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Raiden Feb 2nd, 2013 09:05 PM

Mona Barthel News & Opinion
Copypaste all the pieces you find here (that way they remain available even if they disappear elsewhere ;)

Raiden Feb 2nd, 2013 09:11 PM

Fed-Cup: Tension between Rittner and Barthel?

(Translation of Markus Fischer's original: "Fed-Cup: Dicke Luft zwischen Rittner und Barthel?" 18 Jan. 2013)

Today's Fed Cup nomination fell out exactly as they had predicted a few days ago. After we had been there, dealt extensively with the issue, it should fit up to the beginning of the game. But one of Personnel makes us as a surprisingly thwarted. Actually Sabine Lisicki should not belong to the team. Barbara Rittner wanted Mona Barthel first give preference to these, however, have reportedly canceled in view of their individual careers of the national coach. After Barthel only this week the "Mona Slam" and completed in Melbourne for the fourth consecutive time at a Grand Slam tournament failed in Round 1, you can empathize with this decision. For Barthel had better work on her mental weakness, which it owes to the defeats against Wickmayer and Pervak ​​this year than two days to go stale stupid on a bench.

Basically you have to commend Barbara Rittner that they finally time wanted to nominate a player not yet considered. To play a huff, as one can gather from the press, they have not yet because of the cancellation. Finally, use the free week Barthel wants to improve their game. And even better for Rittner Barthel could be more valuable in the future than the currently mentally weak German No. 3 "I respect and accept Mona's decision, but I can understand them not. I am proud that the other girls think differently." Rittner is cited. But what can you please not understand that? Fact in the German Fed Cup team is yet, the quartet consists among Rittner long from Kerber, Petkovic, Goerges and Grönefeld. And until a failure of the four injured, is where not even shaken, regardless of their actual performance. Logically enough, because at least three of the four players in the Fed Cup wired differently. And with Lisicki Rittner will have already negotiated what. Just imagine what would have happened if it were not for their proper consideration to the team also stayed away.

It is striking, therefore, that of all Lisicki had to give way for Barthel. Kerber and Görges that are set, explains the knockout collection of Melbourne. And Anna-Lena Groenefeld has - for whatever reason - a free pass. Sometimes you wonder, help whether this has actually still sporting reasons or whether Grönefeld perhaps of which all just most alcohol tolerate and thus highly praised the positive atmosphere in the team, which is led by Rittner and over again (and 2012, losing two earned), may.

Therefore Barthel knew exactly when she learned of her nomination, she has to thank for this is primarily the violation of Andrea Petkovic and not their own performance. And as a tennis professional Barthel has something to do better than playing the stopgap, especially after it was last year against Australia not considered at that time as the best German 2012th Given that played Kerber Petkovic, Goerges and equipped with the continuous subscription Grönefeld - Rittner just darlings.

Thanks for Barthel showed few days after the German descent in the same place, among others, to the dismantling of Marion Bartoli, the error Rittner had committed their non nomination. Since the child was, however, dropped out of the bottle. What she is now a year later, face the music, which you do not let them land in the soup? There are things that are far more important than a Fed Cup match against France B team. Or the Fed Cup at all. And the beautiful are now grappling the other.

DaMatz Feb 2nd, 2013 09:30 PM

Re: Mona Barthel News & Opinion
"I respect and accept Mona's decision, but I can understand them not" :help: :help:

I can understand Mona very much, and why does Rittner cannot do it...

Kerber Counter Feb 2nd, 2013 11:35 PM

Re: Mona Barthel News & Opinion

2.2.: Again a pretty good match frm me. Kiki played a great tournament, but today I served really well and played aggressive.

Tecumseh Feb 3rd, 2013 10:41 PM

Re: Mona Barthel News & Opinion
This is what Errani said about Mona and today's final:


"Mona serves so well, plays so well from the baseline and physically moves so well - I just couldn't beat her today," Errani said. "I usually like to have more time to place the ball where I want but I was on a limit today, particularly on my serve. I tried my best, but she was just unbeatable today."
If you read this the comments of Errani about Mona's TOP 10 chances don't appear shady anymore.

