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Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:08 AM

1930 results

Helen Wills is now Mrs Moody. What hasn't changed is her dominance over women's tennis. She plays a very redured schedule that includes wins at Roland Garros and Wimbledon, setting her atop the world rankings for the 4th year in a row. Myers low ranking of US Chmps winner Betty Nuthall is explained by the weak field, as not one of Wimbledon's top 8 seeds competed at Forest Hills this year.

World Rankings by A Wallis Myers of the Daily Mirror in London

01. Mrs Helen Wills Moody (US)
02. Cilly Aussem (Germany)
03. Mrs Phoebe Holcroft-Watson (GB)
04. Elizabeth Ryan (US)
05. Mrs Simone Mathieu (France)
06. Helen Jacobs (US)
07. Phyllis Mudford (GB)
08. Lili de Alvarez (Spain)
09. Betty Nuthall (GB)
10. Hilde Krahwinkel (Germany)

Unknown dates


FI: Ida Adamoff d. Phyllis Satterwaithe ????


Prior Sources:

Credit for many the results and rankings is due to Newmark. His original results may be found at:

I also wish to thank Andrew Tas for his results from Ayres Almanack.

Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:09 AM

Re: 1930 results
Comings and Goings


Joan Fry, 24 year old British Wightman Cupper, on June 12, to Lieutenant Thomas Lakeman of the British Army Tank Corps. Miss Fry was engaged several years ago to a South African she met on a tour of that country but broke off the engagement.


Evelyn Colyer, on February 13, to Hamish Munro, a tea planter from Assam, India. She relocates to India and dies tragically in childbirth. Colyer was on the Wightman Cup team from 1924-26.

Death Of Mrs Munro – A Well-Known Lawn Tennis Player

A Calutta Correspondent announced the death on Tuesday at Assam of Mrs Hamish Munro (nee Evelyn Colyer). 3 days ago Mrs Munro gave birth to twins, one of whom died. Her husband, Mr Munro, was a tea planter in Assam. She met her husband during winter sports in Switzerland. In 1923 she reached the Ladies’ Doubles Final at Wimbledon with Miss Joan Austin. The two daring young players won the cheers of the crowd who
took the young ladies to their hearts and called them “The Children”.

Turned Pro

May Sutton Bundy: Mrs Bundy has ceased to be an amateur in order to teach at a lawn tennis school for girls.

Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:14 AM

Re: 1930 results
Week of December 29-January 5

January 27-February 1, 1930, New Zealand Championships, Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand

FI: Dulcie Nicholls d. Myrtle Melody 3-6 6-3 6-1

DF: M Andrew/M Wake d. Arita Adams/May Thomson 4-6 6-2 6-3

MX: May Thomson/Noel Wilson d. Marjorie Macfarlane/AE Sandral 7-5 6-3

Thompson is the married name of May Tracy.


Late December 1929/early January 1930, Coupe de Noel, Paris, France (Indoors on Wood)
Venue: Sporting Club de Paris

FI: Simone Barbier d. Ida Adamoff 8-6 5-7 6-2

DF: Mlle Conquet/Simone Desloges d. Simone Barbier/Marguerite Bordes 6-4 6-4

MX: Marguerite Bordes/Jean Borotra d. Colette Rosambert/Christian Boussus 6-1 9-7

Desloges is the married name of Simone Deve.


January 1-8, Cumberland County Championships, Sydney, NSW, Australia

SF: Louie Bickerton d. Nell Hall 6-2 6-4
SF: Daphne Akhurst d. Coral Buttsworth 6-4 6-0

FI: Louie Bickerton d. Daphne Akhurst 6-4 6-2


December 30-January 5, Metropole Club, Cannes, France (Clay)

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) 6-2 2-5 retired

DF: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) d. Mrs Blaney/Miss Cazalet 6-4 6-3

MX: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/George Lyttleton-Rogers (Ire) d. Sylvia Lafaurie/Charles Aeschlimann (Swt) 8-6 6-2

Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:14 AM

Re: 1930 results
Week of January 6-12

January 6-12, Monegasque Championships, Monte Carlo Country Club, Monte Carlo, Monaco (Clay)

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) 6-3 6-4

DF: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) d. Ida Adamoff/Arlette Neufeld 6-1 6-0

MX: Elsie Pittman/JB Pittman (GB) d. MrsTottenham/Mr Tottenham ????

The mixed doubles event was for the "Prix de famille"/"Family prize".

