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Rollo Oct 15th, 2010 05:41 PM

1925 results

Many finals in good date order. Results from Little's book on Lenglen need to be added.


Lenglen returned to Wimbledon triumph, winning her sixth title (and last). She lost 5 games in five matches and defeated Ryan, Goldsack, Beamish, McKane (last years champion by 60 60) and Fry. Before her Wimbledon title Lenglen wins the first French "Open" over McKane in the final, the championships were the first which was open to foreigners. Wills dominated in the USA winning 7 titles including the USA Championships defeating McKane in the final. Only Elizabeth Ryan defeated Wills during the year (final of Seabright). England returned to the USA to defend the Wightman Cup and won 4-3 due to McKane's win over Mallory and Lambert Chambers playing brilliantly to defeat Goss. Also Daphne Akhurst won her first Australian title (her name would adorn the trophy given to the womens Australian Champions now). This was also the first year Australian women conducted a private seperate tour of Europe and the USA.

Top 10 rankings by Wallis Myers of the Daily Mail

1 Suzanne Lenglen France
2 Helen Wills US
3 Kitty McKane England
4 Elizabeth Ryan US
5 Molla Bjurstedt Mallory US
6 Eleanor Goss US
7 Dorothea Douglass Chambers England
8 Joan Fry England
9 Marguerite Billout France
10 Marion Zinderstein Jessup US

Much of the orignal research and summary was first completed by Andrew Tas. Austinrunner has also made contrbutions to the results.

Mark Ryan has mined Ayres Almanac for this year. His original work may be found at:

Rollo Oct 15th, 2010 05:50 PM

Re: 1925 results
Dates unknown

Barcelona International, Spain (Clay)

FI: Marguerite Broquedis Billout (Frn) d. Yvonne Bourgeois (Frn) 7-5 4-6 6-3


Dieppe, France (Clay)

FI: Mme Derouen d. Y Rouard 6-3 6-4


Dinard, France (Clay)

FI: Suzanne Deve d. Mme de la Metrie 7-5 6-2

Bordighera, Italy (Clay)

FI: Dorothy Holman (GB) d. ??

Week of December 29-January 4

December 27-January 2 New Zealand Championships*, Auckland, New Zealand (Grass)
Venue: The Stanley Street Courts


1R: May Spiers-bye
1R: EM Ballantyne d DM Nicholls 6-2 6-2
1R: Myrtle Melody d EB Nutting 6-0 6-0
1R: Marjorie Macfarlane d E Miller 6-2 6-1
1R: M Colebrook d MB Campbell 6-2 4-6 6-4
1R: Jean McLaren d MC Cambell 6-2 6-3
1R: Beryl Knight-bye
1R: N Macormick d MJ Aitken 6-0 6-1

1R: Marion Macfarlane d JM Ramsay 6-4 6-3
1R: B Cotterill d B Frankham 6-1 6-2
1R: Nellie Lloyd (Aus) d DM Pagni 6-1 6-2
1R: Mrs AM Arneil d M Whitelaw 6-1 7-5
1R: Miss Ferrier d Witherow 6-1 6-2
1R: M Payton d Miss Mantell 6-0 6-0
1R: B Witherow d Miss Cato 6-0 5-7 6-0
1R: M Lawry d Miss Clarke 5-7 7-5 6-4

2R: McLaren d Marion Macfarlane 6-0 6-3
2R: Melody d Witherow 6-0 6-0
2R: Payton d Llotd 7-5 2-6 6-2
2R: Ballantyne d Speirs 6-4 7-5
2R: Knight d Mcormick 6-1 6-3

2R: Ferrier d Cotterill 6-0 7-5
2R: Arneil d Miss Lawry 8-6 6-0
2R: Marjorie Macfarlane d Colebrook 6-4 4-6 7-5

QF: Ballantyne d Ferrier 6-1 11-9
QF: McLaren d Knight 7-5 6-4
QF: Melody d Payten 6-4 1-6 6-1
QF: Macfarlane d Arneil 6-3 3-6 8-6

SF: ????
SF: ????

