groups (4 teams in each group) for doubles.

Ranking points for this event will be awarded like so:
Round Robin Match Loss – 5 points
Round Robin Match Win – 38 points
Semifinal Win – 56 points
Final Win – 80 points
Undefeated Champion – 250 points
Protected rankings: Will be brought in. If people want a protected ranking, they should post it in the new protected rankings thread either before, or within 6 months of their lay-off and as long as they don't play TT for a period of 6 months, they are eligible for a protected ranking.

Number of commitments: Min. number of commitments for a tournament to be run is 16 players/8 teams.

Fed Cup: It will remain the same as in before.

SR/TB: You CAN’T send a SR in your TB different from the SR you decided to send first. If you send a SR different from your TB (Example: 2-0 6-3 4-6 7-6) that pick will be counted but the SR/TB won’t.

SR RULE: every match will now be a SR match. We used to have max 15 SR matches but from now we will have all matches SR

CB/”Looking Forward”: In Case everything is tied after the use of the TB’s use tournament Countback (CB) as a manner of untying things. If, after the use of CB everything is still tied the players will send for R2 of their current tournament AND for the next day's OOP of whichever other tournament is selected.

- Where two players play each other and both fail to send picks, then countback is used to split them and determine a winner (except for first round of Q or MD, of course).

- If you have a bye at any stage of the tournament, you should still send picks because if you do not, this will go against you in case of countback later on in the tournament.

Number of Events Per Week: One can only play one event per week which includes (giving) walkovers or being replaced by an ALT.

It is not allowed to play another tournament during the same week, after being accepted into the draw of any of the tournaments. That includes withdrawing after the draw is made and not sending picks.
Alternates are allowed to send picks and (in case they don't get in) play another tournament that week.

Sending picks for someone else: Not allowed.


Entries will be based on ranking (rankings from two weeks before the start of the tournament)
Tournament thread posted not later than Sunday (two weeks before start of the tournament) - Players have at least 8 days (from Sunday till Sunday) to commit to the tournament and this will be done by ranking.
First entry deadline for singles AND doubles is always Sunday 6 pm current time in Europe (CET or CEST).
The day before TT qualifying begins is the 2nd deadline for changes (the exact time is up to the tournament manager) and the draws are made after that.

Example for Paris/indoors (Quali starts 25th and MD starts 27th February):

Manager opens thread for Paris on Sunday, 12th February
First deadline for singles and doubles: Sunday, 19th February (6pm CET)
Draws are made: Friday, 24th February
EL and Seeds will be based on rankings from 13th February
Late Entries: Everyone who commits after the first entry deadline will be considered as Late Entry.
LEs, who commit after the 1st deadline but before draws are made will go to the bottom of the Entry List, behind the Top 30 entries which are automatically counted as LEs as well.

Late entries should be sorted according to the commitment order.

Everyone who commits after draws are made will be ALT.

Example for 32 MD:

- for example 26,30 or 34 entries on Sunday after 1st deadline is over.
- Manager should fill up to 44 players (28 direct MD entries + 16 QD) with late entrants (if LEs available obviously)
- 45th entry and/or all those who commit after the draws are made will be ALTs.
LE can be seeded.

Managers can extend deadline only if there are still spots available in the Main Draw after the second deadline, the first deadline is always Sunday 6 PM CET/CEST!

If I have less than 32 players at the latest possible commitment deadline then highest ranked players on the Entry List will receive a BYE (example: 20 entrants in a 32 draw size 1st round => The 8 seeds + players ranked 9-12 get BYE)

Double commitment (player commits to two different tournaments in the same week):

Before the 1st deadline on Sunday, 6pm CET players can commit to one tournament, withdraw from there and commit to another tournament without being a LE.
Only the first commitment is valid if a player is still on two different Entry Lists once second deadline is over for one of these tournaments.

If the double commitment is not noticed by the managers, points gained by the player in any of the two tournaments will not be considered.

Challengers in 2nd week of Grand Slams:

Everyone can commit to a challenger in the 2nd week of a slam but those who are still in the GS draw (singles or doubles) once the final deadline is over will be taken off of the Entry List of that challenger.

Missing Someone's Commitment: In the case that you miss someone's commitment while managing a tournament he/she will be topping the Alt or LL lists.

Commit in someone else: You can't commit in someone else. You can always commit in only yourself in singles and your doubles team. Difference is in doubles where you commit in your team and your partner doesn't have to confirm it.

