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1884 results

*Much of this thread comes from original research by Newmark.

May and June

May 19-24, Irish Championships, Dublin, Ireland (Grass)
Venue: Fitzwilliam Square

Draw=9 (note the byes oddly scattered through the draw)

1R: Maud Watson d. Mrs Graves default
1R: Beatrice Langrishe-bye
1R: G. Butler d. Miss Haines 6-0 5-6 6-2
1R: Lilian Watson d. Connie Butler 2-6 6-3 6-1
1R: May Langrishe d. Miss Tabor 6-0 6-0

QF: Maud Watson d. Beatrice Langrishe 6-5 4-6 6-2
QF: G. Butler-bye
QF: May Langrishe d. Lilian Watson 6-4 6-3

SF: Maud Watson- bye
SF: May Langrishe d. G. Butler 6-0 retired

FI: Maud Watson d. May Langrishe 6-3 6-2 6-2

DF: Adela Langrishe/May Langrishe d. Lilian Watson/Maud Watson 11-9 6-2

MX:Maud Watson/ William Renshaw d. Connie Butler/John Galbraith Horn 6-0 8-6 6-3

The singles final was the first and last best-of-five-sets match in the final of the women’s singles event. This tournament marked Maud Watson's first appearance in competitive play outside of England. [From Alkan Little's book on Maud Watson]" For some time followers of the game had speculated on the relative merits of Maud and Miss May Langrishe, the Irish champion, and the possibility of a clash caused much excitement in Dublin. The public were not disappointed for both emerged, from an entry of nine, to contest the final. There was little doubt who was the superior player, for Maud, volleying and driving with surprising accuracy, proved too severe for her opponent’s graceful style of play and won in straight sets, 6-3, 6-2, 6-2, taking the last six games in a row. Maud had further success when paired with William Renshaw to win the mixed doubles."


May 21-24, Whitehouse, Edinburgh, Scotland (Grass)

FI: Jane Meikle d. J. Ferguson 10-8 6-2


May 26-31, West of England Championships, Bath, Somerset, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=16)

1R: Edith Davies d. L. Turner 5-6 6-0 6-2
1R: Florence Mardall d. Miss Airey 6-0 6-2
1R: N. Pope d. Mrs Hornby 6-0 6-0
1R: AM Wilder d. C. Bennett 6-2 6-2

1R: Grace Gibbs d. Mrs Hill 5-6 6-5 retired
1R: Alice Bagnall-Wild d. G. Langley 6-5 6-2
1R: Mrs Carey d. C. Martyn 5-6 6-2 6-2
1R: Lilian Cole d. Miss McNeile 6-3 6-2

QF: Davies d. Mardall 6-4 0-6 6-1
QF: Wilder d. Pope 5-6 6-4 6-1
QF: Gibbs d. Bagnall-Wild 6-4 4-6 6-5
QF: Cole d. Carey 6-5 6-3

SF: Davies d. Wilder 4-6 6-3 6-3
SF: Cole d. Gibbs 3-6 6-1 7-5

FI: Edith Davies d. Lilian Cole 6-4 6-4

DF: Edith Davies/Florence Mardall d. C Martyn/Miss McNeile 8-6 8-6

MX: Florence Mardall/Captain Charles Gostling d. Lilian Cole/G.J. Mitton 11-9 4-6 6-4


June 5-10, Waterloo, Liverpool, England (Grass)

SF: Margaret Bracewell d. Miss Eckersley 1-6 6-5 6-5
SF: E. Gordon-bye

FI: Margaret Bracewell d. E. Gordon 6-4 4-6 6-4 6-1

DF: Margaret Bracewell/Miss Eckersley d. Ann Dod/Lottie Dod 8-6 14-12 7-5

MX: Margaret Bracewell/John Bruce Ismay d. Miss Eckersley/TA Forde default

"A most extraordinary match was seen in the final of this competition [the ladies doubles]…" ("The Field"). Both finals were best-of-five-sets. The 12 year old Lottie Dod amazes spectators.
Ismay later became infamous in 1912 for his involvement in the Titanic,disaster.


June 9-14, Cheltenham Tournament,Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=6)

1R: Edith Davies d. K. Cornford 6-1 6-3
1R: Lilian Watson d. F. Davies 6-2 6-3
1R: Louisa Martin d. Florence Mardall 6-0 6-1

SF: Edith Davies-bye
SF: Louisa Martin d. Lilian Watson 6-2 6-5

FI: Edith Davies d. Louisa Martin 3-6 6-5 6-3

DF: Edith Davies/Florence Mardall d. Lilian Watson/Maud Watson 8-10 9-7 6-2

MX: Maud Watson/Wilfred Milne d. Edith Davies/Captain Wood 6-2 1-6 6-2 6-4

Lilian and Maud Watson lost in doubles F, which went 45 games. Maud did not enter the singles.


