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Ziggy Starduck May 28th, 2009 12:09 PM

Nadia Petrova Interviews & Articles


6‑2, 1‑6,8‑6

An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. You've had a lot of tough battles with Maria before, most significantly at the '05 US Open in the quarters. Where does this rank in terms of disappointments for you and in terms of having chances and not being able to capitalize on them?

NADIA PETROVA: Yeah, that's true. It's been another tough match, and, you know,she really showed, even though she has been out for a while, she's willing to compete till the end. I'm disappointed with me, because I just didn't finish it off when I had everything in my hands.

Q. It was a very close match. You played very well for long stretches. What do you think made the difference in the end?

NADIA PETROVA: Basically just not going for it, not taking my chances, you know. That's what I have to change if I want to become a better player, if I want to go up again and win the tournaments and the titles. What I want is the Grand Slam. I just have to go for my shots without any doubts.

Q. How do you think she played, and did it seem like she was not up to 100% coming off the time that she's had away and the shoulder injury?

NADIA PETROVA: Well, she didn't have enough matches obviously this year. She just played a tournament before French, but she really showed that she's a real champion and once again how she fought till the end, and she really went for her shots.

All I can say, you know, there was little, what I felt like, she wasn't really moving fast, fast enough, but it is obviously quite difficult on clay.

Q. You were up a break two different times in the third set. Did you get nervous or just tighten up or what happened?

NADIA PETROVA: Well, she served well at those important points. She didn't give me any chance to start the points, and, you know, she put me in a difficult situation right away. So, at the other hand, maybe I start thinking a little bit already ahead all the time instead of staying in the present and focus on each point.

Q. Was there ever a moment when you forgot or you could forget that this was a former world No. 1, or was it always in the back of your mind that this was the former top player in the world?

NADIA PETROVA: Well, in the beginning, it definitely was. But then the longer the match went on, I just start being really more thinking of the game instead of who's on the other side. That's it.

Q. Do you always suspect she could show flashes of that brilliance?

NADIA PETROVA: She did. She came out with amazing shots, and still, you can feel, you know, that even ‑‑ I mean, the confidence and the power behind the shots.

Q. Do you feel like your game is still improving, the physical part of your game, or is this the, you know, competitive, the mental aspect of it, what you still need to work the most on?

NADIA PETROVA: I would say both. I would say both. I think I need to get fitter, and I didn't have that chance yet because of my foot injury, so now I'm just trying to play my matches to gain the confidence. I know the confidence is coming from being fit. The fitter I'll become, more believe I will have in my game.

Q. Are you still feeling any effects of the fitness time you lost last winter when you had meningitis?

NADIA PETROVA: Well, the doctors said I will not be able to play until summer, and I recovered pretty good, pretty fast. I tried to play the Australian. Probably even though I don't feel much of a difference, but neurologically, I'm still a little behind.

Q. What about Safina? Do you think she's playing better tennis this year as compared to last year?

NADIA PETROVA: Oh, yeah, she's definitely playing best tennis of her life, and she really prove it in last couple of tournaments,winning back‑to‑back, very confident. For me, she's the favorite to win this one.

Q. What did your coach say to you after today's match?

NADIA PETROVA: Well, what can I say? He was a bit disappointed. Even though I know I played good tennis, it was a very interesting match probably to watch, but as he said, I had it. I didn't take it.

Ziggy Starduck Jun 27th, 2009 06:32 PM

Re: Interviews & Articles
Maria Sharapova’s conqueror Gisela Dulko looked to be well on the way towards ousting another big name Russian seed before running out of steam against Nadia Petrova and falling in three sets.

Argentine Dulko, ranked 45th in the world, became a crowd favourite on Wednesday after her unexpected and stylish win over 2004 champion Sharapova. And another upset looked on the cards after she took the first set against Petrova in little over half an hour.

But her play quickly went downhill and, despite much fighting spirit, she could not keep her dreams of further progress alive and ended up on the wrong end of a 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 scoreline.

But it had all looked so good early on for the buccaneering blonde from Buenos Aires. Petrova seemed visibly frustrated at conceding the first set so empathically, giving herself a good talking-to in Russian in a bid to psyche herself up for the rest of the match.

