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Pseudosova Nov 3rd, 2011 08:12 AM

Favourite Straight Sets Win?
Another off-season poll. :lol:

A quick match is a good match. Sam is well-known for gritty 3-set matches but she sometimes surprises (and gives us collective relief) with clinical/dominating straight-sets wins. I did a bit of research to bring back some long-forgotten matches, like her upset win over then World No. 1 Safina at Miami in 2009. Then there are the famous beatdowns and the hard-fought tight sets. Which of these matches are your favourites? (Can pick multiple)


I will start by voting for old favourites - def Cirstea at RG 2009 and def Zvonareva at Charleston 2010.

Before beating Cirstea, Sam was a sometimes dangerous floater. Capable of a few upset wins over top players that's it. After that win, she started believing in her ability to go deep in Slams and play well on clay. And as the results started coming, everyone else began to see her as a legitimate contender for the top tier of players. She did ascend to the top 10 and won her 1st title soon after.

I never get tired of watching that Charleston final against Zvonareva. Such utter domination from start to end. Vera's racquet abuse simply adds to the overall entertainment value. :)

stromatolite Nov 3rd, 2011 08:52 AM

Re: Favourite Straight Sets Win?
You gave us an escape option by making this a multiple choice poll, and I was sorely tempted to use that option because boy it's hard to single out just 1 favorite. But I was firm with myself and chose her USO win against Serena as only answer. An obvious choice I know, but sometimes you have to go with the obvious. The image of her hammering that last forehand winner is permanently engraved in my memory, and is my all time favorite tennis moment. If I had mentioned more options, my second and third places would have gone to Vera at Charleston '10 and Maria at YEC '11.

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