June 14-19, Northern Tournament, Liverpool, England (Grass)
Venue: Liverpool Cricket Club at Aigburth

Singles (Draw=10)

1R: Edith Davies d. Mrs G. Smith 6-3 6-2
1R: Ann Dod d. Beatrice Wood 6-1 6-4
1R: Miss Eckersley d. N. Carrington 6-0 6-0
1R: Miss Cliff d. B. Fletcher 3-6 6-3 6-2
1R: Margaret Bracewell d. F. Underhill 6-2 6-1

QF: Davies d. Dod 6-5 6-3
QF: Eckersley-bye
QF: Bracewell d. Cliff 5-6 6-1 6-2

SF: Davies d. Eckersley 6-5 4-6 6-4
SF: Bracewell-bye

FI: Edith Davies d. Margaret Bracewell 2-6 6-4 6-4

DF: Edith Davies/Miss Eckersley d. Ann Dod/Lottie Dod 6-2 6-3

Mixed Doubles

SF: Edith Davies/Ernest Browne d. Miss Eckersley/Richard D. Sears (US)/ 6-2 6-4
SF: Miss Gorton/William J Bush-Salmon-bye

FI: Edith Davies/Ernest Browne d. Miss Gorton/William J Bush-Salmon 6-1 6-1

The byes scattered across multiple rounds was common practice for this era.

From "The Field Lawn Tennis Calendar" (1885): "Alternately held in Manchester and Liverpool, it was the turn for the latter town to have the Northern Championships in its domains this season, and, as in 1882, the beautiful grounds of the Liverpool Cricket Club at Aigburth were chosen for the venue. What with the pavilion, commodious dressing rooms, and refreshment arrangements, the Aigburth grounds are certainly convenient for tennis tournaments, and with such a great extent of lawn available for play, good courts can always be arranged for, as they were on this occasion, in spite of the weather for the past month or so being greatly against getting the ground into order.

"Prizes to the value of 180 guineas were offered for competitions, besides three challenge cups of the value of 95 guineas. The committee offered a challenge cup for ladies this year for the first time of the value of 25 guineas, the conditions being that it must be won two years in succession or three years altogether."


June 16-21, London Athletic Club Tournament, Stamford Bridge, London, England (Grass)
Venue: London Athletic Club

Sinlges (Draw=24 or 25. Tradition and Alan Little in his book on Watson cite 25, but there are only 24 names in the draw.)

1R: Maud Watson d. Edith Patney default
1R: C. Bushnell d. Miss Elvey 6-3 3-6 6-3
1R: Mrs Anderson d. Miss Carr 6-4 6-3
1R: Mrs Warmford-Thomson d. E. Lewis 6-2 6-2
1R: Miss Joyce d. M. Clark 6-4 6-4
1R: Ethel Field d. Miss Jacko 6-2 6-0
1R: E. Bushnell d. Miss Nelson 6-1 6-2
1R: Blanche Bingley d. Miss Yockney 6-0 6-0

1R: Lilian Watson-bye
1R: Miss Page-bye
1R: Ida Watson-bye
1R: Miss Bouchier-bye
1R: Miss Hayward-bye
1R: M. Enstone-bye
1R: Edith Cole-bye
1R: Miss Cane-bye

2R: M Watson d. C. Bushnell 6-0 6-0
2R: Warmford-Thomson d.Anderson 6-2 6-4
2R: Joyce d. Field 6-3 4-6 7-5
2R: Bingley d. E. Bushnell 6-1 6-0

2R: L Watson d. Page, default
2R: I Watson d. Miss Bouchier default
2R: Hayward d. Enstone 6-0 6-0
2R: Cole d. Miss Cane default

QF: M Watson d. Warmford-Thomson 6-2 6-0
QF: Bingley d. Joyce 6-0 6-0
QF: L Watson d. I Watson 4-6 6-2 6-4
QF: Cole d. Hayward 6-2 6-1

SF: M Watson d. Bingley 6-1 6-2
SF: Cole d. L Watson 4-6 8-6 6-2

FI: Maud Watson d. Edith Cole 6-4 6-2 2-6 6-1

The first ladies’ singles event staged at the London Athletic Club attracted 25 entries – possibly the largest field assembled anywhere up to that date. Maud won the title handsomely, although she was forced to drop the third set to Mrs Cole (nee Davis) of the Southgate L.T.C., in the final, which lasted over two hours.


June 21-July 1, Kilkenny County and City Tournament, Kilkenny, Ireland (Grass)

FI: Mabel Cahill (15) d. May Langrishe (owes 30)* 6-4 6-4

* This was a handicap event. Mabel Cahill, a native of County Kilkenny and a future winner of the United States Championships, was 21 years of age at this point.


Unknown date, Ealing Lawn Tennis Tournament, GB

FI: Mrs. Streetern won


Unknown date, Natal Championship, Pietermaritzburg, SA

FI: Pearson d. L. Button 6-0 6-0 3-6 7-5

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