FI: Myrtle Melody d. Marjorie Macfarlane 6-3 3-6 7-5

Doubles (Draw=16)

1R: S Clark/M Peytom d May Spiers/ Y Ferrier 9-11 12-10 6-2
1R: J Maclaren/Myrtle Melody d M Major/ME Neilson 6-1 6-1
1R: Nicholls/Nutting d Crane/Good 6-4 6-3
1R: Knight/Lloyd (Aus) d Ballnatyne/Witherow 7-5 6-2
1R: M Caro/B Cotterill d Lawry/WM Worrill 6-4 4-6 9-7
1R: Macfarlane/Macfarlane d B Hitchings/N Whitelaw 6-0 6-2
1R: Mrs Marshall/Macormick d Mrs Arneil/Campbell 6-4 5-7 6-4
1R: Colebrook/Frankham d Kerr-Taylor/Ramsay 8-6 6-4

QF: Maclaren/Melody d Colebrook/Frankham 6-0 6-2
QF: Macfarlane/Macfarlane d Cato/Cotterill 6-3 9-7

Nicknamed "The wet championships", torrential rain delayed the opening day from Dec 26 to the 27th, and almost every day saw precipitation.

Defending champion Speirs is shocked early in the 2R. May often drove the ball wildly out, even when she had an open court.

The 50 game doubles match in the 1r was watched with considerable interest.

The Stanley Street Courts had 9 grass courts, with enlarged seating for 1,500.

Draw notes:

Papers also call the event the Dominion Championships.

Results taken from Papers Past. There is no error in listing two MC Campbells (from Whangerie)-were they twins or sisters? There are also two Miss Macfarlanes, Marjorie and Marion.

December 20-January ????, Cumberland County Championships, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Venue: Pratten Park, Ashfield.

1R: Mrs. Cooling d. Miss R. White 6-2 6-2
1R: Miss M. Mitchell d. Miss McInnes (sister of Coral McInnes) 6-1 6-0

2R: Coral McInnes d. Cooling 10-8 6-1

?R: Miss E. Hunt d. Mrs. A. Stokes 6-3 6-2
?R: Louie Bickerton d. Mrs. Gardyne 7-5 6-3
?R: Gladys Paterson Miss T. Helms 6-0 6-1
?R: Mary Elliott d. Miss J. Mackenzie 6-2 6-2
?R: Daphne Akhurst d. Miss I. Burns 6-2 6-4

?R: Bickerton versus Elliott

FI: Daphne Akhurst d. Marjorie Cox 9-7 7-5

DF: Marjorie Cox/Floris Saint-George d. Daphne Akhurst/M. Mitchell 6-1 1-6 6-1

MX: Daphne Akhurst/Jack Willard d. Majorie Cox/Leslie Baker 6-4 7-5

Draw note" Coral McIness later Mrs Buttsworth.

ends January 2 South Yarra Christmas Tournament. Melbourne, Australaia (Grass)
Venue: South Yarra LTC

FI: Esna Boyd d Ruth Stephens 6-3 6-0

DF: H Outhwaite/Dorothy Rendell d Esna Boyd/Mavis McIver 6-8 6-3 6-2

(Results from the Adelaide Register)

ended January 1, Metropolitan Championships, Adelaide, SA, Australia

FI: Kath Le Messurier d. Dorothy Weston 63 63

December 26-January 2 Western Australian Championships, Perth, Western Australia, Australia (Grass)

FI: Ida Wedin d. Miss Whitfield 6-4 6-0

DF: Miss McDougall/Mrs Wood d. Miss Barker/Ida Wedin 6-2 3-6 6-2

MX: Miss McDougall/Mr Ewing d. Mrs Wood/Mr Mills 8-6 6-4

December 29, 1924-January 4, 1925, Beau Site New Year Meeting, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Beau Site Hotel

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. M Tripp (GB) 6-2 6-4


1R: Suzanne Lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan d L Hall/Mrs Wentworth Smith 6-0 6-2

QF: d Agnes Hillyard/Cosette St Omer Roy 6-0 6-0

SF: d Eileen Bennett (GB)/Phyllis French 6-0 6-0

FI: Suzanne Lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Mrs C Neville Smith (GB)/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) 6-0 6-2

MX: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Henry Mayes (Can)/ d. Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB)/Keats Lester (GB) 6-0 6-2

This was Suzanne Lenglen first event since Wimbledon in 1924. She limited herself to doubles in 9 of her 11 Riviera events, playing singles only at her home club in Nice.

