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Igorche Jan 12th, 2013 05:23 PM

Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open | Congrats to pedropt and goOudinUSA/digor


Playing Tipping is very easy. I will post the schedule and then you just tip who you think will win. To play, just type "in" and add a name of your partner.

e.g If the schedule was...
Errani/Vinci vs Hlavackova/Hradecka
Huber/Raymond vs Kirilenko/Petrova

This is how you would tip...

It is only main draw doubles matches.

If there's 1 point played in a match then the match counts (walkover or a pre-match retirement doesn´t count).

Pick for each match should be posted before the start of that match.

For the final match you will also need to guess how many games will be played. This will work as a tiebreaker.

Do NOT edit your post. If you want to change your picks do it in a new post. Edited posts will make all your picks invalid.

Also DO NOT make changes to your picks by quoting your previous post; this will make all of your changes invalid.


1. The player who guessed the winneing team.
2. The player who is closest in games guessed.
3. The player whose player posted the fastest in the final. If no one posted in the final, points from previous rounds are examined going backwards, until a clear advantage of one player is confirmed.


First Round = 1 point per correct tip.
Every additional round = one point more than for the previous, per correct tip.

Bonus points:

Grand slam (12 players and 6 teams)
1st: 400
2nd: 275
3rd/4th: 200
5th-8th: 120
9th-12th: 60

Igorche Jan 12th, 2013 05:24 PM

Re: Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open

ma re/Barktra
come on lena/Igorche
Cheda 16.17/Edy.

Free for doubles

Miracle Worker

Igorche Jan 12th, 2013 05:24 PM

Re: Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open
Final Scores

Please check your scores and if there are any mistakes let me know.

Igorche Jan 12th, 2013 05:24 PM

Re: Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open
OOP: Wednesday 23 January

A.Barty/C.Dellacqua vs. V.Lepchenko/S.Zheng
S.Errani/R.Vinci vs. E.Makarova/E.Vesnina

OOP: Tuesday 22 January

S.Errani/R.Vinci vs. S.Williams/V.Williams
A.Pavlyuchenkova/L.Safarova vs. A.Barty/C.Dellacqua
N.Llagostera Vives/J.Zheng vs. V.Lepchenko/S.Zheng

OOP: Monday 21 January

Women's Doubles - 3rd Round

V.Lepchenko/S.Zheng vs. K.Date-Krumm/A.Parra Santonja
N.Grandin/V.Uhlirova vs. A.Barty/C.Dellacqua
A.Pavlyuchenkova/L.Safarova vs. J.Jankovic/M.Lucic-Baroni
N.Llagostera Vives/J.Zheng vs. C.Black/A.Rodionova

Women's Doubles - Quarterfinals

E.Makarova/E.Vesnina vs. S.Soler-Espinosa/C.Suarez Navarro

OOP: Sunday 20 January

S.Errani/R.Vinci vs. S.W.Hsieh/S.Peng
S.Williams/V.Williams vs. N.Petrova/K.Srebotnik
S.Soler-Espinosa/C.Suarez Navarro vs. L.Huber/M.J.Martinez Sanchez
E.Makarova/E.Vesnina vs. I.C.Begu/M.Niculescu

OOP: Saturday 19 January

S.Williams/V.Williams vs. Vera Dushevina/O.Govortsova
C.Black/A.Rodionova vs. S.Aoyama/I.Falconi
J.Goerges/S.Stosur vs. V.Lepchenko/S.Zheng
A.Panova/G.Voskoboeva vs. I.C.Begu/M.Niculescu
D.Jurak/K.Marosi vs. N.Petrova/K.Srebotnik
J.Jankovic/M.Lucic-Baroni vs. A.L.Groenefeld/K.Peschke

OOP: Friday 18 January

A.Barty/C.Dellacqua vs. M.Kirilenko/L.Raymond
M.Johansson/P.Parmentier vs. S.W.Hsieh/S.Peng
E.Makarova/E.Vesnina vs. M.Minella/M.Moulton-Levy
K.Date-Krumm/A.Parra Santonja vs. A.Hlavackova/L.Hradecka
X.Han/Y.M.Zhou vs. L.Huber/M.J.Martinez Sanchez
S.Soler-Espinosa/C.Suarez Navarro vs. D.Cibulkova/K.Pervak
S.Errani/R.Vinci vs. J.Craybas/C.Scheepers
N.Llagostera Vives/J.Zheng vs. S.Kuznetsova/Y.Wickmayer
R.Kops-Jones/A.Spears vs. A.Pavlyuchenkova/L.Safarova
N.Grandin/V.Uhlirova vs. M.Czink/B.Jovanovski

