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burn May 18th, 2010 08:06 AM

Nicole Rottmann
10K Durban:
1R: Nicole Rottmann def. Sarie Swanepoel (Q) 6-0, 6-0
2R: Nicole Rottmann def. Shivika Burman 6-2, 7-6(3)
QF: Poojashree Venkatesha (1) def. Nicole Rottmann 6-3, 6-2

1R: Edwards/Swanepoel def. Rottmann/El Allami (3) w/o

burn May 26th, 2010 06:48 AM

Re: Nicole Rottmann
10K Durban (#2):
1R: Khristina Kazimova def. Nicole Rottmann 6-2, 6-4 :sad:

1R: Rottmann/Szavay def. Chidrawi/D'Oliveira 6-3, 6-0
QF: Rottmann/Szavay def. Venkatesha/Linhova (2)

burn Jun 15th, 2010 07:35 AM

Re: Nicole Rottmann
10K Lenzerheide:
1R: Nicole Rottmann (8) vs. Romaine Zenhäusern (WC)
I'd be surprised if Romaine won a game :lol:
Doubles with Malou Ejdesgaard :hearts:

Xian Aug 16th, 2010 06:29 PM

Re: Nicole Rottmann
Nicole playing the weak Brazilian futures :angel:

burn Aug 16th, 2010 08:30 PM

Re: Nicole Rottmann
good decision! :yeah:
Earn some easy points down there :inlove:

burn Oct 5th, 2010 08:14 AM

Re: Nicole Rottmann
10K Nonthaburi:
R1: Kumkhum L def. Rottmann N (3) 6-1, 6-1 :sobbing:
Doubles with Blanka Szávay (as 2nd seeds)

burn Oct 15th, 2010 01:04 PM

Re: Nicole Rottmann
In the 2nd week of Nonthaburi, she lost in the QF to Lin Zhu...
She and Szavay also lost doubles R1 :sad:

burn Sep 22nd, 2011 07:12 AM

Re: Nicole Rottmann
Good year from Nicole so far :)

10K Poza Rica QF (l. to Tedjakasuma)
25K Minsk R2 (l. to Ladutska)
10K Athens SF (l. to Marcinkevica)
10K Papamichail F (l. to Papamichail)
10K Durban SF (l. to Kramperova)
10K Durban TITLE (d. Kramperova)
25K Balikpapan R2 (l. to Luangnam)
220K Bad Gastein Quali R3 (l. to Shapatava)
25K Monteroni QF (l. to Knapp)
25K Mamaia R2 (l. to Kutuzova)
25K Cairns R2 (l. to Hadzic)
220K Seoul R1 (l. to Pliskova after qualifying)

10K Irapuato F (wHarkins)
10K Poza Rica TITLE (wHarkins)
100K Johannesburg R2 (wKremer)
25K Minsk F (wMircic)
10K Heraklion F (wElliott)
10K Durban F (wEjdesgaard)
10K Durban F (wEjdesgaard)
25K Monteroni TITLE (wBertens)

#378 in singles :hearts:
#259 in doubles :hearts:

burn Oct 26th, 2011 03:30 PM

Re: Nicole Rottmann
50K Saguenay

R1: Nicole Rottmann def. [WC]Kimberley-Ann Surin 6-4, 4-6, 6-3 :awww: :yeah:
R2 vs. Abramovic/[1]Lucic :cheer:

burn Oct 26th, 2011 03:30 PM

Re: Nicole Rottmann
lost in doubles R1 with Werner (8-10 in MTB against the top seeds)...

burn Jun 1st, 2012 12:45 PM

Re: Nicole Rottmann
Currently ranked at #311 in singles :)

burn Jun 22nd, 2012 10:15 AM

Re: Nicole Rottmann
25K Lenzerheide

R1: Cattaneo def. Rottmann 7-6(6), 6-4

Lost doubles too :(

spiceboy Jun 23rd, 2012 10:07 AM

Re: Nicole Rottmann
Nicole in Bad Gastein players party. Loving her pornstar look :hearts:

burn Sep 19th, 2012 09:07 AM

Re: Nicole Rottmann
75K Albuquerque

R1: [2]Michelle Larcher de Brito vs. Nicole Rottmann

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