January 9-12, Reims, France (Indoor)

FI: Miss Schomann d. Miss Laisné 2-6 6-4 8-6


Date? All Saints Tournament, Tennis Club de Paris, Paris, France (Wood?)

FI: Arlette Neufeld d. Sylvia Desloges 6-2 6-2

DF: Mlle Conquet/Syliva Desloges d. Arlette Neufeld/Colette Rosambert 7-5 3-6 7-5

MX: Simone Barbier/Jean Borotra d. Sylvia Desloges/Coco Gentien 9-7 5-7 8-6

Date? Kampong Kuantan Tournament, Federated Malayan States (Clay?)

FI: [????]

DF: Mrs Faulkner/Mrs Zylstra d. M. Grenier/Mrs Walton 6-4 7-5

MX: Mrs E Allin/DHKleinman d. P Grenier/Sinclair 6-2 6-2

Mrs E Allin was originally Miss G Moon, from Wales.


January ?, Metropolitan Championships, Adelaide, Australia

FI: Kath Le Messurier d Dot Weston 6-4 6-2

Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:15 AM

Re: 1930 results
Week of January 13-19

January 13-19, Club Championships, Monte Carlo Country Club, Monte Carlo, Monaco (Clay)

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) 6-3 6-0

MX: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Charles Kingsley (GB) d. Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB)/Erik Worm (Den) 7-5 6-2

January ? South Yarra Melbourne, Australia

FI: Youtha Anthony d Frances Hoddle-Wrigley 6-2 10-12 6-4


Circa mid-February? Belgian Covered Court Championships, Brussels, Belgium (Indoors on Wood)

FI: Josane Sigart d. Leila-Claude Anet (Frn) 6-2 6-0

DF: Leila-Claude Anet (Frn)/Hilde Krahwinkel (Ger) d. Colette Rosambert (Frn)/Josane Sigart 6-4 6-8 7-5

MX: Josane Sigart/Pierre Goldschmidt (Fr) d. Colette Rosambert (Frn)/Coc Gentien (Frn) 6-2 ??

The second set score of the mixed final is unclear.

Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:17 AM

Re: 1930 results
MELBOURNE (KOOYONG), January 18-25
*Draw of 20-no foreigners.

1st Round
Daphne Akhurst[1] bye
M.McGrath bye
Youtha Anthony bye
Katherine LeMesurier[5] bye
Marjorie Cox[4] bye
Peter Smith bye
G.Bond d. K.Commins 6-3 6-2
Emily Hood [7] d. Nell Hall 12-10 1-6 6-3

Louise Bickerton[2] d. M.Muirhead 6-2 6-0
Alison Hattersley d. K.Murdoch 4-6 12-10 6-3
A.Price bye
Gladys Toyne[8] bye
Sylvia Harper[3] bye
Dorothy Weston bye
Frances Hoddle-Wrigley bye
Mall Molesworth[6] bye

2nd Round
Akhurst[1] d. McGrath 6-1 6-2
LeMesurier[5] d. Anthony 6-2 6-2
Cox[4] d. P.Smith 9-7 6-0
Hood[7] d. Bond 6-4 6-4
Bickerton[2] d. Hattersley 6-3 6-3
Toyne d. Price 6-3 7-5
Harper[3] d. Weston 6-3 6-0
Molesworth[6] d. Hoddle-Wrigley 6-4 6-0

Akhurst[1] d. Le Mesurier[5] 6-1 3-6 6-4
Hood[7] d. Cox[4] 7-5 6-4
Bickerton[2] d. Toyne 6-4 7-5
Harper[3] d. Molesworth[6] 6-4 3-6 6-2

Akhurst[1] d. Hood[7] 6-0 6-2
Harper[3] d. Bickerton[2] 6-3 8-6

Akhurst[1] d. Harper[3] 10-8 2-6 7-5


1st Round
D.Akhurst/L.Bickerton[1] bye
Y.Anthony/H.Gray bye
F.Hoddle-Wrigley/G.Toyne bye
E.Hood/M.Molesworth[3] d. V.DeBavay/A.Price 6-1 6-4
M.Cox/S.Harper[2] d. K.Commins/A.Hattersley 6-4 6-2
K.Murdoch/V.Pett d. M.McGrath/P.Smith 6-1 6-3
Bond/M.Muirhead(AUS) bye
K.LeMesurier/D.Weston[4] bye

