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hellas719 May 10th, 2010 02:32 AM

Sabine Fans Chat Thread
In these bad times, us Sabine fans need something to talk about in here other than Sabine and her injury problems :tears:

I thought I'd start a chat thread for us so we can all get to know each other and have fun during these depressing times as Sabine fans :p

Let's start by introducing ourselves :bounce:

I'm Andrew, I'm Greek, but I live in New York. I enjoy watching basically every sport (except auto racing, golf, and bowling :yawn:). I wouldn't really say I follow everything though :shrug:. I follow basketball and football (soccer) very closely (and of course tennis :bounce:). I like basically all types of music (Greek, pop, hip-hop, R &B, most Eurovision), except for hard rock/heavy metal :p. I love food :hearts:. I like Greek, Mexican, Texas BBQ, Italian, some Chinese, some German, etc. How about you guys?

Sebe-deutsch May 11th, 2010 03:41 AM

Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread
Hallo Andreas. Ich bin Sebastian. Vielen Dank für diesen Thread machen. Wie Sie sehen, ich bin neu in diesem Forum, aber ich habe gelesen das Board seit über einem Jahr. Sprechen Sie deutsch? Wenn dem so sprechen läßt es hier denn dies ist ein deutscher Spieler Thread. Wenn nicht, Englisch ist auch in Ordnung.

Translated, that says that I am new to this forum and my name is Sebastian. Andrew, thank you for making this thread. Also, I say that I would like German to be the language on here since this is a german player thread. Is that okay? Other wise English is fine.

About me, I am from Frankfurt. Greece is a wonderful country, but it is in a mess right now. I also like food and sports. I support FFC Frankfurt, however, they are not so good. I also like Man U in the EPL. For food, I like Italian a lot. Chinese food is also tasty to me.

hellas719 May 11th, 2010 04:25 AM

Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread
Greece right now is a mess :help:
I think it would be better to have this thread in English because every other forum is like that. Szavay's chat thread isn't in Hungarian, Vaidisova's isn't in Czech, ...

Maybe you can start a German Chat Thread in "Sprechen Sie Deuce?" :shrug:

Sebe-deutsch May 11th, 2010 04:45 AM

Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread
No. I will not start a German chat thread. However, I will agree to your opinion that this thread should be in English. On the contrary, your reasononing should have nothing to do with other players threads. The reason this thread will be in English is because all Germans on here I assume know English. However, not all English speakers know German....funny how that is.
Now, please tell me how you make all of those faces in your post?

Saralah. May 13th, 2010 06:10 AM

Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread
Mmhh since Sabine is my favorite player I might as well try to be more active in her part of the forum and hopefully get to know people who follow tennis like me :sad:.

So I'm Sarah (-1 for originality), I'm 18 and I come from Montréal in Canada... Well, I was borned in Mtl, but I live in a shitty city up north called Laval... since nobody knows about Laval, I just say I'm from Montréal ;). My first language is french, but I can speak decent english too. I study history in college and soon I'll start university. Other than tennis, I'm a huge, huge ice hockey fan, my favorite team being, of course, the Montréal Canadiens. I used to follow baseball, but since the Expos don't exist anymore, I don't really care about this sport. I like literally any type of music, it just depends on the artists. I think it's not because you don't like any of the artists you heard doing, let's say country music, that you necesseraly hate that. There might be a very good artist that you don't know of yet :). I have a preference for female vocalists, especially in rock, metal and trip-hop.
For food... mmhh. I like traditional french canadian food. It looks disgusting but it's actually really good :drool:!

I adore German culture, so I was pretty happy to be able to follow an adorable german player like Sabine. I love German history, language (speaking of which I had a few courses, but I can only remember how to introduce myself, ask for the hour and order a beer... but that's all you need, right?), music, ... I'd love seeing more from this country than what's pictured in Alles Gute! or other cliché stuff like that :lol:. Anyone knows of Alles Gute! ? It's so bad it's funny.

