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Kəv. Jun 7th, 2013 12:07 PM

2013 Games of the Small States of Europe
2013 Games of the Small States of Europe
Nations Participated:
Luxembourg (HOST)
San Marino

Women's Singles
First Round
Stephanie Vogt (LIE) v BYE
Elaine Genovese (MLT) v BYE
Louise-Alice Gambarini (MNA) v BYE
Tiffany Cornelius (LUX) d. Iris Staub (ICL) 61 62
Roseanne Dimech (MLT) v BYE
Laura Correia (LUX) v BYE
Hjordis R. Gudmundsdottir (ICL) v BYE
Kathinka von Deichmann (LIE) v BYE

Stephanie Vogt (LIE) d. Elaine Genovese (MLT) 61 61
Tiffany Cornelius (LUX) d. Louise-Alice Gambarini (MNA) 63 64
Laura Correia (LUX) d. Roseanne Dimech (MLT) 63 61
Kathinka von Deichmann (LIE) d. Hjordis R. Gudmundsdottir (ICL) 60 60

Stephanie Vogt (LIE) d. Tiffany Cornelius (LUX) 62 60
Kathinka von Deichmann (LIE) d. Laura Correia (LUX) 63 62

Bronze Medal Match
Tiffany Cornelius (LUX) d. Laura Correia (LUX)

Gold Medal Match
Stephanie Vogt (LIE) d. Kathinka von Deichmann (LIE) 62 62

Women's Doubles
First Round
Vogt/von Deichmann (LIE) d. Correia/Pescha (LUX) 61 63
Dimech/Genovese (MLT) d. Gudmundsdottir/Staub (ICL) 64 62

Bronze Medal Match
Correia/Pescha (LUX) d. Gudmundsdottir/Staub (ICL) 62 61

Gold Medal Match
Vogt/von Deichmann (LIE) d. Dimech/Genovese (MLT) 61 76

Mixed Doubles
First Round
Vogt/Kranz (LIE) v BYE
Cornelius/Bram (LUX) v BYE
Genovese/Asciak (MLT) d. Staub/Gunnarsson (ICL) 61 61
Gambarini/Balleret (MNA) v BYE

Vogt/Kranz (LIE) d. Cornelius/Bram (LUX) 36 63 10-5
Genovese/Asciak (MLT) d. Gambarini/Balleret (MNA) 46 62 10-7

Bronze Medal Match
Cornelius/Bram (LUX) d. Gambarini/Balleret (MNA)
Gold Medal Match
Vogt/Kranz (LIE) d. Genovese/Asciak (MLT) 76(6) 75

Kəv. Jun 7th, 2013 12:09 PM

Re: 2013 Games of the Small States of Europe
A bit late, but thought some might be interested.

Steffi Vogt clean sweeps the whole tournament winning all 3 gold medals.

This year missing Minella (obviously due to RG and I don't think she would bother anyway), Schaul, Kremer, Cassar, Savva.

Nice to see Cornelius back, haven't seen her name in a while. (except Fed Cup). Looks like shes just willing to play for Luxembourg but can't be stuffed playing ITFs.

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