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galadriel Feb 26th, 2012 04:01 PM

Miranda cannot post/Forum Problems
Miranda wrote me this mail "Miranda told me that she has problems with posting. Whenever she posts, a box will come out and ask her to type more than 2 characters, despite that she already did so. She said she has sent an e mail to the responsible person of the site to help. She wanted to tell posters who sent her PM or good rep that she can't respond."

because now i cannot even post, i can "reply" to a PM but then even though I typed something, but nothing came out in that PM. I fear that the posters will think I am arrogant for not replying anything to them.

So please help me, i don't know whats wrong?

Miranda Feb 27th, 2012 04:35 AM

Re: Miranda cannot post/Forum Problems
thank you gala for making this thread, strangely, i can post now with my office's computer, so i don't know if the problem lies with my home's computert :confused::confused:

but then i had this [font size=timeroman] words all throughout my PM to you problem even when i was using my office's computer 2 days ago :confused:

so i don'tg know whats going on, may be i gonna take my computer to my office's computer man to check :confused:

THANKS AGAIN, GALA , i am just too troublesome :tape: :kiss::hearts:

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