December 24-1924 - January 5, Coupe de Noel, Sporting Club de Paris, Paris, France (Wood)

FI: Jeanne Vaussard d. Nicole Desclercs 6-2 6-3

DF: Marie Conquet/Suzanne Deve d. Germaine Golding/Jeanne Vaussard 7-5 6-4

MX: Jean Borotra/Marguerite Billout d. Paul Feret/Suzanne Deve 6-2 6-2

Rollo Oct 15th, 2010 05:56 PM

Re: 1925 results
Week of January 5-11

January 5-11, Carlton Club New Year Meeting, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Carlton Club

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Betty Crundall-Punnett (GB) 6-2 6-3


1R: Suzanne Lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan (UW) d S Roderick/KM Scott 6-0 6-0

QF: Lenglen/Ryan d A Mallet/Mme Taunay 6-0 6-0

SF: Lenglen/Ryan d M Ashby/Madeline O'Neill 6-1 6-0

FI: Suzanne Lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Mrs C Neville Smith (GB)/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) 6-0 6-1

Mixed Doubles

1R: Suzanne Lenglen/Henry Mayes (Can) d. Phyllis French (GB)/PRR Harditch 6-1 6-2

2R: Lenglen/Mayes d Agnes Hillyard (GB)/Brame Hillyard (GB) 6-0 6-0

QF: Lenglen/Mayes d Pat Grogan/FA Ward 6-2 6-0

SF: Lenglen/Mayes d M Tripp/Charles Aesliman (Swt) 6-3 6-2

FI: Suzanne Lenglen/Henry Mayes (Can) d. Elizabeth Ryan/Keats Lester (GB) 4-6 6-2 6-0

Draw note:

Pat Grogan=Mrs CW Grogan.

Rollo Oct 15th, 2010 05:57 PM

Re: 1925 results
Week of January 12-18

January 12-18, Cannes Tournament, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Cannes Lawn Tennis Club

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Leslie Aeschliman (Swz) 6-3 6-3

MX: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Roosevelt Scovel (GB) d. Miss Delia/Henry Mayes (Can) 6-4 6-1

January 12-18, Nice First Meeting, Nice, France (Clay)
Venue: Parc Imperial

FI: Suzanne Lenglen d. J Franke 6-0 6-0

DF: Suzanne Lenglen/Miss P du Cros d. N de Casabianca/J Martin 6-0 6-2

January 12-18, Hyeres, France (Clay)

FI: Cosette Saint-Omer Roy d. C Garfit 6-3 6-1

MX: Mme Latty/Mr Jaureguiberry d. Miss Parkinson/G Hull default

Jan ???? Monegasque Champs Monaco

Won by Lili de Alvarez

Where??? Mark does not have this in his results. Could this be an event the week of January 12-18?? Andrew Tas had this result.

Rollo Oct 15th, 2010 05:58 PM

Re: 1925 results
Week of January 19-25

January 19-25, Gallia Club Tournament, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Gallia Club

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Geraldine Beamish (GB) 8-6 6-3


1R: Suzanne Lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d Leslie Aeschliman (Swt)/Phyllis French (GB) 6-1 6-0

QF: Lenglen/Ryan d Pat Grogan and partner default

SF: Lenglen/Ryan d Eileen Bennett/Mrs C Neville Smith 6-0 6-1

FI: Geraldine Beamish (GB)/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) d. Suzanne Lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan (US) default

MX: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Charles Aeschliman (Swt) d. Geraldine Beamish (GB)/Roosevelt Scovel (GB) 5-7 6-2 6-2

An indisposed Suzanne Lenglen was unable to take part in the doubles final.

