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Elwin. Oct 31st, 2012 03:24 PM

Player of the month: March
Almost off season, so time for fun useless threads. Number of players in the poll depends on the results obv. Players with no wins in a month aren't mentioned

Let's vote for player of the month: good month from Kiki,Aran and Misa but the other players... :tape:

Kiki Bertens: W Irapuato 25K, W Bath 25K, Poza Rica 25K QF
Arantxa Rus: W Osprey 50K, Clearwater 25K QF, Miami QR2
Michaella Krajicek: Indian Wells R2 (Q), Miami R2 (lost 36/57 vs. Azarenka)
Bernice van de Velde: Le Havre 10K QF

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