OOP: Thursday 17 January

D.Hantuchova/A.Medina Garrigues vs. J.Goerges/S.Stosur
S.Williams/V.Williams vs. C.Giorgi/S.Voegele
M.Adamczak /S.Bengson vs. C.Black/A.Rodionova
A.Panova /G.Voskoboeva vs. M.Barthel/A.Cornet
M.Doi/A.Morita vs. L.Huber/M.J.Martinez Sanchez
E.Birnerova/R.Oprandi vs. I.C.Begu/M.Niculescu
K.C.Chang/Z.Yan vs. D.Cibulkova/K.Pervak
V.Lepchenko/S.Zheng vs. S.Cirstea /T.Paszek
M.Erakovic /H.Watson vs. A.L.Groenefeld/K.Peschke
E.Makarova/E.Vesnina vs. A.Amanmuradova/S.Foretz Gacon
B.Bobusic/J.Moore vs. N.Petrova/K.Srebotnik
V.Dushevina/O.Govortsova vs. N.Bratchikova/J.Husarova
R.Kops-Jones/A.Spears vs. K.Flipkens/M.Rybarikova
J.Jankovic/M.Lucic-Baroni vs. A.Rodionova/O.Rogowska
N.Llagostera Vives/J.Zheng vs. H.C.Chan/Y.J.Chan

OOP: Wednesday 16 January

K.Date-Krumm/A.Parra Santonja vs. L.Arruabarrena-Vecino/L.Dominguez Lino
B.Mattek-Sands/S.Mirza vs. S.Soler-Espinosa/C.Suarez Navarro
P.Hercog/F.Schiavone vs. A.Barty/C.Dellacqua
J.Gajdosova/K.Zakopalova vs. S.W.Hsieh/S.Peng
M.Czink/B.Jovanovski vs. S.Halep/A.Rus
E.Daniilidou/C.McHale vs. A.Hlavackova/L.Hradecka
R.Fujiwara/M.Jugic-Salkic vs. J.Craybas/C.Scheepers
M.Johansson/P.Parmentier vs. K.Bertens/T.Malek
S.Kuznetsova/Y.Wickmayer vs. A.Beck/L.Dekmeijere
A.Rosolska/T.Tanasugarn vs. M.Kirilenko/L.Raymond
N.Grandin/V.Uhlirova vs. V.Rajicic/S.Sanders
A.Kudryavtseva/S.Peer vs. D.Jurak/K.Marosi
S.Aoyama/I.Falconi vs. V.King/Y.Shvedova
S.Errani/R.Vinci vs. S.Arvidsson/J.Larsson
P.Martic/K.Mladenovic vs. M.Minella/M.Moulton-Levy
A.Klepac/A.Tatishvili vs. X.Han/Y.M.Zhou
A.Pavlyuchenkova/L.Safarova vs. T.Babos/L.Robson

Igorche Jan 12th, 2013 05:25 PM

Re: Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open
Commitments OPEN

ma re Jan 12th, 2013 05:46 PM

Re: Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open
131 Attachment(s)
In with Barktra

Drake1980 Jan 12th, 2013 06:18 PM

Re: Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open

Drake1980 Jan 12th, 2013 06:19 PM

Re: Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open
doubles anyone

Walsall Jan 12th, 2013 06:32 PM

Re: Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open

Originally Posted by Drake1980 (Post 22828321)
doubles anyone

In. Doubles w/Drake1980.

goOudinUSA Jan 12th, 2013 06:47 PM

Re: Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open
In. doubles anyone?

Drake1980 Jan 12th, 2013 06:56 PM

Re: Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open

Originally Posted by *Jean* (Post 22828793)
In. Doubles w/Drake1980.

confirmed :)

digor Jan 12th, 2013 07:25 PM

Re: Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open
Doubles with goOudinUSA. Confirmed!

Uranium Jan 12th, 2013 07:52 PM

Re: Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open
In. Doubles with tina110.

goOudinUSA Jan 12th, 2013 09:43 PM

Re: Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open

Originally Posted by digor (Post 22830865)
Doubles with goOudinUSA. Confirmed!

Confirm doubles with digor! :)

catgamer Jan 12th, 2013 09:46 PM

Re: Tipping Doubles #1 | Australian Open
315 Attachment(s)
In, doubles anyone?

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