D.Akhurst/L.Bickerton[1] d. Y.Anthony/H.Gray 6-3 6-0
E.Hood/M.Molesworth[3] d. F.Hoddle-Wrigley/G.Toyne 11-9 6-1
M.Cox/S.Harper(AUS)[2] d. K.Murdoch/V.Pett 6-3 7-5
K.LeMesurier/D.Weston[4] d. Bond/M.Muirhead 8-6 6-4

E.Hood/M.Molesworth[3] d. D.Akhurst/L.Bickerton[1] 6-4 7-9 6-4
M.Cox/S.Harper[2] d. LeMesurier/Weston[4] 8-6 6-1

E.Hood/M.Molesworth[3] d. M.Cox/S.Harper[2] 6-3 0-6 7-5
Mixed Doubles

1st Round
James Willard/Louise Bickerton[1] bye
C.Buckley/M.Muirhead bye
W.Halliday/P.Smith bye
N.Peach/Emily Hood bye
John Hawkes/Sylvia Harper bye
Harry Hassett/Gladys Toyne b. Thomas Robinson/ Bavay 6-3 6-2
Harry Hopman/Nell Hall d. Horace Crebbin/Frances Hoddle-Wrigley 6-2 6-3
F.Peach/Commins d. Don Turnbull/Katherine Le Mesurier[4] 2-6 6-3 6-3

Edgar Moon/Daphne Akhurst[3] d. Ray Hone/J.Wilson 6-2 6-2
Ernest Rowe/Dorothy Weston d. Cliff Sproule/M.Derham 1-6 6-4 9-7
A.Knight/G.Bond bye
Jack Clemenger/K.Murdoch bye
Jack Crawford/Marjorie Cox bye
G.Payne/E.Collinson bye
Ronald Ford/M.McGrath bye
John Grinstead/Mall Molesworth[2] bye

2nd Round
Willard/Bickerton[1] d. Buckley/Muirhead 6-0 6-2
N.Peach/Hood d. Halliday/Smith 6-4 6-2
Hawkes/Harper d. Hassett/Toyne 9-11 6-1 7-5
Hopman/Hall d. Peach/Commins 6-2 6-3
Moon/Akhurst[3] d. Rowe/Weston 9-7 1-6 6-4
Clemenger/Murdoch d. Knight/Bond w/o
Crawford/Cox d. Payne/Collinson 6-1 6-4
Grinstead/Molesworth[2] d. Ford/McGrath 6-2 6-4

Willard/Bickerton[1] d. Peach/Hood 6-4 3-6 6-2
Hopman/Hall d. Hawkes/Harper 6-3 6-2
Moon/Akhurst[3] d. Clemenger/Murdoch w/o
Crawford/Cox d. Grinstead/Molesworth[2] 6-1 6-4

Hopman/Hall d. Willard/Bickerton[1] 6-2 11-13 6-2
Crawford/Cox d. Moon/Akhurst[3] 12-10 5-7 6-4

Hopman/Hall d. Crawford/Cox 11-9 3-6 6-3
AndrewTas provided the results and we have Louloubelle to thank for the notes.

Before the 1930 titles Akhurst announced that she would be marrying shortly and would confine her championship tennis in the future to doubles events. Kath Le Mesurier gave her such a hard match in the quarters that Akhurst shook hands after winning 6-1 3-6 6-4 and collapsed to the ground in exhaustion.

Akhurst's opponent in the final, Sylvia Harper - victor over Mall Molesworth and Louie Bickerton - was now in the veteran class and not in the same league as Akhurst, but she extended her to the limit on this occasion. The first set saw Akhurst assaulting Harper's backhand, but it wasn't until the 18th game that the tactic bore fruit. Harper then switched to a more aggressive brand of tennis which gathered her the 2nd set 6-2 and took her to 4-0 in the 3rd. Always a good player in a crisis, Akhurst increased the tempo of the game, hit out for the lines and, with Harper tiring and losing her length, took the final set 7-5. The 38 game match remains the longest Australian women's final on record.

She married Roy Cozens in February 1930 and, true to her word, played no more major singles events. She died suddenly in early 1933, leaving her husband and 6 month old son. The whole of the tennis world mourned the passing of one of it's most attractive, popular and successful players, at the young age of 29.

Akhurst's best friend Louie Bickerton would marry Cozens after Daphne's death.

Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:18 AM

Re: 1930 results
Week of January 20-26

Circa January 20-25, Bengal Championships, India (Grass?)