Tecumseh Feb 5th, 2013 08:12 AM

Re: Mona Barthel News & Opinion
A little interview after Mona's victory with (translated by google):

Barthel: "I did not expect it"

Smiling Mona Barthel not getting carried away after his triumph at the Open GDF Suez on Sunday. "I do not expect anything special from me," she says. An attitude that contrasts with the displayed great confidence on the court.

"Mona Barthel, 2013 is only the second season where you play exclusively on the WTA tour (before she progressed far on ITF tournaments, the" second division "). You expect you to win here?

No, I did not expect to win this tournament. I really enjoyed the matches one after the other. I was already happy to win my first round, then the second, and I found myself in the final against Sara Errani, the seeded one (smile). I knew it would be difficult, she managed an incredible year in 2012. He had to win this match, she did not give me anything. I had my chance and I took it.

It is always difficult to find, especially in a tournament of this category (WTA Premier) ...

Yes. I was leading a set and 5-2. I knew she would fight on every point and it would be difficult to end. I'm a little tense, it was my first final in a tournament of this magnitude but I really tried to play point by point and focus on my game I was happy to win the tiebreak but even if I lost, I kept all my chances. But hey, it was still better to go in straight sets (smile).

Win the title by beating two players in the Top 10 in passing (Marion Bartoli, Sara Errani) should give you some ideas ...

This is a great success. I made a very good start to the season with a half in Auckland, Hobart and a final title here in a month. I grew a lot, I'm more aggressive and I stored the confidence and experience. Last year, I could lose the final. I do not expect anything special from me. If I continue like this, I can do a good season but we never know what can happen ... It is not easy. I hope I did not hurt myself and keep going trying to be more relaxed. We'll see where it takes me.

Whatever your opponent, you never seem to hesitate on the court. Is this one of the keys to your success?

The hesitation you nowhere. I just believe in me, I think I can win the point and I focus on it. There is no secret. This is the most important. You go on the field and you believe in yourself, in your game, you think you can beat the player who is on the other side of the net. Last year, I did a lot of matches against great players and it gave me a lot of confidence. I know that if I'm on a good day, I can beat them. "

Tecumseh Feb 5th, 2013 09:45 AM

Re: Mona Barthel News & Opinion
An article from the french magazine (translated from french into english by google):

Mona Barthel reigns in Paris

Mona Barthel caused surprise by winning the Open GDF Suez to Pierre de Coubertin Stadium, winning in the final against Sara Errani 7-5, 7-6 (4).

It was the week of Mona Barthel Coubertin. Not only the German, 45th World dominated Sunday the two sets seeded number one in the final, but she had previously eliminated Marion Bartoli, another player listed among the top 10 worldwide. "When we arrived here, we did not expect that I won the tournament, she observes. But I took lap after lap, hoping each time. "

A change of coach pays off
In the final against Sara Errani, Mona Barthel was not intimidated by the fact that the Italian has managed to come back from 5-2 to 6-6. "I was a little nervous, she confesses. It was my first final in a tournament as big and she made things a little difficult at the end."In 22 years, the German played only his second season on the WTA Tour and is progressing at full speed. It is especially part of a recent change in his team, since it is driven by his mother, but by Jacek Szygowski: "It was time that I looked for a coach because it's nice to have a new look, she says. We met here for the first time. And for the first time, we can say that it works well!"

