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CoryAnnAvants#1 Jan 18th, 2013 11:57 PM

Quality and affordable tennis clubs/academies worldwide?
I have an internet job that allows me to work remotely, so I spent a month this past September training for 3 or so hours per day at TK Sparta Praha in Prague. Since lessons in my hometown of NYC are absurdly expensive ($120-150/hour on average), the fact that lessons there were around $40/hr was pretty much a dream and they had great coaches/facilities. Plus a few WTA players walking around as well like Zakopalova.

Trying to find a similar situation for sometime later this year. Any recommendations for comparably priced academies for adults, ideally ones that also include accommodation and meals as part of the package? I'm hoping to find one that's in a city and not the suburbs/country so I can explore on the weekends, but open to suggestions. The Tennis Academy of Asia in Bangkok was one that popped up, and randomly enough, I found some great coaches when I lived in Portland (Oregon) and would be happy to go back. Open to almost any major city in the US or worldwide though :)

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