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Forum: General Messages   Jul 8th, 2017, 03:41 PM
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Posted By aguy9797
Re: Wimbledon Round 3: Aga Radwanska def T. Bacsinszky 3-6, 6-4, 6-1

but...but.. what is going to happen now with the wedding preparation, is she going to have enough time ???? :facepalm:
Forum: General Messages   Jun 10th, 2017, 04:55 PM
Replies: 644
Views: 61,324
Posted By aguy9797
Re: RG FINAL: Ostapenko def (3) Halep 4-6 6-4 6-3

Congrats Jelena!!

Fearless tennis won again

Calculated and defensive tennis lost again...luckily, not all players are as brainless as Elina Svitolina
Forum: General Messages   Jun 3rd, 2017, 01:08 PM
Replies: 118
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Posted By aguy9797
Re: RG R3: A. Cornet def. terrible and serveless A. Radwanska 6-2 6-1

Aga...the worst part is how she has been rationalizing all those losses, without focusing on what she could actually change to improve her game

It is so sad seeing her turn into another Jelena.
Forum: General Messages   Nov 5th, 2016, 12:14 PM
Replies: 38
Views: 2,901
Posted By aguy9797
Re: $10,000 Stockholm F: Iga Świątek (15 y/o) def. Laura-Ioana Andrei (28 y/o) 63 64

we are aware here that we are trying to compare a 14-15 yo child, whose personality is not even fully formed, to a grown 27-29 yo woman
Forum: General Messages   Oct 28th, 2016, 03:29 PM
Replies: 47
Views: 4,140
Posted By aguy9797
Re: WWW YEC SF: [1] Kerber vs [2] Radwanska

Angie is fit lean and mean...she has an edge because she is playing more consistent tennis

Aga's serve is on and off...she plays exceptional tennis, and then takes a nap for a few games
Forum: General Messages   Oct 6th, 2016, 04:28 PM
Replies: 203
Views: 11,490
Posted By aguy9797
Re: The most unplayable peak female tennis player ever?

i believe that Kvitova has the most potential and should be 'untouchable' if she managed to consistently stay above 90 percentile range of her game

we know it basically almost never...
Forum: General Messages   Oct 6th, 2016, 12:55 PM
Replies: 68
Views: 6,242
Posted By aguy9797
Re: Beijing R3: "Most Energetic Player" Aga Radwanska def. Wozniacki 63 61

Aga tried to choke a few times....did not work this time :)
Forum: General Messages   Oct 4th, 2016, 12:01 PM
Replies: 23
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Posted By aguy9797
Re: Beijing R2: (3) Aga Radwanska def. K. Makarova 6-3, 6-4

yet another Aga's match with the same pattern

brilliant tennis...then switch off

What is it?
Forum: General Messages   Sep 29th, 2016, 04:27 PM
Replies: 74
Views: 4,930
Posted By aguy9797
Re: Wuhan QF: (9) Kuznetsova def. (3) Radwanska 1-6 7-6(9) 6-4

Again, only Aga can manage to lose an already won match with such ease :smash::smash:

Multiple personality disorder?

Magician shows up, she seems not capable of making any errors

Forum: General Messages   Sep 23rd, 2016, 02:53 PM
Replies: 124
Views: 6,163
Posted By aguy9797
Re: Mouratoglou: 30 slams is the goal not 23!

in management we say that one needs to set goals which are realistic and attainable

obviously...I can't stand this buffoon :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
Forum: General Messages   Sep 10th, 2016, 11:41 PM
Replies: 121
Views: 13,764
Posted By aguy9797
Re: Michael Joyce: "Mouratoglou PAYS Serena to be her coach"

Mouratoglou is a self-absorbed buffoon--without Serena he is just another nobody
Forum: General Messages   Sep 10th, 2016, 11:28 PM
Replies: 317
Views: 26,734
Posted By aguy9797
Re: Why did Kerber win a slam before Radwanska and Wozniacki?