Rollo Oct 15th, 2010 06:00 PM

Re: 1925 results

Dates: January 24-30
Site: Rushcutter's Bay, Sydney
Surface: Grass

Singles (Draw=26)

1st Round

Daphne Akhurst [2]-bye
Muff Wilson d. Mrs Ross Wilkens 6-2 5-7 6-4
Louie Bickerton d. Mrs M Grant 7-5 6-0
Jessie Watson d. Grace Paterson 9-7 7-5
Pattie Meaney d. Kath Le Messurier [4] 4-6 6-4 9-7
Mackie d. Coral Buttsworth default
Minnie Richardson [6]-bye
Mrs GB Stephens- bye

Marjorie Cox [5] d. Ula Valkenburg 6-2 6-0
Flora Cameron d. Doris Smith 6-2 6-4
Esna Boyd [3] d. Floris St. George 6-2 6-0
Dorothy Weston d. R White 6-1 6-2
Margaret Knoblanche d. Marjorie Cox default
Edith Freudenstein-bye
Iris Woodd-bye
Sylvia Harper [1]-bye

2nd Round

Akhurst [2] d. Wilson 6-4 4-6 6-2
Watson d. Bickerton 6-4 5-7 6-3
Meaney d. Mackie 6-4 5-7 6-3
Richardson [6] d. Stevens 6-4 8-6

Cox [5] d. Cameron 6-3 6-8 6-2
Boyd [3] d. Weston 6-1 6-3
Knoblanche d. Freudenstein 6-2 6-4
Harper [1] d. Wood 6-1 6-1


Akhurst [2] d. Watson 6-1 6-4
Richardson [6] d. Meaney 6-4 1-6 6-2
Boyd [3] d. Cox [5] 4-6 6-0 9-7
Harper [1] d. Knoblanche 6-1 6-1


Akhurst [2] d. Richardson [6] 6-1 6-2
Boyd [3] d. Harper [1] 6-2 6-3

Daphne Akhurst [2] d. Esna Boyd [3] 1-6 8-6 6-4

Doubles (Draw=19)

1st Round

Anna Doyle/Phyllis Lester d. Evans/Margaret Knoblanche 6-2 6-4
Docker/Jessie Watson d. Mary Cooling/Mrs GB Stephens 6-2 6-2
Muff Wilson/Iris Woodd d. D Mackie/Ula Valkenburg 6-2 6-8 6-4

2nd Round

Daphne Akhurst/Sylvia Harper [1] d. Doyle/Lester 6-4 6-1
Edith Butcherine/Dot Weston d. ???? default
Louie Bickerton/Grace Paterson d. R White/Gwenyth Waterhouse 6-2 9-7
Marjorie Cox/Floris St. George [3] d. Minnie Richardson/Adeline Wilkens 6-3 6-1

Esna Boyd/Kath Le Messurier [2] d. Minnie Goodman/Nion Kenyon 6-3 6-4
Mrs Harper/M Holt d. Coral Buttsworth/O'Connor default
Pattie Meaney/Millie Mitchell [4] d. Flora Cameron/Nancy Fitzhardinge 7-5 7-9 6-3
Docker/Watson d. Wilson/Wood 6-3 9-7


Akhurst/Harper [1] d. Butcherine/Weston 6-2 6-1
Cox/St. George [3] d. Bickerton/Paterson 6-4 6-4
Boyd/Le Messurier [2] d. Harper/Holt 6-3 6-2
Meaney/Mitchell [4] d. Docker/Watson 6-4 6-2


Akhurst/Harper [1] d. Cox/St. George [3] 7-5 6-3
Boyd/Le Messurier [2] d. Meaney/Mitchell [4] 6-4 8-6

Daphne Akhurst/Sylvia Harper [1] d. Esna Boyd/Kath Le Messurier [2] 6-4 6-3

Mixed Doubles (Draw=16)

1st Round

Daphne Akhurst/John Willard [1] d. Phyllis Lester/Norman McDougall 8-6 6-3
Pattie Meaney/Aubrey Willard d. Ula Valkenburg/Walter Medcalf 6-4 6-2
Esna Boyd/Gar Hone [3] d. R White/Frank Blaxland 6-4 6-1
Louie Bickerton/Frank Peach d. Grace Paterson/Henry Marsh 7-5 6-3

