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Re: time to hire up a coach?

Originally Posted by jsage View Post
I don’t think she is going to change her couch because M. Joyce is with her since she was a child. He must be like a brother to her. But I think it would be a very good decision. I always thought about this. Joyce was her hitting partner, not her couch. Her couch was her father, not a professional. So I think that she never had a real couch since she left the Bolletiery Academy.
Her game is always the same; her errors are always the same.

Originally Posted by jsage View Post
What worries me is that it seems she and her team doesn’t pay attention at all to this!
Interesting points here, especially concerning Maria and Joyce relationship. I think that, until a certain level, the association between Yuri and Joyce made, of course, Maria's success. My previous posts didn't intent to deny the fact they enabled Maria to achieve great tennis goals... until a point where now, the same coaching team (without Yuri this time) is the key of her stagnation.

A great champion, not only a "some slams winners" but a player who has major goals to achieve, need, to keep on progressing : he or she can do that by will (like Nadal was able to vary and to technically progress to become able to win slams that, some years ago, everybody thought he was unable to win) or with another coaching to enable the player to progress each year : Agassi was able to become a well-rounded player without giving up his game's identity because he had the intellegence to change his training method and his coaches, because he didn't want to win one or two slams during 4 years but have a greater career, be e better player. He knew that what enabled him to achieve great things (RG and USO finals) needed to change to gain another level for his game.

Anyway, many could oppose the fact that she played tremendous tennis short before her injury : the problem is she cannot play like that during consecutive months and months. It's a kind of state of grace that enabled her to do that. Maria needs to be at 100% top to be able to maybe win another slams playing this level of game. But the point is that, other great players are able to win same slams without being at 100% or playing their best tennis of their life (Serena, Roger at wimby this year or RG, Sampras and Agassi before) because they can rely on other things that power. Maria isn't able to win a tournament when not à 100%, that shows she has no margin (and i don't talk about fitness or physical strenght but tactical and technical ability to compensate).

If people here tell me that she had a great career, i don't agree. After Wimbledon 2004, she was on the road to be a ten slams winner and be in the footsteps of Seles or BJK (at least, if not better). And i'm strongly convinced that she lost some year to progress cause she wasn't coached enough to exploit her potential. What was good for a 17 years old player isn't anymore for a 22 years old champion who needs to climb another step or earn another dimension, but maybe i'm projecting my own wishes, and in fact maybe she's just happy like that after all, but i cannot help thinking "what a waste of talent".

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