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shirley Feb 2nd, 2002 07:41 PM

Chris Evert Thread
Well Steffi, Jana and Martina N all have threads in their names so I started a thread for Chris Evert.


Double Fault Feb 8th, 2002 02:02 AM

Where are all the Chrissie fans? I know you are out there. :)

jirobkk Feb 8th, 2002 05:16 AM

Hello shirley,
Glad to know you started a thread for Chrissy. I am a big fans of her.:hearts: :hearts:

Thanks for the picture.

BCP Feb 8th, 2002 06:51 AM

Here I am!!!!!:wavey: Thanks Shirley for starting this thread.

I hear Chris gets dissed alot about her commentating. I haven't heard her do commentary unfort. Have any of you guys?

pacatale Feb 12th, 2002 08:58 PM

Hello to all Chrissie's fans around the world!
Great site, great thread.;)

How come there aren't any fan site for Chris anymore? :sad:

Have a look at Chris' 2001 pro-celebrity! (Tennis Roundup) :)

Double Fault Feb 18th, 2002 09:25 PM

This thread needs a bump. I'm sure there are many more Chris Evert fans out there. Don't be shy now.:)

ball change please - Hi. how are you? :) I've never heard Chris commentate either. But by all accounts (and there have been many) she does not excell in this particular department. ;) Nobody's perfect I guess. We need to do a Board hunt to find all those closet Chrissie fans. :)

BCP Feb 19th, 2002 04:46 AM

Hey Doublefault:wavey: My fave Chris match was when she beat Martina in the French 85- how couldn't it be. I also loved the USO 84 final, only because I was so excited that Chris had fianlly won a set against Martina, and looked like taking Martina to the brink for once. But boy, was I disappointed when she lost!

My fave match between Chris and Hana was the 85 USO semi, even though Chris lost- Luckily Hana went on to win in the final!!!

Double Fault Feb 19th, 2002 05:52 PM

Hello, ball change please. :) Yes, those matches you mentioned are all great. I liked the FO 85 very much too. Most of my memories of Chris stem from Wimbledon. Eastbourne too!. :) I must admit that the Laura Golarsa comeback had me biting my nails in 89. I think the most frustrating year at Wimbledon must have been 1980. Chris finally beat Martina in the semi's only to lose to Goolagong in the final. I think Chris thought she had won the tourney after beating Navratilova. She certainly underestimated the very talented Mrs. Cawley in the final.

(As you know ball change please) my memory sucks. I'm always getting my years mixed up. :) There were a couple of Eastbourne finals that were classics. Classic Chris/Martina duels. :)

BCP Feb 20th, 2002 03:18 AM

That's right DF, the classic Eastbourne finals were in 78 and 79. I wish that I had seen those!, and the 76 Wimbeldon fianl against Evonne.

I just posted in the Ladies thread an interview with Tracy Austin's coach where he basically said tha Tracy was better than Chris at everything. Better groundies, better mental powers. What do you guys think?

Double Fault Feb 20th, 2002 06:28 PM

ball change please. I had one of those Eastbourne finals on video (don't ask me which year) :) Alas it was wiped by a FORMER girlfriend who taped a crappy soap opera right over it. Needless to say the relationship went downhill thereafter. :)

The 76 Wimbledon Final is a match that I have never seen. Only seen the last point where Chris flings her raquet in the air after winning.

Where are all the fans of Chrissie? :)

pacatale Feb 20th, 2002 07:22 PM

The Laura Golarsa quarter is one that sure has got a special place in my memories. Boy, was I nervous watching that. It would have been such a pity not to reach the semis for her last Wimbledon. Started as a disaster but Chris produced some of her finest shots ever in the come-back games.:eek:
In the "vs Martina classics" I enjoyed the 87 and 88 Wimbledon semis very much, though both she lost but that was good.:o

Unfortunately :mad: I did not had the chance to see the USOpen 84 final or the 88 semi in Australia, but the 85 and 86 French Open finals were top. In fact the 85 final is my favorite all-time, all players tennis match:hearts:. When I wonder if I feel so just because I'm a Chrissie fan, I read again all the articles talking about that day and I am releaved to see every body saying how exceptional it was...:)

Last year, I mean in 2000, I was in England at the time of the Eastbourne tournament and when the final was postponed because of rain, they showed one those finals you mentioned, the 78 I think. Knowing only the athletic Chris of the eighties, not the old-fashioned one of the 70ies, I was preparing myself to be disappointed, keeping telling myself "this is going to be so slow, laughable compared to nowadays tennis..." And in fact it turned out it was far to be ridiculous. Still rather quick and great shot selections, great rallies.:p

Chris and Martina, I miss you.:sad:

PS: I don't think Tracy played long enough to have enough facts and figures for fair comparisons. She had Chris' number for a while but then Chris got used to her, improved her game and fitness and fought back. Who knows how the rivalry would have turned if it had lasted longer. To Chris' credit she has been last one of the 2 standing!Tracy deserves a lot of respect for her 2 US Open crowns at a tender age, that's all I can say.;)

BCP Feb 21st, 2002 01:09 AM

Pacatale:wavey: I also loved the 87/88 Wimbeldon semis. Both were very similar matches. I have seen some old footage, and for the fact that they used wood racquets, I think that the ball was struck hard and accurately too.

DoubleFault, I understand about the relationship going down hill after that. Anyone that would have taped over a match like that would a soap opera would be dropped instantly!:)

Pacatale, I notice that you posted a great pic of Chris. Do you need your own website to do so? i have some great pics of players from the 80s which i want to share with everyone on the Ladies site, but don't want to maintain my own webpage. Is there any other way?

pacatale Feb 21st, 2002 10:40 AM

I borrowed that picture from another site. I'm new here so I don't know if you can post pictures directly from your computer but I see that "attach file" box under the option box so I guess it must be possible.

BCP Feb 22nd, 2002 04:04 AM

Thanks, Evonne Goolagong-Cawley has volunterred to help. Thanks for the thought.:)

pacatale Feb 24th, 2002 01:52 PM

I can't rival with Evonne for sure :( (you lucky one!;))
but I have found another page about Chrissie's pro-celeb, if anobody cares...:o

WS LEGENDS (more details at tennisroundup though)

By the way I like this site. This is interesting to have so many tennis fans around and from all over the world, which is nicer than an all-French or all-American board.:cool:

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