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chingching Mar 10th, 2013 10:45 AM

$25,000 Tallinn 2013
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This is Estonia's tournament, and there is a good chance that for the First time since Kaia we will get a winner at 25K level on home soil :cheer:
I messaged Riho and he said Anett was definitely playing :)
Given the players who entered I think that there will be 3 MDWC and 4 QWC.
I think it will go like this:

MDWC 1: Anett
MDWC 2: Eva
MDWC 3: Exchange

QWC 1: Birgit
QWC 2: Mia
QWC 3: Erika
QWC 4: Exchange/Lisanna

It turns out that Tatjana withdrew and it doesn't seem like she withdrew to get a WC.

A bit of a shame not to see Kimberly, Jana, Julia or Valeria here especially after the Saaremaa GP last week.

EDIT: I just heard from Riho and these are the WCs :)
MDWC 1: Anett Kontaveit
MDWC 2: Eva Paalma
MDWC 3: Finnish WC
MDWC 4: Turkish WC

Obviously the WCs Eva got to the 2 Antalyas last year were an exchange :)

Tennisfan06 Mar 23rd, 2013 07:43 PM

Re: $25,000 Tallinn
Q draw:
(1)Tereza Smitkova (CZE) v (wc)Elisa Mai Koonik (EST)
(12)Charlene Seateun (FRA) v Jelena Ostapenko (LAT)
(2)Nigina Abduraimova (UZB) v Anastasiya Saitova (RUS)
(11)Angelica Moratelli (ITA) v Alina Silich (RUS)
(3)Andrea Gamiz (VEN) v Polina Vinogradova (RUS)
(13)Daria Mironova (RUS) v Liubov Vasilyeva (RUS)
(4)Anastasiya Vasylyeva (UKR) v (wc)Julia Matojan (EST)
(16)Anastasia Frolova (RUS) v (wc)Birgit Burk (EST)
(5)Polina Pekhova (BLR) v Eva Wacanno (NED)
(15)Lina Stanciute (LTU) v (wc)Olga Doroshina (RUS)
(6)Katarzyna Piter (POL) v (wc)Erika Hendsel (EST)
(9)Naomi Broady (GBR) v Alena Tarasova (RUS)
(7)Alexandra Artamonova (RUS) v Akvile Parazinskaite (LTU)
(10)Ksenia Kirillova (RUS) v Elyne Boeykens (BEL)
(8)Aliaksandra Sasnovich (BLR) v (wc)Yulia Chubarova (RUS)
(14)Emily Webley-Smith (GBR) v Piia Suomalainen (FIN)

I smell some bakery coming :lol:
Julia Matojan hasn't played since AUG 2009.

chingching Mar 24th, 2013 12:52 AM

Re: $25,000 Tallinn
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I was gonna say :haha:
Elisa will lose 0 and 0
Birgit will win a few games IMO, would have a shot at a set if on Clay :)
Julia could have done well with a good draw :) I hope she's making a good effort for a comeback :D
Erika's been bad recently but I hope she can get enough games to annoy the Bitch :O
Some of the other WCs are random :lol:
I will ask Riho if there are livescores in Qualies :)
BTW, will any of you guys be going? :)

chingching Mar 26th, 2013 11:29 AM

Re: $25,000 Tallinn
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(1) Smitkova def. Koonik 6-0 6-0 :lol:
(3) Vasylyeva def. Matojan 6-0 7-5 :sobbing: :facepalm:
(16) Frolova def. Burk 6-2 6-4 :)
(6) Piter def. Hendsel :shrug:

Kontaveit 6-3 Silich :D

(1)Sadikovic/Jugic-Salkic vs Kontaveit/Ostapenko :) :sad:
Hendsel/Pihlak vs Murray/Wembley Smith :haha:

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