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valac222 Mar 16th, 2013 05:43 PM

TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Congrats Cooper96 and Vaxey x2 !
TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg

What is Tennis Tipping?

In the game, participants pick the winners of all main draw matches and are placed in a knock-out system. That means each participant plays a different participant and whoever predicted the winner of most matches correctly, moves on to the next round. The same applies for doubles, but you're in a team format and your scores are combined.

In case a player (i.e. the actual WTA Player) retires in a match, there's new retirement rule for 2011. The new retirement rule means that matches involving a retirement WILL count in TT, as long as the leading player is 1 set up. If players are replaced by a lucky loser after the start of Tennis Tipping, these matches will be cancelled.

New tie-break method:

How to Sign-Up:

One can only play this game if he has created an account in this forum at least 3 months ago AND has at least 100 posts.

Just post here that you would like to play. You can only play one tournament per week. Entries will be based on ranking. Everyone can commit.

More information:

How to send in picks:

Picks can be sent in as soon as the draws are ready. Remember, you pick a winner inevery match! Picks should be sent by PM, so that your opponent does not know your picks. Picks should be titled: [TT: Quanzhou, day #]. Picks can be sent in anytime until the beginning of play each day. If you are in singles and doubles then you can use different picks for each if you want to. For doubles, you still tip the WTA singles matches, not the doubles! No changes can be made after the play has started.
You have to send picks before play starts, late picks won´t be accepted!

In case of emergencies/pick sending problems: Only in case of circumstances that a tt player cannot send picks to the manager of the tournament one can send his picks to the below e-mail address. The board will be able to access this account and picks sent here will be counted as normal. Please note that it should ONLY be used in emergencies. Also, a person who uses this method of sending picks should alert the tournament manager and a board member as soon as possible because the account won't necessarily be checked every day.

valac222 Mar 16th, 2013 05:44 PM

Re: TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Second week of Miami!
Fact Sheet

Location: Croissy-Beaubourg, Franciaország
Type: 50,000 USD
Surface: Kemény - Fedett
Date: 23 March - 30 March
Tournament website:

Singles Commitment Deadline:: 22 March, 3pm local time
Doubles Commitment Deadline:: 23 March, 3pm local time
Draw size for singles: 28 direct MD Entries + 4 qualifiers /16 Q draw
Draw size for doubles: 14 direct MD Entries + 2 qualifiers /8 Q draw
Assistant manager: -


Challengers (R32):
Winner: 150
Final: 110
Semifinal: 80
Quarterfinal: 40
R16: 20
R32: 1
Q: 6
QFR: 4
Q1: 1



Saturday  First Qualification Round Singles
Sunday    Final Qualification Round Singles/First Qualification Round Doubles
Monday    1st Round Singles (R32)/ Final Qualification Round Doubles
Tuesday    2nd Round Singles (R16)/ 1st Round Doubles
Wednesday  QF Singles / QF Doubles
Thursday  SF Singles / SF Doubles
Friday    Final Singles / Final Doubles DAY1
Saturday  Final Singles / Final Doubles DAY2

valac222 Mar 16th, 2013 05:44 PM

Re: TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Second week of Miami!
Singles Draw

Main Draw


3:1 Vaxey vs. Flying_pancake SR: 2:0

Matches in the OOP:4

2:3 AdeyC(1) vs. Vaxey SR: 0:1
1:2 SAISAI-GOAT vs. Flying_pancake SR: 0:1

Matches in the OOP:8

4:0 AdeyC(1) vs. Kevin.(8) SR: 3:0
5:3 Vaxey vs. Leyla. SR: 4:3
5:4 SAISAI-GOAT vs. lucian_iasi SR: 4:1
5:4 Flying_pancake vs. lolada_4(Alt) SR: 4:3

Second Round
Matches in the OOP:14

10:8 AdeyC(1) vs. goOudinUSA SR: 7:6
8:10 Hapsara vs. Kevin.(8) SR: 6:9
8:9 JustPetko(6) vs. Vaxey SR: 3:6
10:7 Leyla. vs. Mcb(Alt) SR: 7:5