FI: Jenny Sandison d. Mrs McKenna 6-3 6-3


January 20-28, New Courts Club, Cannes, France (Clay)

QF: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Moore 6-0 6-4
QF: Cilly Aussem (Ger) d. Juillier 7-5 6-2
QF: Lucia Valerio (Ity) d. Pope 6-0 6-1
QF: Sylvia Jung Lafaurie d. Phyllis Carr Satterthwaite (GB) 6-3 3-6 7-5

SF: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Cilly Aussem (Ger) 5-7 6-4 6-3
SF: Lucia Valerio (Ity) d. Sylvia Jung Lafaurie 6-3 7-5

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Lucia Valerio (Ity) 6-2 2-6 6-0

DF: Sylvia Jung/Joan Ridley (GB) d. Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) 6-2 7-5

MX: Cilly Aussem (Ger)/Bill Tilden (US) d. Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Charles Kingsley (GB) 6-3 6-4

Circa late January, French Covered Court Championships, Tennis Club de Paris, Paris, France (Wood)

FI: Paula von Reznieck (Ger) d. Marguerite Bordes 6-2, 6-2

DF: Leila-Claude Anet/Colette Rosambert d. Simone Barbier/Marguerite Bordes 6-4, 7-5

MX: Jean Borotra/Marguerite Bordes d. Christian Boussus/Simone Barbier 9-11 7-5 9-7

Circa late January? Calcutta Championships, Calcutte, India (Grass?)

FI: Jenny Sandison d. Mrs E. Jordan 6-3, 6-1

DF: Jenny Sandison/Mrs Simon d. Mrs Jones/Mrs Jordan 1-6 6-1 6-2

MX: L. Brooke-Edwards/Jenny Sandison d. R. McInnes/Mrs Williams 9-7 6-3

Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:18 AM

Re: 1930 results
Week of January 27-February 2

January 27-February 1, New Zealand Championships, Miramar, New Zealand

FI: Dulcie Nicholls d. Myrtle Melody 3-6 6-3 6-1

DF: M Andrew/M Wake d. Mrs R Adams/Mrs N Thomson 4-6 6-2 6-3

MX: M Thomson/N Wilson d. Marjorie McFarlane/A Sandral 7-5 6-3


January 27-February 4, Gallia Lawn Tennis Club, Cannes, France (Clay)

SF: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Ermyntrude Harvey (GB) 6-0 6-1
SF: Sylvia Jung d. Phyllis Carr Satterthwaite (GB) 6-3 3-6 6-3

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Sylvia Jung 6-3 6-2

DF: Sylvia Jung/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Ermyntrude Harvey (GB)/Joan Ridley (GB) 6-4 6-2

MX: Bill Tilden (US)/Cilly Aussem (Ger) d. Erik Worm (Den)/Joan Ridley (GB) 6-3 7-5

Tilden and Aussem together are a common sight this season on the Riviera. Bill has convinced Cilly's mother to let him mentor her, a strategy that will bear fruit over the nexr couple of season's as Aussem's game and ranking go up.

THE mixed final took place on the 4th. When Tilden suffered a shock upset the next day many cited the delayed end of the Gallia event.


January 27-February 1 US National Women's Indoor Chmps, Longwood, Mass, US (Indoors)
Venue: Longwood Covered Courts at Chesnut Hill.

Singles (Draw=38)

1R: Gertrude Dwyer d. Ottillie Gaettner 6-0 6-1
1R: Mrs William Endicott d. Eleanor Holton 6-0 6-3
1R: Dorman Weaver d. Virginia Cross 1-6 6-2 6-3
1R: Marjorie Morrill [2] d. Mrs Robert Morris 6-3 6-4
1R: Mrs RW Cordingly d. Mrs Charles J Loring 6-4 4-6 7-5
1R: Mrs Charles A Welch d. Christine Reid 6-0 6-0

2R: Marion Jessup [1] d. Louise Rogerson 6-1 6-1
2R: Elizabeth Marston d. Mrs CW Hullbut 6-1 6-2
2R: Anna Hubbard [7] d. Dorance Chase 6-3 6-2
2R: Dorothy Blodgett d. Louise Harding 6-2 6-3
2R: Mrs J Dallas Corbiere [4] d. Annette Hollis 6-1 6-1
2R: Hildegarde Kunitz d. Elizabeth Harding default
2R: Endicott d. Weaver 6-0 6-1
2R: Margaret Blake [5] d. Dwyer 6-1 6-1