For the sake of it:
Mein Name ist Sarah, ich bin 18 Jahre alt und ich bin Kanadierin. Ich komme aus Montreal, aber ich wohne im Laval. Ich studie Geschichte und sprache sehr bad Deutsch :lol:! Ich möchte ein Bier, bitte! Wie spät ist es?! lol okay I'm kidding. Basic German!!

So Andrew, Sebastian, nice to meet you.

BTW, Sebastian, to put smilies in your message, you just have to type in their "code". For example, :) = : ) (without the space). You can see them all when you use the "advanced" reply screen.

crazillo May 13th, 2010 01:35 PM

Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread
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Hey Sarah,

sounds like I am the opposite side of the medal - I am from Germany, speak English fluently and also know a good amount of Chinese (now studying in Beijing). My major is Chinese and minor is Political Science. I am 22 years of age.

BUT you know what, my father is Canadian and lives in... Montreal! I've been there many times and simply adore this city. Hope I have a chance to go back to Canada soon. If I do, we have to meet up!
Plus we also share to be a big fan of Sabine, although right now there is not much too cheer about except hoping for a quick comeback!

Hope to be in touch with you from now on. You and the others are very welcome to add me in MSN:!

Michael! May 13th, 2010 04:21 PM

Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread
Hi, Sabine Fans, my name is Michael (:eek:, I know what a surprise :lol:, well, most of my friends in Germany call me Michi anyway)
I am German and I live near to Stuttgart and I turn 25 in September, that means I am already one of the oldest posters here :lol:
I really like Sabine as she has so much talent and I am really sad that she has so much problems with injuries already now, I hope to see her and her wonderful smile soon again :)
My all time favourite tennis player is Anke Huber btw ;)
Beside tennis I also follow a lots of other sports, like soccer (VfB Stuttgart fan) wintersports, swimming, athletics, actually almost everything except gold,cycling and equestrianism :yawn:
In my free time I play tennis, table tennis, go swimming or go jogging, depends on my mood :p

When it is about food, I actually like many foods (German,Italian,Mexican,etc.) :shrug: I just don´t like Chinese food that much! :tape:
I would also love to speak more languages, but sadly I only speak German and English, which is,luckily, enough for the board here :angel:

Sebe-deutsch May 13th, 2010 08:21 PM

Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread
Sarah...thank you for the help. I figured out how to make them though ;)
And I like your name :cheer2:
And wonderful...3 more fans today! :bounce:

I just hope that Julia will get this much support :lick:

Saralah. May 13th, 2010 11:38 PM

Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread

Originally Posted by crazillo (Post 17749099)
BUT you know what, my father is Canadian and lives in... Montreal! I've been there many times and simply adore this city. Hope I have a chance to go back to Canada soon. If I do, we have to meet up!

That's pretty cool! It would definately be fun to meet you :). Perhaps if you visit your father during August, the Rogers cup would be a good purpose to see each other ;).


Originally Posted by Sebe-deutsch (Post 17751061)
Sarah...thank you for the help. I figured out how to make them though ;)

No problem, glad to see you're getting to know how the board works :).

Sebe-deutsch May 14th, 2010 01:03 AM

Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread
I am worried about Sabine's short term ranking.
She has 500 pts to defend at Wimbledon. :help:

hellas719 May 14th, 2010 03:04 AM

Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread
Hi, everyone! :D:wavey:
Sebe-deutsch, you remind me of a poster called MoritaMania and another one called JGorgeous :lol:

hellas719 May 14th, 2010 03:04 AM

Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread
Oh, can you guys tell me what you think about this new site I made:

Sebe-deutsch May 14th, 2010 03:16 AM

Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread
I am not so sure about MoritaMania. I'm not really a fan of Morita. My favorite players are the ones in new signature. I also like Andrea Petkovic, Tajana Malek, Yanina Wickmayer, and Stephi Voegele. However, I could agree with the JGorgeous one. Julia is my favorite player!

hellas719 May 14th, 2010 03:19 AM

Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread
Okay, MoritaMania hated Yanina so you are not him then ;)
I was just comparing the two of you :p

Sebe-deutsch May 14th, 2010 03:21 AM

Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread
Oh and is that you in the blog?!? You never said you were a player yourself. But I do like it.

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