11:11 Cooper96 vs. SAISAI-GOAT SR: 7:9
11:10 lucian_iasi vs. Djezonfly(5) SR: 7:5
7:8 Kylger(7) vs. Flying_pancake SR: 6:7
10:12 Gu-niao vs. lolada_4(Alt) SR: 8:6

First Round
Matches in the OOP:6

4:3 AdeyC(1) vs. Хлоэ SR: 3:2
4:2 goOudinUSA vs. Kirilenko-Fan(Alt) SR: 2:0
2:5 Phil=) vs. Hapsara SR: 2:2
4:4 Kevin.(8) vs. Papillon. SR: 4:3

3:3 JustPetko(6) vs. HAOCHEN-GOAT SR: 2:2 TB1 pick
3:2 Vaxey vs. New_balls_please SR: 3:2
5:3 Leyla. vs. *Jean* SR: 3:2
2:3 leon charles(Alt) vs. Mcb(Alt) SR: 2:3

2:3 Inger67(4) vs. Cooper96 SR: 2:2
4:3 SAISAI-GOAT vs. Alycia. SR: 4:1
2:0 lucian_iasi vs. Novak Simons SR: 0:0
3:0 Djezonfly(5) vs. jrm SR: 2:0

3:0 Kylger(7) vs. delicatecutter SR: 1:0
3:4 vladekCRO vs. Flying_pancake SR: 2:2
3:4 flareon(Alt) vs. Gu-niao SR: 2:4
2:4 Sabinator.(Alt) vs. lolada_4(Alt) SR: 1:1

valac222 Mar 16th, 2013 05:44 PM

Re: TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Second week of Miami!
Doubles Draw

Main Draw


3:4 Gu-niao/Hapsara vs. Cooper96/Vaxey SR: 1:3

Matches in the OOP:4

5:4 Gu-niao/Hapsara vs. Inger67/New_balls_please(4) SR: 2:0
5:3 Cooper96/Vaxey vs. Alycia./Flying_pancake SR: 2:1

Matches in the OOP:8

10:11 HAOCHEN-GOAT/SAISAI-GOAT vs. Gu-niao/Hapsara SR: 7:6
8:10 AdeyC/mateusz2904 vs. Inger67/New_balls_please(4) SR: 7:8
10:9 Cooper96/Vaxey vs. leon charles/Sabinator. SR: 7:6
10:9 Alycia./Flying_pancake vs. flareon/Phil=)(2) SR: 9:9

First Round
Matches in the OOP:14

17:22 Kevin./Kylger(1) vs. HAOCHEN-GOAT/SAISAI-GOAT SR: 15:13
16:18 Kirilenko-Fan/mcb vs. Gu-niao/Hapsara SR: 11:14
11:23 Emrys/Freshi vs. AdeyC/mateusz2904 SR: 9:16
22:17 Inger67/New_balls_please(4) vs. goOudinUSA/Papillon. SR: 14:14

20:20 *Jean*/JustPetko(3) vs. Cooper96/Vaxey SR: 12:13
19:20 Leyla./Хлоэ vs. leon charles/Sabinator. SR: 12:15
18:18 lucian_iasi/vladekCRO vs. Alycia./Flying_pancake SR: 14:15
19:10 flareon/Phil=)(2) vs. delicatecutter/Djezonfly SR: 14:5

valac222 Mar 16th, 2013 05:44 PM

Re: TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Second week of Miami!
Order Of Play

Saturday OOP
Finals, DAY 2/2



Last names only please

TB = send exact scores (e.g. 6-4 6-3)
SR = send set ratio (2-0 or 2-1)

Send all picks to valac222
Play starts at 8:31local time
Good Luck

valac222 Mar 16th, 2013 05:44 PM

Re: TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Second week of Miami!
Entry Lists