2R: Morrill [2] d. Cordingly 6-2 6-0
2R: Welch d. Marion Welch 6-4 6-1
2R: Mianne Palfrey d. Marjorie Sachs 6-2 6-2
2R: Virginia Rice [6] d. Mrs JL Brmer 4-6 6-0 6-2
2R: Edith Sigourney [3] d. Mrs Lester Watson 6-0 6-0
2R: Louise Packer d. Barbara Marston 8-6 6-0
2R: Rosamund Newton d. Mrs FA Reece 6-0 6-1
2R: Mrs WM Shedden d. Dorothy Harding 6-1 6-1

3R: Jessup [1] d. E Marston 6-0 6-0
3R: Hubbard [7] d. Blodgett 6-0 6-2
3R: Corbiere [4] d. Kunitz 6-0 6-1
3R: Blake [5] d. Endicott 7-5 3-6 6-1

3R: Morrill [2] d. Welch 6-0 6-1
3R: M Palfrey d. Rice [6] 6-4 6-4
3R: Sigourney [3] d. Packer 6-1 6-2
3R: Shedden d. Newton 9-11 6-4 6-0

QF: Jessup [1] d. Hubbard [7] 6-2 8-6
QF: Blake [5] d. Corbiere [4] 6-3 6-4
QF: M Palfrey d. Morrill [2] 6-4 1-6 7-5
QF: Sigourney [3] d. Shedden 6-0 1-6 6-1

SF: Jessup [1] d. Blake [5] 2-6 6-3 7-5
SF: M Palfrey d. Sigourney [3] 2-6 6-1 7-5

FI: Mianne Palfrey d Marion Jessup [1] 7-5 6-2

Doubles (Draw=18)

1R: Marion Jessup/Marianne Palfrey [4] d. Annette Hallis/Sally Sprauge 6-0 6-2
1R: Margaret Blake/Anna Hubbard [2] d. Mrs FA Reece/Mrs Lester Watson 6-2 7-1

2R: Sarah Palfrey/Hazel Wightman [1] d. Mrs Charles A Welch/Mrs Herbert Xerxa 6-0 6-1
2R: Dorothy Blodgett/Mrs WM Shedden d. Gertrude Dwyer/Louise Packer 6-3 6-4
2R: Mrs JL Bremer/Mrs FH Godfrey d. Mrs CW Hullbert/Hildegarde Kunitz 6-1 6-1
2R: Jessup/M Palfrey [4] d. Margaret Fuller/Eleanor Holton 6-2 6-2

2R: Blake/Hubbard [2] d. Mrs Maurice Fremont-Smith/Mrs Charles J Loring 6-2 6-0
2R: Mrs J Dallas Corbiere/Mrs WM Endicott d. Dorrance Chase/Marjorie Sachs 7-5 6-2
2R: Mrs HR Guild/Virginia Rice d. Mrs RW Cordingly/Mrs Robert Morris 6-0 6-2
2R: Marjorie Morrill/Edith Sigourney [3] d. Mrs EM Farnsworth/Mrs GT King 6-1 6-1

QF: S Palfrey/Wightman [1] d. Blodgett/Sheeden 6-0 6-1
QF: Jessup/M Palfrey [4] d. Bremer/Godfrey 6-4 6-4
QF: Blake/Hubbard [2] d. Corbiere/Endicott 7-5 6-4
QF: Morrill/Sigourney [3] d. Guild/Rice 1-6 6-2 7-5

SF: S Palfrey/Wightman [1] d. Jessup/M Palfrey [4] 7-5 6-3
SF: Morrill/Sigourney [3] d. Blake/Hubbard [2] 5-7 6-3 7-5

FI: Sarah Palfrey/Hazel Wightman [1] d. Marjorie Morrill/Edith Sigourney [3] 6-3 6-2

MX: Margaret Blake/Richard Harte d. Miane Palfrey/Richard Murphy 3-6 6-1 7-5

18 year old Mianne Palfrey wins a final with two distinct acts. In Act 1 the veteran shoots out to 5 nil lead in only 6 minutes. Unable to close the set after a deuce game, the young ingenue won her first game as a net cord dribbled over. As if a spell had been broken the youngster rattled off the next 11 games. Jessup pulled a tendon in the second set, and went about the latter stages of the match with a noticable limp.

Wightman won her 3rd consecutive indoor doubles with Sarah Palfrey, who is even younger than Mianne.

Morill has streaks of patchy play mixed in with fearsome displays of power. She smacked 10 aces (5 in each set) in the doubles SF.