On the road to winning the second tournament in his career, Mona Barthel, also the executioner of Kristina Mladenovic in the semifinals. French girl has not blown least a nice breath of fresh air on the Paris tournament. Holds a wild card, hope 19 years worked his way up to the last square, beating the two players are among the top twenty worldwide. "With my team, we gradually built every day, said" Kiki ". Early in the season, I said that I wanted to finish the year in the top 50 and I dreamed of being in the top 20. If it continues like this, why not? "Retained by the new captain Amélie Mauresmo, Mladenovic is part of the team of France Fed Cup play Germany in Limoges, 9 and 10 February.

joy division Feb 5th, 2013 11:31 AM

Re: Mona Barthel News & Opinion

5.2.: Back in real life! This morning at 8:00 dentist appointment, 11:00 practice. Outside there is snow, afraid that the car (I still have no car, and still using the elderly smart roadster of my mother) starts in the cold. Lucky ...... The day today is in big contrast to the day before yesterday in Paris, playing in front of this super audience, the great atmosphere at the center court, winning such a big tennis tournament. Everything was so overwhelming. When I returned to my hotel room, a bottle champaign was waiting for me, a gift from the hotel management.....
:lol: That somehow is pretty typical for Mona.

crazillo Feb 5th, 2013 11:53 AM

Re: Mona Barthel News & Opinion
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Nice to hear something so personal from her. :)

Raiden Feb 5th, 2013 12:33 PM

Re: Mona Barthel News & Opinion

Originally Posted by joy division (Post 24074538)
:lol: That somehow is pretty typical for Mona.

But I like her mother's car taste (it's better than her on-court coaching sense :oh:

joy division Feb 5th, 2013 03:14 PM

Re: Mona Barthel News & Opinion
It`s actually nicer than the limousine but I think she has to open the sunroof for not to rick her neck in this soapbox.
So another coach and another car would be the best solution.;)

Raiden Feb 5th, 2013 05:11 PM

Re: Mona Barthel News & Opinion

Originally Posted by joy division (Post 24080314)
I think she has to open the sunroof for not to rick her neck...


Kerber Counter Feb 5th, 2013 05:45 PM

Re: Mona Barthel News & Opinion

Originally Posted by joy division (Post 24080314)
I think she has to open the sunroof for not to rick her neck


Tecumseh Feb 5th, 2013 06:56 PM

Re: Mona Barthel News & Opinion
This is what Laurie's Tennis Articles wrote about the final:

So, the final would be an intriguing clash of tennis philosophy and style of play. In the semifinals, Barthel was able to dispatch Mladenovic with some ease and Errani capitalised on Bertens’ retirement. The first few games of the final were very tight with both players feeling each other out; the pattern was established quite early, serve vs return of serve in traditional fashion. Barthel was getting to net at every opportunity, even throwing in the odd serve and volley, while Errani was continually serving to Barthel’s forehand on the deuce court, keeping her at bay for fear of being attacked by serving weak serves into Barthel’s hitting zone.

Barthel got the first break to serve for the set at 5-3 but got nervous and Errani came back as she so often does. However, after a tough service game at 5-5, Barthel broke Errani who was serving to stay in the set, and so claimed it 7-5. Errani held her serve from 0-40 down early in the 2nd set and was hanging on; Barthel was serving incredibly and hitting fantastic winners from the back and some great volley winners too. Errani tried to bring Barthel in with drop shots as well to test her movement, there were some fantastic rallies.

Barthel broke to serve for the match and again got nervous, allowing Errani back in, and after saving two match points took it to a tiebreak. As Frew McMillan said years ago, the player with the bigger serve usually wins the tiebreak and that proved to be the case again, Barthel winning it in convincing fashion to win the 2nd title of her career and acclaim from an appreciative crowd for both players.

Errani’s plan was to make Barthel hit as many shots as possible in long gruelling rallies. But Barthel’s serve was just too good and was able to keep the points short and attack the net whenever she could. The phrase that popped into my head is that Barthel serves like an assassin with clinical precision, so may returns go astray, ricochet into the tramlines, hit the net or land short for a midcourt put away, that is pretty rare in the womens game.

So, for the 2nd year in a row, I left the tournament feeling I’ve just seen a special talent who could go really far if she can maintain this level of consistency and continue to improve her movement and self-belief. Mona Barthel may not just be top 5 material but potential to be a major winner in the future as well.

mk27 Feb 5th, 2013 07:01 PM

Re: Mona Barthel News & Opinion

Barthel is hot German prospect

Big-hitting Mona Barthel is the latest strong prospect to roll off the German tennis production line, and the 22-year-old from Neumunster has wasted no time stamping down her mark for the year ahead.