Kath Le Messurier/Les Baker [4] d. Muff Wilson/Bob Spencer 6-1 12-10
Flora Cameron/George Crouch d. Dot Weston/Henry Morris Smith 6-3 6-3
Marjorie Cox/Rupert Wertheim d. Minnie Richardson/Robert Berriman 6-2 4-6 6-2
Sylvia Harper/Bob Schlesinger [2] d. Floris St. George/Francis Kalms 6-2 6-4


Akhurst/Willard [1] d. Meaney/Willard 8-6 7-5
Boyd/Hone [3] d. Bickerton/Peach 6-2 6-4
Le Messurier/Baker [4] d. Cameron/Crouch 6-3 6-3
Harper/Schlesinger [2] d. Cox/Wertheim 6-1 6-4

Akhurst/Willard [1] d. Boyd/Hone [3] 6-3 3-6 6-2
Harper/Schlesinger [2] d. Le Messurier/Baker [4] 6-4 6-3

Daphne Akhurst/John Willard [1] d. Sylvia Harper/Bob Schlesinger [2] 6-4 6-4

Draw notes:

The Mrs Harper who partners M Holt in the doubles is not Sylvia Lance Harper, who partners Akhurst.
Sylvia Lance has married since last year's event, She is now Mrs RR Harper.

Akhurst won her 1st Australasian title at the age of 21. She struggled past Wilson in an early round, a rival from her school days but her fitness, speed around the court, hard and low hitting as well as willingness to attack the net earned her an easy passage to the final after that. Esne Boyd struggled in her quarterfinal against Marjorie Cox (later to become Mrs. Jack Crawford) falling behind 3-5 in the 3rd, but winning the final set 9-7. Boyd then handled Sylvia Harper's (Lance) cut shots with ease in the semis, 6-2 6-3 to face Akhurst in the final.

Boyd's game plan was clear from the first point, to attack at all costs. She did it brilliantly in the first set, hitting deep to the corners and coming to the net to smash away Akhurst's lobs. 6-1 to Boyd. She relaxed ever so slightly in the 2nd and Akhurst's superior strength, technique and in the end of a close set, her temperament gave her an 8-6 advantage to level the match.

A tiring Boyd fought hard to reach 4-1 in the decider, but Akhurst steadied and took the final five games.

In an early round match Meaney upset Le Messurier. Kath recovered from 1-4 down in the final set and had a match point, but Meaney's ball, carried by the wind, hit smack on the line.

Notes courtesy of Louloubelle


Seeds courtesy of Gee Tee
Sydney Morning Herald

Rollo Oct 15th, 2010 06:02 PM

Re: 1925 results
Week of January 26-February 1

January 26-February 3, Metropole Club Second Meeting,Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Metropole Club

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Geraldine Beamish (GB) 7-5 6-3

DF: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Diddie Vlasto d. Geraldine Beamish (GB)/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) 6-2 6-3

MX: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Lord George Cholmondeley d. Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB)/Charles Aeschliman(Swt) 6-4 7-5

January 31-February 8, French Covered Courts, Paris
Venue: Tennis Club de Paris

FI: Marguerite Billout d. Marie Conquet 4-6 6-2 6-1

DF: Marguerite Billout/Yvonne Bourgeois d. Germaine Pigueron/N Desclercs 6-2 6-1

MX: Marguerite Billout/Jean Borotra d. Yvonne Bourgeois/Rene Lacoste 8-6 6-1

*also listed in Oct, but Feb is the traditional date.

Rollo Oct 15th, 2010 06:17 PM

Re: 1925 results
Week of February 2-8

February 2-7, Heights Casino Invitational, Brooklyn, USA (Indoors on Wood)

FI: Molla Mallory d. Elizabeth Corbiere 7-5 6-2

DF: Elizabeth Corbiere/Mrs William Endicott d. Martha Bayard/Marie Wagner 6-4 6-1

Elizabeth (nee Barner) Corbiere is always referred to as "Mrs J Dallas Corbiere" or Mrs JD Corbiere".