Draw Notes:

Louise Harding, only 13, is a niece and pupil of aunt Hazel Wightman.
Mrs PW Sprague=Sally Sprague

#8 seed Alice Francis withdrew before the start of the event.

Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:19 AM

Re: 1930 results
Week of February 3-9

Circa February 3-8, New South Wales Championships, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (Grass)

FI: Louie Bickerton d. Emily Hood 6-3 6-4

DF: Daphne Akhurst/Marjorie Cox d. Louie Bickerton/Sylvia Harper 6-3 3-6 9-7

MX: Marjorie Cox/Jack Crawford d. Nell Hall/Harry Hopman 2-6 6-2 6-3

Both mixed doubles teams would later marry each other.

February 3-9, Carlton Club Tournament, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Carlton Club

SF: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Joan Ridley (GB) 6-2 6-1
SF: Sylvia Jung Lafaurie d. Phyllis Carr Satterthwaite (GB) 6-1 6-0

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Sylvia Jung default

DF: Sylvia Jung/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Cilly Aussem (Ger)/Lucia Valerio (Ity) 6-4 6-4

Mixed Doubles

1R: Cilly Aussem (Ger)/Bill Tilden (US) d. Mrs Tottenham/Mr Tottenham 6-1 6-3

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Henri Cochet d. Cilly Aussem (Ger)/Bill Tilden (US) 12-10 6-3


Circa February 5-11, German Covered Court Championships, Bremen, Germany (Indoors on Wood)

QF: Hilde Krahwinkel d. Effie Hemmant 6-4 6-1
QF: Anne Peitz d. Daisy Uhl 6-0 8-6
QF: Ellen Hoffmann d. Irmgard Rost 6-2 6-8 10-8
QF: Joan Strawson d. Klara Hammer 6-2 6-2

SF: Krahwinkel d. Peitz 6-2 6-1
SF: Hoffmann d. Strawson (GB) 6-1 6-8 6-1

FI: Hilde Krahwinkel d. Ellen Hoffmann 7-5 6-0

DF: Hilde Krahwinkel/Anne Peitz d. Effie Hemmant (GB)/Joan Strawson (GB) 6-0 6-2

MX: Irmgard Rost/Bunny Austin (GB) d. Sigrid Fick (Swd)/W. Oestberg 11-9 6-1

Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:19 AM

Re: 1930 results
Week of February 10-16

February 10-16, South of France Championships, Nice, France (Clay)

FI: Cilly Aussem (Ger) d. Carolyn Swartz Hirsch 6-0 6-2

DF: Phylis Radcliffe/Nancy Radcliffe-Platt d. Joan Ridley (GB)/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) 6-3 3-6 8-6

MX: Joan Ridley (GB)/Eric Peters (GB) and Cilly Aussem (Ger)/Junior Cohen (US) divided the prizes.

Wilbur Cohen was known as "Junior" on the circuit. He was Bill tilden's protegee.


ended February 16, Delhi Championships, Delhi, India

FI: Jenny Sandison d. Mrs Lumby 6-2 6-1

DF: Jenny Sandison/Mrs Gracey d. Mrs Turner/Miss Burke 6-1 6-3

MX: Jenny Sandison/Lewis S.Deane d. O'Callaghan/Burke 6-1 6-3


Circa mid-February, Western Indian Championships, Bombbay, India (Grass?)

FI: Phyllis Covell (GB) d. Leila Row 6-2 6-1

DF: Phyllis Covell (GB)/Mrs Davidson d. Mrs Row/Leila Row 6-1 6-0

MX: Phyllis Covell (GB)/Eskel Andrews (NZ) d. Mrs McDougall/L. Brooke-Edwards 6-1 8-6


Circa mid-February, Flanders Tennis Club, Roubaix, France (Indoors)

FI: Simone Desloges d. Simone Barbier 6-4 2-6 6-4

DF: Simone Barbier/Simone Mathieu d. Simone Desloges/Mme R Meunier 9-7 6-1

MX: Simone Mathieu/Marcel Bernard d. R Meunier/Pierre Goldschmidt 7-5 3-6 6-1

Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:20 AM

Re: 1930 results
Week of February 17-23

February 17-23, Beaulieu, France (Clay)

FI: Joan Ridley (GB) d. Violet Owen (GB) 6-3 0-6 6-4

DF: Joan Ridley (GB)/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) d. Violet Owen (GB)/E. Petchell (GB) 6-0 4-6 7-5

MX: Pat Hughes (GB)/Violet Owen (GB) d. Erik Worm (Den)/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) [score?]

