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azza Jul 25th, 2003 07:08 PM

Pffff.... no alicia molik forum why!!!!
shes aus number 1 womens player!!

Gowza Jul 26th, 2003 12:56 AM

exactly what i think, she should have one.

azza Jul 26th, 2003 09:08 PM

We have an evie one...Hmm

Mateo Mathieu Jul 27th, 2003 03:22 AM

I don't cares... I rather Rachel and Evie forms removed so, all Aussie players in the same forum!

aussie_stars Jul 28th, 2003 04:36 AM

good luck alicia against haynes :)

aussie_stars Jul 29th, 2003 05:04 AM

yay there is an alicia forum now!!!! :)

azza Jul 30th, 2003 11:56 PM

:woohoo: :woohoo:

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