February 2-8, Nice Second Meeting, Nice, France (Clay)
Venue: Parc Imperial

1R: Suzanne Lenglen d Mrs Bramley Moore 6-0 6-0

2R: Lenglen d Nancy Radcliffe-Platt (GB) 6-0 6-0

QF: Lenglen d J Franke 6-1 6-0

SF: Lenglen d Eileen Bennett (GB) 6-0 6-0

FI: Suzanne Lenglen d. M. Tripp (GB) 6-0 6-1


1R: Suzanne Lenglen/Diddie Vlasto d Mrs Bramley Moore/Mme de Junca 6-0 6-0

QF: Lenglen/Vlasto d Phylis Ratcliffe (GB)/Nancy Radcliffe-Platt (GB) 6-0 6-2

SF; Lenglen/Vlasto d Eileen Bennett (GB)/Dorothea Lambert Chambers (GB) 6-3 6-0

FI: Suzanne Lenglen/Diddie Vlasto d. Geraldine Beamish (GB)/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) 6-3 6-1

MX: Umberto de Morpurgo (Ity)/Suzanne Lenglen d. Dorothea Lambert Chambers (GB)/Ernest T Lamb (GB) 6-1 6-0

Rollo Oct 15th, 2010 06:19 PM

Re: 1925 results
Week of February 9-15

February 9-15, Carlton Club Second Meeting, , Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Carlton Club

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Geraldine Beamish (GB) 6-3 7-5


1R: Suzanne Lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan (US)-bye

2R: Lenglen/Ryan d Mrs WH Day/VM Richardson 6-0 6-0

QF: Lenglen/Ryan d Mrs CW Grogan/Madeline O'Neill 6-0 6-0

SF: Lenglen/Ryan d Mrs AA Hall/M Tripp 6-0 6-0

FI: Suzanne Lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Dorothea Lambert Chambers (GB)/Ermyntrude Harvey (GB) 6-0 6-2

MX: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Charles Aeschlimann (Swt) d. Dorothea Lambert Chambers (GB)/Ernest T. Lamb (GB) default

Circa mid-February, All-India Championships, Allahabad, India (Grass?)

FI: Mrs McKenna d. Mrs Berthoud 6-2 6-4

DF: Mrs Leigh/Mrs McKenna d. Mrs Hasler/Mrs O'Neill 2-6 6-4 8-6

MX: Mrs DM Evans/DM Evans d. E Sandison/J Robson 6-4 6-4

What relation, if any, is E Sandison to Jenny Sandison?

Rollo Oct 15th, 2010 06:21 PM

Re: 1925 results
Week of February 16-22

Circa February 7-21, Northern Suburbs Championships, Killara, New South Wales, Australia

DF: Mrs Fuller/Mrs Lester d. Mrs Docker/Miss Watson 6-1 9-7

There was probably still no women's singles event at this tournament at this point in time.

February 16-22, Beaulieu, France (Clay)
Venue: Bristol Hotel

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Geraldine Beamish (GB) 6-0 6-1


1R: Suzanne Lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d P Bainbridge/S Curtis 6-0 6-0

2R: Lenglen/Ryan d M Towler/MA Wright 6-1 6-0

QF: Lenglen/Ryan d EM Green/MC Marshall 6-2 6-0

SF: Lenglen/Ryan d Eileen Bennett/Joan Lycett 6-1 6-0

FI: Suzanne Lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Dorothea Lambert Chambers (GB)/Ermyntrude Harvey (GB) 6-1 6-1

MX: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Henry Mayes (Can) d. Geraldine Beamish (GB)/Roosevelt Scovel (GB) 6-1 6-3

Scovel usually listed as FR Scovel.

Rollo Oct 15th, 2010 06:24 PM

Re: 1925 results
Week of February 23-March 1

February 23-28, Bermuda Championships, Hamilton, Bermuda (Grass?)

FI: Mary McIlquham (GB) d. Joan Reid-Thomas (GB) 6-2 6-0

DF: Doris Craddock (GB)/Mary McIlquham (GB) d. Ermyntrude Harvey (GB)/Gladys Hutchings 9-7 6-2

MX: Joan Reid-Thomas (GB)/A Berger d. Mary McIlquham (GB)/Edward Higgs (GB) 4-6 6-4 6-4

Reid Thomas is later Mrs Strawson.

