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ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 10:33 AM

Thread 1975
This Is A New Thread From 1975 Results
All Results Are Welcome
I Have World Tennis Magazines And Tennis World Mag

ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 10:41 AM

Re: Thread 1975
Virginia Slims Of San Francisco January 6-12 Indoor 75 K

1 Round
Evert Chris D Bentzer Ingrid 6/2-6/1
Overton Wendy D Latham Kate 7/5-6/4
Louie Marcie D Simionescu Mariana 6/2-6/0
Stap Sue D Ziegenfuss Valerie 5/7-6/0-6/4
Hunt Lesley D Giscafre Raquel 6/1-6/2
Gunter Richey Nancy D Hogan Patti 6/2-6/1
Casals Rosemary D Meyer Carrie 5/7-6/3-6/2
Navratilova Martina D Mehmedbasich Sue 6/1-6/3
Wade Virginia D Ruzici Virginia 6/2-6/2
Tenney Robin D Stove Betty 6/7-6/2-6/3
Teeguarden Pam D Shaw Kristien Kemmer 6/4-6/2
Heldman Julie D Ganz Donna 6/3-6/0
Zwaan Tine D Jausovec Mima 6/3-2/6-6/1
Durr Francoise D Downs Barbara 6/4-3/6-6/2
Kuykendall Kathy D Kiyomura Ann 6/1-7/6
King Billie Jean D Stuart Betty Ann 6/3-6/4

ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 10:46 AM

Re: Thread 1975
2 Round
Evert Chris D Overton 6/1-6/0
Stap Sue D Louie M 6/2-6/0
Gunter Richey D Hunt 6/1-6/3
Navratilova D Casals 1/6-7/5-7/6
Wade D Tenney Robin 6/3-6/1
Heldman D Teeguarden 6/3-6/4
Durr D Zwaan 6/1-6/1
King Bj D Kuykendall 6/2-7/6

Evert Chris D Stap Sue 6/1-6/0
Navratilova D Gunter Richey 6/3-6/2
Wade D Heldman 6/2-6/4
King Bj D Durr 3/6-6/3-6/2

Evert Chris D Navratilova 6/4-6/3
King Bj D Wade 7/6-6/1

Evert Chris D King Billie Jean 6/1-6/1

King-evert D Wade-casals 6/2-7/5

ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 11:15 AM

Re: Thread 1975
The Pacific Coast Indoor Championships Portland Ends January 12

1 Round
Jackson Hedy D Pegel Madeleine 7/5-3/6-6/2
Redondo Marita D Antonopolis Lea 6/3-4/6-6/1
Laduke Hillary D Champagne Pam Richmond 4/6-6/2-7/6
Stratton Jane D Sato Naoko 6/4-6/1
Moore Sally D Ornstein Nancy 5/7-6/4-6/3
Mihai Florenta D Schwikert Jill 7/5-6/2
Graebner Carole D Dahlgren Heather 6/4-4/6-6/3
Bruning Anne D Ching Ling Chang 6/3-6/3
Austin Pam D Paish Wendy 6/4-6/3
Schwikert Joy D Sparre Halle 6/3-6/1
Beaven Lindsay D Wikstedt Mimi 6/1-6/3
Bostrom Pat D Carey Michelle 6/3-5/7-6/1

ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 11:18 AM

Re: Thread 1975
2 Round
Hopps Adkinson Janet D Jackson Hedy 6/2-6/2
Redondo D Laduke 6/4-6/1
Stratton D Stark Roberta 6/1-4/6-6/4
Struthers Mary D Moore Sally 6/2-6/1
Rupert Linda D Mihai 6/1-6/2
Bruning Anne D Graebner 7/6-6/4
Schwikert Joy D Austin Pam 6/7-6/4-6/0
Bostrom D Beaven 4/6-6/4-6/2

ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 11:21 AM

Re: Thread 1975
Redondo D Hopps Adkinson 6/4-6/2
Stratton D Struthers 6/3-6/4
Bruning D Rupert Linda 6/4-0/6-6/1
Schwikert Joy D Bostrom 6/4-6/2

Stratton D Redondo 6/1-6/1
Bruning D Schwikert Joy 6/2-6/3

Stratton Jane D Bruning Anne 6/3-2/6-7/6

Schwikert Jill And Joy D Hopps Adkinson-stratton 6/4-6/4

ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 11:58 AM

Re: Thread 1975
The Natal Championships Durban January 6-12
Guedy Florence D Kruger Maryse 6/0-7/6

Boshoff Linky D Guedy Florence 6/3-6/0
Duplooy Annette Van Zyl D Tenney Laurie 6/3-6/3
Vermaak Yvonne D Whitehouse Rowena 2/6-6/3-6/2
Stevens Greer D Walsh Sharon 4/6-6/1-7/5

Boshoff L D Duplooy A 7/6-6/4
Stevens D Vermaak Y 6/4-6/2

Boshoff Linky D Stevens Greer 0/6-6/0-6/4

ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 12:02 PM

Re: Thread 1975
The Tasmanian Championships Hobart December 30-january 5 1975 Grass

