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Re: Sofia Shapatava Cheering Thread

Originally Posted by Stiles. View Post
Nice to see you here, Number 1.

Well, instead of practicing with the new coach, she's in France playing tough tourneys where she is losing helplessly week after week. I know the AO disaster really set her back for some time, but it's time she bounced back. I really wouldn't like to see her have a career like Salome Devidze & Sofia Melikishvili had. They both peaked around 250 at early ages and then due to injuries/lack of devotion and stuff dropped out of top 500 or so, never got back and retired at a very young age.

Aswell, even though I haven't seen Sofia play since 2007, she was really limited game-wise then. Sure, she does hit really hard and serve some bombs every now and then, but that kind of play is enough for just the lower ranked players or the post-USSR itfs probably. She will need to develop some more variety if she intends to go further than where she is now and be a threat of going far in tourneys not only in the weak ITFs but WTAs also.

That was long btw
Hi again,

Seems to me you never played tennis yourself.. And my question is whether you have been a prof. sportsman at all.
Have a look at serious profis they have same kind of "disaster" at definite periods...Don't go far- Safina- she lost 06, 16 to Venus -is it a problem ? Happens. In womens tennis, very often. Ups and downs.
Sofia never chooses "weak ITF"s...Look at the end of her 2008..She is allowed to play 4 WTAs, it is the rule and now she is gathering all herself to come back to her usual play. And BESIDES: You do not know HOW SHE PLAYS NOW. If you stand at the court, perhaps you'll stay with your jew fell down. She used to be a real profi without experience, at her 18-19 years, she never played juniors, you kidding??? She studied to play herself at the tournaments, being all alone, without a coach (!!!) it is serious claim !!!
She is excellent, she is almost perfect. She is very good while she plays. Thanks to "good people" making the blackest PR ever made to the sportsman, she feels "great" psychologically now, they reached what they wanted. Though Sofia is a brilliant and very smart personality (I have mentioned) and she will pull herself together. You don't know her at all. And why do you mention Devidze and Melikishvili here and there? They had their problems Georgian tennis players usually face- lack of care, lack of finances, lack of right management. No oen cared. It is very competitive and cruel world, TENNIS. And it is not necessary that everyone who plays becomes Number 1 in the world. They had their place and who knows what they do in future.
I love all Georgian girls and appreciate every drop of their sweat and work.
Sofia- she is tough player and she'll be back. The only thing she has to do- believe in herself like she did before.She will do that very soon, I'm sure.
Beware those, who play their favourite "weak ITF"s gaining easy scores. Sofia has never done it. Even now she does not play those 10s. Today's 25 is just for her warm-up. Next week she plays 100.
At this stage she has to play as many matches as possible. Any professional will tell you the same. And she does it. She knows better than us what to do to help herself to become one of the best players.
It is Sofia Shapatava cheering thread, so let us wish good luck to Sofia, she is worth it.
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