February 23-29, Monte Carlo Championships, La Festa, Monte Carlo, Monaco

SF: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Diddie Vlasto 6-2 6-2
SF: Geraldine Beamish (GB) d. Cristobel Hardie (GB) 6-1 6-0

FI: Not played because of bad weather.


1R: Dorothea Lambert Chambers/Suzanne Lengklen d M Lees/MC Marshall 6-0 6-0

2R: Chambers/Lenglen d E Connell/Maud Rosembaum 6-0 6-0

QF: Chambers/Lenglen d Mrs Fernan/K Still default
QF: M Blake/Cristobel Hardie vs Eileen Bennett/Lady Domini Crosfield not played due to rain.

SF: not played due to rain.

The doubles was abandoned at the QF/SF stages due to rain.

The doubles and mixed doubles events were abandoned before the final stage.

February 24-29, Women's Metropolitan Indoor Championships, New York, USA (Indoors on Wood)
Venue: Seventh Regiment Armory

FI: Edna Hauselt-Roeser d. Alice Francis 6-2 6-2

DF: Nora Schmitz/Marie Wagner d. Edna Hauselt-Roeser/Adelaide Stuart-Green 8-6 6-3

Adelaide (nee Browning) listed as Mrs Homer Stuart-Green

Date? Danish Covered Court Championships, Copenhagen, Denmark (Indoors on Wood)

FI: Mrs Laud d. [????]

D: No women's doubles event was held at this tournament this year.

MX: Germaine Golding (Frn)/Einar Bache d. [????]

Date? Finnish Covered Court Championships, Helsinki, Finland (Indoors on Wood)

FI: Wera Voss-Schrader d. [????]

D: The first women's doubles event was held at this tournament in 1927.

MX: Wera Voss-Schrader/Arne Grahn d. [????]

Rollo Oct 16th, 2010 04:05 PM

Re: 1925 results
Week of March 2-8

March 2-6, Florida State Championships, Palm Beach, Florida, USA (Clay)

FI: Molla Mallory d. Julie Stenz 6-4 7-5

March 2-8, Riviera Championships, Menton, France (Clay)

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Honor Woolrych (GB) 3-6 6-0 6-2


1R: Suzanne lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan (US)-bye

2R: Lenglen/Ryan d K Hoyle/K Vereker 6-0 6-0

3R: Lenglen/Ryan d K Houghton/VB Southam 6-0 6-1

QF: Lenglen/Ryan d Joan Lycett/Joan Ridley 6-0 6-1

SF: Lenglen/Ryan d Dorothea Lambert Chambers/Ermyntrude Harvey 6-0 6-1

FI: Suzanne Lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Geraldine Beamish (GB)/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) 6-0 6-1

MX: Randolph Lycett (GB)/Joan Lycett (GB) d. Gordon Lowe (GB)/Elizabeth Ryan (US) 2-6 6-3 6-4

Invitational international mixed doubles event

1R: Suzanne Lenglen/Rene Lacoste d Gwen Utz (Aus)/Harold Utz (Aus) 6-0 6-1

SF: Lenglen/Lacoste d Joan Lycett (Aus)/Randolph Lycett (Aus) 6-2 6-2

FI: Rene Lacoste/Suzanne Lenglen d. Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Roosevelt Scovel (GB)* 6-3 6-3

Was this event for pairs only from the same nation? If so it suggests FR Scovel may be American rather than British, unless Ryan was counted as a Brit.

Rollo Oct 16th, 2010 04:06 PM

Re: 1925 results
Week of March 9-15

March 6-14, MCC Autumn Tournament, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

FI: Sylvia Harper d. Esna Boyd 6-2 6-3

DF: Esna Boyd/Sylvia Harper d. Meryl O'Hara Wood/Gertrude Todd default

MX: Garton M. Hone/Sylvia Harper d. Frank Kalms/Gertrude Todd 6-4 6-2

Todd is the married name of Gertrude Newbigging.