Singles Entry List


Main draw
1 AdeyC(1)_______________________________15
2 mateusz2904(2)_________________________19
3 Freshi(3)______________________________25
4 Inger67(4)_____________________________29
5 Djezonfly(5)___________________________35
6 JustPetko(6)___________________________40
7 Kylger(7)______________________________48
8 Kevin.(8)______________________________50
9 andyroddlick___________________________51
10 *Jean*________________________________66
11 Emrys_________________________________68
12 Novak Simons__________________________78
13 Papillon._____________________________83
14 SAISAI-GOAT___________________________90
15 jrm___________________________________92
16 Phil=)_______________________________116
17 HAOCHEN-GOAT_________________________119
18 delicatecutter_______________________120
19 Perspektiva__________________________122
20 New_balls_please_____________________126
21 lucian_iasi__________________________128
22 Leyla._______________________________129
23 goOudinUSA___________________________160
24 Gu-niao______________________________171
25 Hapsara______________________________182
26 max94________________________________190
27 vladekCRO____________________________201
28 Vaxey________________________________204
29 Хлоэ_________________________________214
30 Flying_pancake_______________________232
31 Alycia.______________________________244
32 Cooper96_____________________________275


1 leon charles
2 Sabinator.
3 lolada_4
4 mcb
5 flareon
6 Kirilenko_fan

leon Charles replaces Freshi
mcb replaces andyroddlick
Sabinator. replaces mateusz2904
lolada_4 replaces Emrys
flareon replaces max94
Kirilenko-Fan Perspektiva

Doubles Entry List


Main draw
1 Kevin./Kylger(1)___________________________15+16=31
2 flareon/Phil=)(2)__________________________30+34=64
3 *Jean*/JustPetko(3)________________________46+22=68
4 Inger67/New_balls_please(4)________________31+50=81
5 delicatecutter/Djezonfly___________________41+40=81
6 AdeyC/mateusz2904_________________________53+63=116
7 leon charles/Sabinator.___________________80+72=152
8 HAOCHEN-GOAT/SAISAI-GOAT__________________78+77=155
9 Kirilenko-Fan/mcb_________________________98+71=169
10 goOudinUSA/Papillon.____________________142+101=243
11 Gu-niao/Hapsara_________________________152+135=287
12 Leyla./Хлоэ_____________________________116+209=325
13 Emrys/Freshi____________________________201+124=325
14 lucian_iasi/vladekCRO___________________155+172=327
15 Cooper96/Vaxey__________________________500+199=699
16 Alycia./Flying_pancake__________________500+203=703


valac222 Mar 16th, 2013 05:44 PM

Re: TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Second week of Miami!

2:1 Vaxey vs. Flying_pancake SR: 2:0
Keothavong, vs Zahlavova,
Keothavong 2-1, vs Zahlavova 2-0,

__________________________________________________ _________________________
__________________________________________________ _______________________-_

3:3 Gu-niao/Hapsara vs. Cooper96/Vaxey SR: 1:3
Zahlavova. vs Keothavong,
Zahlavova2-1, Zahlavova2-1, vs Zahlavova2-0, Keothavong2-1,

valac222 Mar 16th, 2013 05:44 PM

Re: TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Second week of Miami!

Tournaments this week:


13a 25 Mar  Croissy-Beaubourg    FRA    50K      32/16/16/8      valac222
13b 25 Mar  Tallin                EST    25K      32/16/16/8      James
13c 25 Mar  Bundaberg            AUS    25K      32/16/16/8      buji

Drake1980 Mar 16th, 2013 09:35 PM

Re: TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Second week of Miami!

Cooper96 Mar 16th, 2013 09:35 PM

Re: TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Second week of Miami!

Anyone for doubles?

max94 Mar 16th, 2013 11:59 PM

Re: TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Second week of Miami!
In for singles

Hapsara Mar 17th, 2013 06:13 AM

Re: TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Second week of Miami!
In singles if out of Miami

Double with Gu-niao

Gu-niao Mar 17th, 2013 07:41 AM

Re: TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Second week of Miami!

Originally Posted by Hapsara (Post 25620218)
In singles if out of Miami

Double with Gu-niao

In singles and doubles

*Jean* Mar 17th, 2013 09:00 AM

Re: TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Second week of Miami!

Milan. Mar 17th, 2013 08:13 PM

Re: TENNIS TIPPING #13a|Croissy-Beaubourg -Second week of Miami!
In for singles

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