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FormerlyKnownAs Oct 23rd, 2009 01:58 AM

The Caroline Wozniacki Coaching Video
Sorry to intrude on your forum. forgive me. Probably you people have noticed all the hullabaloo fuss.

Its just that as a fan it is important to me, is there anyone who can and would use the energy to make a transcript of what is said?

Pszczelny Oct 24th, 2009 07:40 AM

Re: The Caroline Wozniacki Coaching Video
You can't serve not doing any... But listen, you don't have to jump, but you can play in this direction and not doing like this. That's firstly. Secondly, play below, spin, like I'm telling you from the beginning, up and so on... (now Woźniacki using his hand to be inaudible ;)). When there will be 5-0, you understand, when you win 5-0 or something you will come to... (Caro) Yep... because there is no sense, you won't play next match. So at least they have, because you can't do anything. Fight a bit, you'll see what's up and then stop again to make her come and you'll say you can't walk. But now you fight and play, hold..., play spin...

Hopefully it will help you. Ridiculous fuss.

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