Owen is the married name of Violet Chamberlain.


February, Saint Moritz, Switzerland (Indoor)

FI: Ida Adamoff (Fr) d. Arlette Neufeld (Fr) 6-1 6-1


February ???? Le Ciotat, France (Clay)

FI: Ilse Friedleben (Ger) d. Toni Weihermann (Ger) default

MX: Aimée Charpenel/Henri Cochet d. Ilse Friedleben (Ger)/Tamino Abe (Jap) default


Circa mid-February? All-India Championships, Allahabad, India (Grass?)

FI: Jenny Sandison d. Mrs McKenna 6-3 6-0

DF: Mrs Jordan/Mrs McKenna d. Mrs Fowler/Jenny Sandison 6-3 6-4

MX: Jenny Sandison/L Brooke-Edwards d. Mrs McKenna/SW Bobb 6-3 6-4

Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:20 AM

Re: 1930 results
Week of February 24-March 2

Circa February 24-March 1, Bermuda Championships, Bermuda (Clay?)

FI: Edith Sigourney (US) d. Penelope Anderson (US) 2-6 6-3 8-6

DF: Penelope Anderson(US)/Mrs Guild d. Virginia Rice (US)/Edith Sigourney (US) 6-2 7-5

MX: Penelope Anderson (US)/Bruce Barnes (US) d. Virginia Rice (US)/Richard Bell (US) 7-5 6-8 8-6


February 24-March 2, Monte Carlo Country Club, Monte Carlo, Monaco (Clay)

QF: Simone Mathieu (Fra) d. Rosie Berthet (Fra) 6-3 8-6
QF: Doris Metaxa (Fra) d. Violet Chamberlain Owen (GB) 2-6 6-4 10-8
QF: Cilly Aussem (Ger) d. Phyllis Carr Satterthwaite (GB) 6-4 7-9 6-1
QF: Joan Ridley (GB) d. Simone Barbier (Fra) 3-6 6-3 7-5

SF: Mathieu d. Metaxa 6-3 6-1
SF: Aussem d. Ridley 0-6 7-5 6-0

FI: Cilly Aussem (Ger) d. Simone Mathieu (Fra) 6-1 6-4

DF: Simone Barbier (Fra)/Simone Mathieu (Fra) d. Doris Metaxa (Fra)/Colette Rosambert (Fra) 6-1 8-6

MX: Doris Metaxa (Fra)/Rene de Buzulet (Fra) d. Joan Ridley (GB)/Pat Hughes (GB) 12-14 6-2 retired


February 24-March 4, London Covered Court Championships, London, England (Indoors on Wood)
Venue: Queen's Club

FI: Phyllis Mudford d. Joan Fry 6-3 7-5

DF: Betty Dix/Joan Fry d. Betty Nuthall/Elsie Pittman 7-5 6-4

MX: Patrick Spence/Betty Nuthall d. S.W. Harris/Joan Fry 6-4 1-6 6-1


February 22-27, Santa Barbara Open Championships, Santa Barbara, California, US (Hard)

FI: Violet Doeg d. Betsy Thatcher 6-2 6-1

Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:20 AM

Re: 1930 results
Week of March 3-9

March 3-9, Riviera Championships, Menton, France (Clay)

SF: Cilly Aussem (Ger) d. Phyllis Carr Satterthwaite (GB) 4-6 6-1 6-1
SF: Simone Mathieu d. Elizabeth Ryan (US) 9-6 6-4 6-3

FI: Cilly Aussem (Ger) d. Simone Mathieu 9-7 6-2

DF: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Aussem d. Mathieu/Paula Von Reznicek (Ger) 6-1 6-0

MX: Ryan/S.P.Hughes d. Phyllis Carr Satterthwaite (GB)/Louis Worms 6-2 6-0

Nations Cup MX: Bill Tilden (US)/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. [Harold] Lee (GB)/Violet Owen (GB) 6-0 6-4

March 5-9, Hungarian International Covered Court Champs., Budapest

FI: Magda Baumgarten d. Mária Uhlmann Paksy 6-2 6-3

MX: Baumgarten/Laszlo Dorner d. Uhlmann Paksy/Bano 11-9 6-2

ended March 8, MCC Autumn Tournament, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