Barthel clinched the biggest title win of her career at the weekend, beating the likes of Marion Bartoli and Sara Errani to lift the GDF Suez Open title in Paris despite entering the tournament unseeded.

As one of five German players ranked inside the world's top 100 - her latest win sees her leap to 28 in the world - Barthel is at the forefront of a strong tennis renaissance in her country.

The 6ft 1ins Barthel blasted Errani - who described her opponent as "unbeatable" - off the court and shrugged: "I wasn't expecting to win the title at all. I was just taking it round by round hoping to get through."

It may be premature to start talking of a future star in the mould of Steffi Graf, but Barthel has proved she has the power to cut it among the really big guns, even if she insists there is no secret formula in the German programme.

"I think it's a coincidence," said Barthel. "We all have our own coaches and we all do our own thing. There are always ups and downs. We have had really good players in the past, then not so many.

"Of course it helps that we see each other playing really well. I know (Julia) Goerges a lot, and I've known (Angelique) Kerber since we were little. If you see them playing well, it makes you think you can do it also."

Barthel's big leap came in 2011, when she improved from a ranking of 208 at the start of the year to 67, and is now beginning to firmly establish herself inside the world's top 50.

"I was always focusing on finishing school then I had more time to practice and play events," added Barthel.

"It's the normal process now. It's no secret. I have more experience, and I'm just working hard every day."

From the WTA-side:

Quotable Quotes: Mona On Self-Belief & More

Mona Barthel put her aggressive game on display throughout the week at the Open GDF SUEZ in Paris, and afterwards talked Sara Errani, self-belief, her tennis idol and more.

PARIS, France - Mona Barthel's victory at the Open GDF SUEZ not only represented her first Premier title, it may have also signalled something big to come - the 16 players who had won the tournament before her had all been ranked No.7 or higher at one point in their careers, and most of them had gone as high as Top 3. So what are the German's thoughts on the run? Here she is in her own words...

On playing Errani in the final...
"I was up a set and 5-2, but I got a little bit of nerves - I knew she's a real fighter, and it was my first final at such a big tournament. She made it hard for me. I just tried to take it step by step and point by point, and just kept playing my game. I knew she had to win the set to stay in the match, and even if she did, I'd still have a chance to win the match in the third set. Of course, I knew the third set would be more difficult, but I'd still have a chance. But I'm glad I won it in the tie-break of course!"

On her Top 10 wins over Bartoli and Errani being a turning point...
"To beat two Top 10 players in one week is a good effort, for sure. And not just this week, but I've had such a great start to the whole season - already one semifinal, one final and winning here. It's a pretty good first month. I've improved so much in my game and hope I can continue playing like this."

On self-belief...
"The most important thing is to go on the court and believe in yourself, believe you can beat the other player. Of course they're all such good players, but last year I had so many good matches against top players and it gave me a lot of confidence. I know I can play a good game. You just have to keep giving your best and you never know what will happen. Hesitation doesn't get you anywhere."

On her beginnings in tennis and her childhood idol...
"I started so early. My whole family was into tennis - my parents and my sister, too. I basically started playing tennis when I started walking. From that point it was always my dream to become a professional tennis player. My idol was Steffi Graf when I was growing up - she was from Germany, I liked the way she played, and she was so successful. I had the same racquet, the same clothes, the same everything as her. I haven't met her yet, but hopefully in the future I will get to meet her!"

On following in the footsteps of Kerber, who won Paris last year...
"That would be amazing - Angelique had such a great season last year, playing so many tournaments and doing so well in all of them, and beating so many good players. She has such a great game. It was great to win this tournament after she won it last year. I'm just trying to play tournament by tournament and we'll see. I just want to keep it up. Every tournament and every opponent is different."

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