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Rollo Jan 31st, 2013 06:00 PM

Testing an Idea for an Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players
Test of an idea from a suggestion by LKK




Cozens, Mrs Royston SEE AKHURST, DAPHNE



Rollo Jan 31st, 2013 06:28 PM

Re: Testing an Idea
LKK made the suggestion a couple weeks back about expanding the married names thread into something that mentions all the players.

The idea intrigues me. There are some real benefits.

1. We can include women who never married.

2. Names can be cross checked. Note that someone seeing "Mrs Cozens" would be told to "SEE AKHURST."

3. Links to a biographical thread or post can carry details and also post links.

4. This could be a way to resolve amongst ourselves questions on which name form to use when there is a question. For example, do we use "Rosie" or "Rosemary" Casals?

5. 1 or two pictures could be included in the bios, making this a sort of Encyclopedia of Women's tennis players.

6. This could be a method of recognizing research done. Note in the Akhurst bio I credited GeeTee with a quote. We have a lot of biographichal info from out contributors.

There might be downsides to this as well. The devil is always in the details.
Nothing is decided on this, so the floor is open.

What does everyone think?

If you like the idea what are your thoughts on a format?

LKK Feb 1st, 2013 08:27 AM

Re: Testing an Idea
Rollo, I see only advantages of this idea. You pointed out almost all important things about such a database, I can also add that:

- various threads, for example "Married names", "Names resolution", "Thread finder" etc. can merge into one, and in this way you can include all the info known (and also some queries) about players in one place - now all this seems to be divided between too many threads, and you never really know if your finding has already been posted on Blast before or not;

- you can also include players who married, but their maiden names remain unknown;

- you can inform people which players still need some additional research.

I think it should be some kind of a database friendly to those people who edit results on Blast, but don't need any detailed info at the moment. A database where names can be cross checked, also it would be a good idea if you could include DoB, married names, a career's span there, but if you add too much on the main pages, they can become unclear.

Those who want some deeper details can open a link below a particular player's name, just like you suggest - you can put there some trivia, pictures, links to other websites, a list of achievements etc., a short or a long biography, and you may edit it whenever you find something new.

Rollo Feb 8th, 2013 07:02 PM

Re: Testing an Idea for an Encyclopedia of Women Players
Okay, though LKK was the only response here in this thread I did get some feedback through PM's. Comments ran 3 to 1 in favor of the idea.

Here are some thoughts and challenges I can think of-any ideas are welcome!

01. LKK will head up this project. Thank you LKK:worship:

02. I will support him in making contributions as much as possible.

03. If we are sucessful this will dwarf anything we have previously done. However, it will be messy and there is no guarentee of success. It is prudent IMO to continue to maintain the Married Names Thread, which has a long history and ease of use.

Now for the first big challenge-what sort of format do we use?

Rollo Feb 9th, 2013 06:26 PM

Re: Testing an Idea for an Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players
Going off of LKK's idea of having more info up front than my example:


AKHURST, DAPHNE (Aus) [1903-1933] Mrs Cozens from Feb 1930. Active 1920s-30s.


Cozens, Mrs Royston (from Feb 1930) SEE AKHURST, DAPHNE


DESFOR, DIANE (US) [1955-] Active 1970-82.

Does one line make it look too messy? We should keep the initial entry down to as few lines as possible, since we would eventually have hundreds, if not thousands, of women.

Also, IMO a player should be listed under the name she is best known by, even if it is her married name.

Thus I would have

COURT, MARGARET (Aus) [1942-] nee Smith before Oct 1967. Active 1959-1977.

Smith, Margaret (Mrs Court from Oct 1967) SEE COURT, MARGARET

LKK Feb 10th, 2013 12:29 PM

Re: Testing an Idea for an Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players
Rollo, I've modified your templates a bit. I like your idea of using linear text, of course with women who married more than just once we cannot avoid filling a few verses. But I think we shouldn't cut existing info, otherwise a person who posts or edits results of tournaments will still need to visit additional places to identify a player.

I suggest to separate things using square brackets, the things below look quite tidy to me now , more like Encyclopedia entries - I chose some married players as my examples, and there's DD who hasn't been married yet, I also added another woman for whom we don't have too much info - in this way we can indicate that such a person existed, played competitive tennis and that we need more details about her.

AKHURST, Daphne Jessie (Australia) [22 April 1903-9 Jan 1933] [Mrs. Royston Stuckey Cozens from 26 Feb 1930] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Allerdice, Mrs.T. [SEE HANSELL, Ellen Forde]

AUSTIN, Joan Winifred (United Kingdom) [23 Jan 1903-2 April 1998] [Mrs. R. Lycett, 12 Feb 1925-8 Feb 1935; Mrs. F. R. Chiesman, 18 Sept 1936-???; Mrs. D. S. Jepson, 22 Dec 1948-???; Mrs. D. A. Baker from 1 March 1973] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Cassebeer, Mrs. C. F. T. [SEE KUTTROFF, Clara]

Chiesman, Mrs. F. R. (18 Sept 1936-before 22 Dec 1948) [SEE AUSTIN, Joan Winifred]

CLEMENTS, Elizabeth Evelyn "Betty" (United Kingdom) [12 Feb 1920- ] [Mrs. Raymond Hilton, 2 Sept 1942-???; Mrs. Andrew James Christopher Harrison, 19 June 1950-???; Mrs. Lesley Raymond Smart, from 19 Sept 1973] [Active 1930s-50s]

COYNE, Thelma Dorothy (Australia) [14 October 1918- ] [Mrs. Maurice Newton Long, 30 Jan 1941-1946 or 1947] [Active 1930s-1950s.]

Cozens, Mrs. R.S. (from 26 Feb 1930) [SEE AKHURST, Daphne Jessie]

DESFOR, Diane (United States) [15 June 1955- ] [Active 1970-82]

HANSELL, Ellen Forde (United States) [18 Sept 1869-11 May 1937] [Mrs. Taylor Allerdice] [Active 1890s]

Harrison, Mrs. A. J. C. (19 June 1950-???) [SEE CLEMENTS, Elizabeth Evelyn "Betty"]

Hilton, Mrs. R. (2 Sept 1942-???) [SEE CLEMENTS, Elizabeth Evelyn "Betty"]

Kriegs-Au, (Mrs.) Tila (Austria) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s] [SEE ???]

KUTTROFF, Clara (United States) [24 April 1882-28 Jan 1971] [Mrs. Charles Frederick Theodore Cassebeer] [Active 1910s-1920s]

Lewis, Mrs. M. P. (from 28 June 1941) [SEE MADDEN, Mercedes "Baba"]

Long, Mrs. M. N. (30 Jan 1941-1946/47?; divorced, but still played under her married name) [SEE COYNE, Thelma Dorothy]

Lycett, Mrs. R. (12 Feb 1925-8 Feb 1935) [SEE AUSTIN, Joan Winifred]

MADDEN, Mercedes "Baba" (United States) [1920- ] [Mrs. Morey Price Lewis, from 28 June 1941] [Active 1930s-1960s.]

I would be pleased to hear some comments from people interested in the history of female tennis :)

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