Barker Sue D Lancaster Vicki 6/4-6/2
Gregory Nerida D Hanrahan Judy 6/2-6/4
Matison Christine D Coke C 6/4-6/4
Martinez Cecilia D Mottram Linda 6/3-6/1

Barker Sue D Gregory 6/4-6/2
Martinez Ceci D Matison 6/4-6/2

Barker Sue D Martinez Ceci 6/3-6/3

Lancaster-matison D Hallam-wilson J 6/2-6/1

ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 12:03 PM

Re: Thread 1975
Whangharei Tournament New Zealand December 30-january 5 1975

Dupont Laura D Turnbull Wendy 7/6-6/4

ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 12:06 PM

Re: Thread 1975
The New Zealand Open Championships Auckland January 6-12 Grass

1 Round
Phillips Judith D Fiuza Deborah 6/0-6/0
Gurdal Michele D Meachen Stephanie 6/0-6/0
Mappin Sue D Hunt Robyn 6/3-7/5
Barker Sue D Monds Shelley 6/0-6/3
Mottram Linda D Vercoe Bev 2/6-6/2-6/1
Dupont Laura D Matison Christine 2/6-7/5-6/3
Charles Lesley D Ward Lyn 6/1-6/2

ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 12:12 PM

Re: Thread 1975
2 Round
Goolagong Evonne D Elliot P 6/0-6/3
Coles Glynis D Nomura Kyoko 6/4-4/6-6/3
Gurdal D Phillips Judith 6/3-3/6-6/2
Barker Sue D Mappin 6/3-6/3
Mottram Linda D Connor Judith 6/2-6/4
Dupont Laura D Charles 6/2-6/2
Turnbull Wendy D Lida Ei 6/1-6/2
Martinez Ceci D Thompson Belinda 5/7-6/4-6/3

Goolagong D Coles 6/2-7/6
Barker D Gurdal 6/2-6/1
Mottram D Dupont Laura 6/2-6/3
Martinez Ceci D Turnbull 6/2-6/4

Goolagong D Barker Sue 6/2-6/2
Mottram D Martinez Ceci 4/6-7/6-8/6

Goolagong Evonne D Mottram Linda 6/2-7/5

Goolagong-turnbull D Dupont-martinez C 6/3-4/6-6/4

ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 12:13 PM

Re: Thread 1975
Stockholm Tournament January 6-12

Grindvold Elleen D Anliot Helena 0/6-7/6-6/2

ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 12:17 PM

Re: Thread 1975
The Christchurch Tournament New Zealand January 13-19 Grass

Charles Lesley D Martinez Ceci 6/0-4/6-7/6
Mappin Sue D Turnbull Wendy 6/3-6/4

Charles Lesley D Goolagong Evonne 7/6-6/1
Mappin Sue D Dupont Laura 6/1-3/6-6/3

Mappin Sue D Charles Lesley 6/4-6/4

Goolagong-turnbull D Dupont-martinez Ceci 6/3-6/2

ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 12:24 PM

Re: Thread 1975
Virginia Slims Of Sarasota Florida January 13-19 Indoor 75k

1 Round
Evert Chris D Hogan Patti 6/0-6/0
Zwaan Tine D Latham Kate 4/6-6/3-6/0
Giscafre Raquel D Kloss Llana 6/3-6/3
Navratilova Martina D Stuart Betty Ann 6/1-6/3
Hunt Lesley D Bentzer Ingrid 6/0-7/6
Gunter Richey Nancy D Kiyomura Ann 6/2-6/1
Stove Betty D Schallau Mona 6/4-4/6-6/3
Wade Virginia D Shaw Kristien Kemmer 6/4-6/4
Heldman Julie D Jausovec Mima 6/4-6/1
Kuykendall Kathy D Simionescu Mariana 7/5-6/0
Meyer Carrie D Teeguarden Pam 4/6-7/5-6/4
Melville Kerry D Rowley Laurie Fleming 6/3-6/2
Overton Wendy D Evert Jeanne 5/7-6/4-6/1
Ziegenfuss Valerie D Gourlay Helen 6/4-4/6-7/5
Stap Sue D Ruzici Virginia 6/1-6/0
King Billie Jean D Newberry Janet 6/1-6/2

ugarte Sep 29th, 2010 12:28 PM

Re: Thread 1975
2 Round
Evert Chris D Zwaan 6/7-6/1-6/2
Giscafre D Navratilova 6/4-2/6-6/3
Gunter Richey D Hunt 6/3-6/3
Wade D Stove 6/7-7/5-6/2
Heldman D Kuykendall 6/2-6/3
Melville D Meyer 6/4-0/6-6/4
Overton D Ziegenfuss 6/3-6/1
King Bj D Stap Sue 6/2-6/3

Evert Chris D Giscafre 6/2-6/1
Wade D Gunter Richey 6/3-7/6
Heldman D Melville 6/1-6/3
King Bj D Overton 6/2-6/1

Evert Chris D Wade 6/3-6/3
King Bj D Heldman 6/1-6/2

King Billie Jean D Evert Chris 6/2-6/3

King-evert D Wade-stove 6/4-6/2

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