Angie is a 100% pro, surrounded by 100% pros, completely committed to becoming the best she could be at any possible costs

Aga is happy with having enough money to buy her big(ger) apartments,...
Forum: General Messages   Jun 15th, 2016, 11:49 AM
Replies: 219
Views: 11,256
Posted By aguy9797
Re: Exactly what did Halep do to be so disliked on here?

i like Simona's tennis

but those fans cheering her on during the matches

Simmmooonnna ...I just can't :smash:
Forum: General Messages   Jun 7th, 2016, 12:19 PM
Replies: 49
Views: 2,540
Posted By aguy9797
Re: Serena's place in history even without 22

I will respectfully disagree. Not taking anything away from perfect scores of Nadia Comaneci, Serena was able to completely redefine the meaning of modern tennis by introducing power and unmatched...
Forum: General Messages   Jun 5th, 2016, 02:02 PM
Replies: 49
Views: 2,540
Posted By aguy9797
Re: Serena's place in history even without 22

We, the tennis fans, have been blessed by Tennis Gods to have a champion of Serena's caliber during our tennis life span.

Serena is like no other athlete before. Moreover, I believe that she is...
Forum: General Messages   May 31st, 2016, 06:42 PM
Replies: 308
Views: 24,106
Posted By aguy9797
Re: RG 4R: [102] Pironkova def. [002] Radwanska 26 63 63

Congratulations, Tsvetana. We know she wakes up about every three years, and while brushing her teeth, she tells herself--ok, it is time to win something. Best of luck, take the title
Forum: General Messages   May 29th, 2016, 07:29 PM
Replies: 33
Views: 3,031
Posted By aguy9797
Re: RG 4R: [2] Radwanska leads Pironkova 62 30

Tsvetana came out charged and ready, but she faded quickly after losing the first two games. Tsvetana's problem is that she has no Plan B--the hitting that swept Slowene out of the court just ain't...
Forum: General Messages   May 27th, 2016, 05:10 PM
Replies: 61
Views: 4,869
Posted By aguy9797
Re: RG 3R MESS: (2) Radwańska pigeonises (30) Strýcová 6-2, 6-7, 6-2

it was a very solid performance until 3:0 in the second set....then Aga took a nap for about 30 minutes or so...those unforced errors were coming one after another, WTF???

same patter like during...
Forum: General Messages   May 27th, 2016, 04:58 PM
Replies: 106
Views: 8,290
Posted By aguy9797
Forum: General Messages   May 27th, 2016, 04:55 PM
Replies: 47
Views: 3,941
Posted By aguy9797
Re: WWW RG R4 (2) Agnieszka Radwanska vs Tsvetana 'Claykova' Pironkova

Pretty impressive hitting from Tsvetana today

Aga will expose her movement, but we all know that Tsvetana is all business when she wakes up every 3 years or so.
Forum: General Messages   May 25th, 2016, 07:47 PM
Replies: 82
Views: 6,712
Posted By aguy9797
Re: RG 2R: (2) Agnieszka Radwanska dismisses Caroline Garcia 6-2 6-4

Aga played a solid match controlling its course easily after her serve had finally clicked. A small choke in the second, I think Aga got too passive counting on Caro's mistakes who just could not...
Forum: General Messages   Mar 26th, 2016, 06:34 PM
Replies: 23
Views: 2,723
Posted By aguy9797
Re: Miami 3R: (3) Radwańska def. Brengle 6-3, 6-2

Aga did what she needed to do to get out of court within 1 hour.

Madison showed some nice touch around the net
Forum: General Messages   Mar 26th, 2016, 06:31 PM
Replies: 54
Views: 4,380
Posted By aguy9797
Re: Miami R2: Vesnina def (10) Venus 6-0 6-7(5) 6-2

well, you seem to feel very strongly about Venus' retirement, ok then :smile2:
Forum: General Messages   Mar 25th, 2016, 11:46 PM
Replies: 54
Views: 4,380
Posted By aguy9797
Re: Miami R2: Vesnina def (10) Venus 6-0 6-7(5) 6-2

Vesna Elenina manged not to hoke this time

Venus, easily, the best 36 y.o. tennis player...ever :worship:
Forum: General Messages   Mar 20th, 2016, 09:20 PM
Replies: 391
Views: 25,649
Posted By aguy9797
Re: Raymond Moore on WTA - they ride on coattails of men

just cannot believe somebody in his position would go away with such a sexist statement in 2016:facepalm:
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