Use of Alternates/Lucky Losers: If someone's opponent doesn't send his/her picks, the opponent gets a BYE. If there's ALT/LL available, then this ALT/LL replaces the opponent who didn't send his/her picks.
LL1/ALT1 replaces opponent of the lowest ranked player in the draw, LL4/ALT4 ( if there are 4 people on the list, for example) replaces opponent of the highest ranked player in the draw.
Matches where neither send should be replaced first.
LL#1 vs LL#2 or LL#1 vs LL#4 and LL#2 vs LL#3 if there are two such matches etc.
And then rest of the LL are placed against the players who did send (but opponents did not)
If more spots than ALTs/LLs available, then place ALTs/LLs in a ranking order. That means that highest ranked players, whose opponent didn't send, get a BYE.

- Where there is a 1st round match in which BOTH players do not send picks, the following will happen:
1) 2 LLs or ALTs will replace the players
2) where only 1 LL/ALT is available, that LL replaces one of the players, the No.1 seed's opponent replaces the other player, and the No.1 seed receives a bye.
3) where no LL/ALT is available, the opponents of both the No.1 and No.2 seeds move to that part of the draw and both No.1 and No.2 seeds receive byes.
If the No.1 or No.2 seeds didnīt send picks then the opponents of No.3, No.4 or No.5 seeds etc. will move to that part of the draw and No.3/No.4/No.5 seeds will receive a BYE.
4) if more matches are in the same circumstances, the opponents of the lower seeded or highest ranked unseeded players will fill in the draw in the appropriate order.

In doubles teams already get replaced if one player of a team did not send picks.

Example: Team A vs. Team B and only one player of each team sent picks
1) 2 LLs or ALTs will replace both teams
2) where only 1 LL/ALT etc. (same rule as for singles/see above)

Qualifying for YEC: Highest ranked players/teams determined by a ranking composed by the best 16 results that the players/teams have done throughout the year. Top 8 players and Top 8 teams shall qualify.

Qualifying for ToC: Highest ranked players that have won an international tournament and have not qualified for YEC. Qualification for Sofia doubles will be based on race rankings, rather than on entry rankings. This will eliminate the situation from this year when someone qualified for both the Yec and for Sofia doubles events.

- The situation with ALTs will remain the same. If you wish to be an ALT for YEC or Sofia, then you cannot play in a challenger in the week of the YEC or of Sofia.

Sending Picks: You MUST send picks to the manager in order for them to count. If for some reason you cannot send to the manager, then send to the emergency TT board email address ( In this case that you have to send your picks to the emergency email, please aware the manager of the tournament and at least one board member. If you attempt to send picks to the manager and the PM fails, then your picks will count as long as you can provide evidence that the picks were sent in time. If you cannot, then such picks will not count. If you send to your doubles partner, but forget to send to the manager, these picks will NOT count.

- where a player sends picks to the person who posts the OOP, then even when it is clearly marked who the PM should be sent to, if the player sends his picks to the person who posted the OOP or any other understandable person (eg the regular assistant manager) then picks CAN be accepted for play as long as they are forwarded to the rightful recipient (ie the manager) before the deadline for picks to be in.
(please note that this excludes doubles partners).

-picks now CANNOT be accepted where a player attempts to send picks to the manager but spells the name wrongly in cases where the manager has posted the OOP.

eg Michael! posts the OOP and clearly states that picks have to be sent to him. chris 84 sends picks to Michael. instead. such picks will NOT now be counted.

Sending picks incorrectly (New Rule for 2014):

a) If someone sends before OOP is posted => no punishment
b) First time => a warning (manager should PM the player back)
c) Second time => a SR point penalty
d) Third time => a point penalty

Sending picks in incorrect format wonīt lead to a disqualification but will always lead to further point penalties during the tournament.


a) sending full name instead of last name only:

Petra KVITOVA 2-0
Angelique KERBER 2-0

b) sending with country

Sharapova (RUS) 2-0
Kvitova (CZE) 2-0
Kerber (GER) 2-0

c) sending with wrong SR/TB format

Sharapova 3
Kvitova 2
Kerber 3

d) random order of picks/ridiculous format/multiples mistakes

Scharapowwa 2-0
Quitowa 20 Kerbear 2-0
Willyams 2-0 Errahni 2-0

e) Players who repeatedly send only one part of a double name (Suarez, Brito, Medina, Lucic)

Individual spelling or copy/paste mistakes can always happen and wonīt be punished.

We felt that it was necessary to introduce this because of the amount of complaints we've had from managers, and the failure of players to send in the correct format. Naturally, managers do not have to punish players who send in the wrong format, but if they wish to, they now have a list of procedures by which they can take action.

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