FI: Gladys Toyne d. Fran Hoddle-Wrigley 9-7 5-7 7-5

began March 3 Palm Beach Chmps, Palm Beach, Florida

FI ;Stenz d Virginia Hilleary 6-0 6-3

Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:21 AM

Re: 1930 results
Week of March 10-16

March 10-15, Dulwich Covered Courts Tournament, Dulwich, London, England (Indoors on Wood)

FI: Phyllis Mudford d. Ermyntrude Harvey default

DF: Elsie Pittman/Joan Ridley d. Betty Dix/Joan Fry 7-5 6-0

MX: Betty Dix/Yoshiro Ohta (Jpn) d. Joan Fry/SW Harris 8-6 6-8 6-2

March 10-16, Nice Lawn Tennis Club, Nice, France (Clay)

1R: Helen Jacobs (US) d Mlle Dunios 6-0 6-2

2R: Jacobs d Mlle Stavelve 6-3 6-1

QF: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Mme Esseiva 6-2 6-2
QF: Paula Heimann Von Reznicek (Ger) d. Anna Blanarova (Tch) 8-6 6-4
QF: Simone Mathieu d. Mme Bernasol 6-0 6-1
QF: Jacobs d. Paulette Marjollet 6-1 6-1

SF: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Paula Heimann Von Reznicek (Ger) 6-3 6-1
SF: Simone Mathieu d Jacobs (US) default

FI: Simone Mathieu d. Elizabeth Ryan (US) 6-4 7-5

DF: Cilly Aussem (Ger)/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Violet Owen (GB)/Paula von Reznicek(Ger) 6-3 6-3

MX: Cilly Aussem (Ger)/Bill Tilden (US) d. Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Charles Kingsley (GB) 6-4 6-0

Helen Jacobs makes her debut on the Riviera. After winning early round matche she falls ill-a sickness that will plage her all year.

March 10-16, Bordighera, Italy (Clay)

SF: Lucia Valerio d. Hilde Eisenmenger (Aut) 6-0 7-5
SF: Phyllis Carr Satterthwaite (GB) d. Giulia Perelli 6-3 6-1

FI: ??

MX: Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB)/Pat Hughes (GB) vs Lucia Valerio/Erik Worm (Den)


March 14-16* Hotel Huntington Invitation, Pasadena, California (Hard)
Venue: Hotel Huntington

1R: Helen Wills d. Helen Marlowe ????

F: Helen Wills d. Edith Cross 6-1 6-3

Helen's first event as a married woman.

The USTA writes "on March 14 we find her [Wills] playing in a week end affair....". Note that Graham has dates of March 10-17.

Rollo Sep 21st, 2010 04:21 AM

Re: 1930 results
Week of March 17-23

Circa March 15-22, South Australian Championships, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia (Grass)

FI: Gladys Toyne d. Frances Hoddle-Wrigley 6-3 6-2

DF: Gwen Griffiths/Dorothy Weston d. Frances Hoddle-Wrigley/Gladys Toyne 6-3 3-6 6-3

MX: Dorothy Weston/ET Rowe d. Christine Finlayson/RL Shepherd 6-8 6-0 6-3


March 17-23, Cannes Lawn Tennis Club, Cannes, France (Clay)

QF: Cilly Aussem (Ger) d. Muriel Thomas (GB) 6-1 6-1
QF: Paula Heimann von Reznieck (Ger) d. Mme Marcready 6-2 6-3
QF: Violet Chamberlain Owen (GB) d. Leila Schopfer "Claude-Anet" 5-7 6-2 7-5
QF: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Doris Wolfson 6-1 6-0

SF: Cilly Aussem (Ger) d. Paula Heimann von Reznieck (Ger) 6-3 6-2
SF: Violet Chamberlain Owen (GB) d. Elizabeth Ryan (US) 8-6 6-1

FI: Cilly Aussem (Ger) d. Violet Owen (GB) 6-0 6-0

DF: Cilly Aussem (Ger)/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Muriel Thomas (GB)/Paula von Reznieck (Ger) 6-0 6-1

MX: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Takeichi Harada (Jpn) d. Cilly Aussem (Ger)/Bill Tilden (US) 6-3 3-6 6-1


March 17-23, San Remo, San Remo, Italy (Clay)

FI: Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) d. Hilde Eisenmenger (Ast) 6-0 6-1

DF: Guilia Perelli/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) d. Toni Schomburgk (Ger)/Frl Springer 6-3 6-0

MX: Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB)/Bela von Kehrling (Hun) d. Guilia Perelli/Erik Worm (Den) 8-6 6-0

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