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Elwin. Dec 26th, 2011 09:50 PM

Predict the year end rankings (2012) of the following players
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With the '2012' season coming up. I thought it might be a fun idea, to predict the year end rankings of the followings girls.

Arantxa Rus [#80]:
Michaella Krajicek [#93]:
Bibiane Schoofs[#161]:
Kiki Bertens[#182]:
Richel Hogenkamp[#304]:
Lesley Kerkhove[#421]:
Angelique van der Meet[#436]:
Danielle Harmsen[#450]:
Nicolette van Uitert[#541]:
Lisanne van Riet[#549]:
Quirine Lemoine[#602]:
Elise Tamaela[#615]:

Elwin. Dec 26th, 2011 09:53 PM

Re: Predict the year end rankings (2012) of the following players
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I will start :lol:

Arantxa Rus [#80]: 80-100
Michaella Krajicek [#93]: 50-70
Bibiane Schoofs[#161]: 130-160
Kiki Bertens[#182]: 110-130
Richel Hogenkamp[#304]:190-230
Lesley Kerkhove[#421]:300-350
Angelique van der Meet[#436]: 330-360
Danielle Harmsen[#450]: 600-650
Nicolette van Uitert[#541]: 500-560
Lisanne van Riet[#549]: 400-440
Quirine Lemoine[#602]: 460-500
Elise Tamaela[#615]: 280-300

Andiyan Dec 27th, 2011 01:22 AM

Re: Predict the year end rankings (2012) of the following players
Rough job :unsure: :lol:

Agree on most predictions. Depends on quite a lot of factors though. Will they all play a full schedule?
Lemoine and Kerkhove both have way more potential than their current ranks. They should be able to rise about 200 and 300 spots respectively. I would be happy if Elise gets back to her old level but it will be a hard job. Besides that, Im just hoping that all girls steadily develop and rise on the ranks at least.

MarkNL Dec 27th, 2011 03:53 PM

Re: Predict the year end rankings (2012) of the following players
Arantxa Rus [#80]: 70-120 (She hasn't broken out of her slump completely and if she can't do so, she may well drop out of the top-100)
Michaella Krajicek [#93]: 40-60 (She'll progress to be a stable sub-top player and will participate more and more in WTA tournaments :D)
Bibiane Schoofs[#161]: 120-150 (If she keeps playing the way she does, she might even rise further)
Kiki Bertens[#182]: 110-130 (Same goes for Kiki)
Richel Hogenkamp[#304]: 190-230 (She is not consistent enough to make it to the far ends, but if she plays well she can crack the top-200)
Lesley Kerkhove[#421]: 270-320 (She has great potential)
Angelique van der Meet[#436]: 280-330 (She has done really well the last few weeks, making the MD's of 25k's and reaching the 2nd round)
Danielle Harmsen[#450]: 365-400 (Don't really know much about her, she is relatively old and I don't know if she has what it takes)
Nicolette van Uitert[#541]: 350-390 (She has done quite good the past weeks so if she continues like that she can rise)
Lisanne van Riet[#549]: 420-470 (Has had some surprise results and good wins, but I don't know if she can breakthrough)
Quirine Lemoine[#602]: 400-450 (Pushed Kiki to 3 sets at the KNLTB Masters and reached the final of the 10k in Stockholm, so definetely potential there)
Elise Tamaela[#615]: 430-460 (Hard to say, if she can return to form she can do well)

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