March 9-15, South of France Championships, Nice, France (Clay)
Venue: Parc Imperial

1R: Suzanne Lenglen d bye

2R: Lenglen d I Maltby 6-1 6-0

3R: Lenglen d Cristobel Hardie 6-1 6-2

QF: Lenglen d Honor Woolrych 1-0 retired

SF: Lenglen d. Diddie Vlasto 6-2 6-0
SF: Ermyntrude Harvey (GB) d. Gwendoline Utz (Aus) 6-2 6-1

FI: Suzanne Lenglen d. Ermyntrude Harvey (GB) default


1R: Suzanne Lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d Miss Higinbotham/Miss de Jongh 6-0 6-0

QF: Lenglen/Ryan d G de Nicot/Miss Somerfelt 6-0 6-0

SF: Lenglen/Ryan d Ermyntrude Harvey/Joan Lycett default

FI: Suzanne Lenglen/ Elizabeth Ryan (US) d Geraldine Beamish (GB)/Diddie Vlasto 6-1 6-2

Mixed Doubles

SF: Suzanne Lenglen/Charles Aeschlimann (Swt) d. d Diddie Vlasto/Umberto Murpurgo 6-1 5-7 6-1

FI: Suzanne Lenglen/Charles Aeschlimann (Swt) d. Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Randolph Lycett (Aus) 6-1 6-3

Ryan withdraws from the singles-prompting many to speculate she is doing Lenglen a favor. Many fans boycott Nice in protest. Diddie wins the first two games in the semi before fading. Harvey runs a fever and pulls out of the final.

Rollo Oct 16th, 2010 04:07 PM

Re: 1925 results
Week of March 16-22

March 16-21, United States Indoor Championships, Chestnut Hill, Boston, USA (Indoors on Wood)

FI: Marion Jessup d. Anna Fuller 6-3 7-5

DF: Elizabeth Corbiere/Mrs W. Endicott d. Martha Bayard/Katharine Gardner 8-6 6-4

MX: Marion Jessup/Karl S. Pfaffman d. Isabella Mumford/James E. Davis 4-6 7-5 7-5

March 16-22, Cote d'Azur Champsionsips, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Cannes Club

FI: Lili de Alvarez (Sp) d. Cristobel Hardie (GB) 6-0 6-2


1R: Suzanne lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d D Cowan/C De Fonvillars 6-2 6-0

2R: Lenglen/Ryan d Lady Domini Crosfield/Cristobel Hardie 6-3 6-1

QF: Lenglen/Ryan d Gwen Utz/Mrs A Slazenger 6-0 6-2

SF: Lenglen/Ryan d Mrs D Coleman/Mrs EB Morris 6-0 6-1

FI: Suzanne Lenglen/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Geraldine Beamish (GB)/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) 6-1 7-5

Mixed Doubles

SF: Suzanne Lenglen/Charles Aeschlimann (Swt) d d Phyllis Satterwaite (GB)/GR Sherwell 6-0 6-4

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Count Umberto de Morpurgo (Ity) d. Suzanne Lenglen/Charles Aeschlimann (Swt) 6-3 6-3

Rollo Oct 16th, 2010 04:07 PM

Re: 1925 results
Week of March 23-29

March 23-28, South Australian Championships, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia (Grass)

FI: Esna Boyd d. Meryl O'Hara Wood 4-6 6-2 6-3

DF: Esna Boyd/Meryl O'Hara Wood d. Helen Outhwaite/Gladys Toyne 6-3 6-3

MX: Kath Le Mesurier/ R. Schlesinger d. Esna Boyd/Gar Hone 6-4 6-1

March 23-28, South Atlantic Tournament, Augusta, Georgia, USA

FI: Theodora Sohst d. Clare Cassel 6-0 1-6 6-3

MX: Clare Cassel/Takeichi Harada (Jpn) d.Theodora Sohst/ S. Howard Voshell 5-7 6-2 6-1

March 23-29, Cannes Championships, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Beau Site Hotel

Due to bad weather, this tournament was abandoned at a very early stage.

Elizabeth Ryan and Suzanne Leglen were to partner in doubles, but never played a match due to weather.

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