Dulko briefly continued her exceptional play in the second, including an advantage battle in the second game, which see-sawed its way through six deuces. Dulko was determined not to concede an early break and that iron will proved to be enough to keep the Russian at bay.

But after winning that epic battle, Dulko seemed to lose her bearings – and the ball’s journey from her racket to the net became a regular one. Suddenly the player that had looked like such an accomplished conqueror of big-name seeds looked a very different player.

The match statistics underline this turnaround in fortunes. In sets two and three, the Argentine only managed to win 20% of her points on return, compared to it being a 50-50 prospect in the opening set.

That meant that Petrova’s ability to regularly pull aces out of the bag - she’s top of the aces leaderboard at The Championships – were now really beginning to hurt her opponent, as opposed to earning her the odd consolation point.

After levelling the match, the experienced Russian broke her opponent in the first game of the second set and then powered down five aces in her first two service games to build a quick 3-1 lead. Although her display from there on was far from convincing, she had already done enough to take the wind out of the sails of the Argentine.

Consistency was the key in this match and it seemed that Dulko just didn't have what it took to keep it up for a full three sets. Petrova spotted her moment early in the second set, committed to a riskier game plan and used it to her advantage to pull off the win in under two hours.

Petrova will next cross rackets with Belarussian Victoria Azarenka, world no.10 and the 8th seed here.

Bероника Oct 5th, 2009 10:15 PM

Re: Interviews & Articles
Press Conference: Nadia Petrova (RUS )

Scores: Petrova defeated Kudryavtseva (6-1/5-7/6-2) and advanced to the second round.

  Aces: 5 Double Faults:5
  1st Serve %::52% 1st Serve Points Won:30/48(63%)
  2nd Serve Points Won:23/45(51%) Break Points Saved:7/11(64%)
  1st Return Points Won:22/56(39%) 2nd Return Points Won:21/37(57%)
  Break Points Won:7/17(41%) Total Service Points Won:53/93(57%)
  Total Return Points Won:43/93(46%) Total Points Won:96/186(52%)

  Q: What do you think of your performance in the tournament so far and how confident are you do about your next match against Hantuchova.
  A: I had a very good challenge today. I played and she played obviously pretty well. I was really impressed by her performance today. She was very impressive at hitting big shots. In some ways, it was good preparation for the next match against Daniela because I know I will be getting similar shots from her.
  Q: Youíre one of the top players that holds a very good record against Chinese players. Why? And how did you take on Li Na and Zheng Jieís games?
  A: Well, I guess, as you said, I had a lot of wins over them on them on their home court. I was able to maneuver. I know what they like and what they donít like. I believe I can beat Li Na if I play like the previous times and thatís it pretty much it.
  Q: Considering you just played a doubles match yesterday, can you explain how you managed to recover in time for the match today?
  A: We did end up playing quite late last night and it was my first day of practicing, actually. It was just good for me to get a bit of a feel. I felt a bit rusty yesterday. I had to think a lot last night. I had to come in strong against her today. Kudryavtseva was an early match, so I had to get my nightís sleep and I didnít feel really tired after the last match.
  Q: Having been in Beijing a few times. What are your impressions of city and also the tournament?
  A: Well, you know, I didnít go to the Olympics last year. So, for me, this is the first time at this venue. Iím very much impressed. I like it a lot. Iíve just been to the Summer Palace and this Chinese wall. This time, I am not going to play the following week. So Iím planning to stay a couple extra days for sightseeing and to get to know culture better.

Bероника Oct 8th, 2009 09:01 PM

Re: Interviews & Articles
Press Conference: Nadia Petrova (RUS)

Q: Serena Williams has mentioned you played excellent today, what would you like to say about the match?   A: Actually we both played well, especially in serve. I looked at the 1st serve percentage, and it’s good.
  Q: You will play against Chinese player Shuai Peng in the next round who has consecutively defeated Jankovic and Sharapova, and are you prepared for the crowds since they will cheer for her?
  A: Sure, I have got experience like this for many times, I will just do my best.
  Q: What’s your advantage that keeps you in good condition in matches against Chinese players?
  A: My experience, I won them earlier and just as I have mentioned, I will play my best and I have confidence.
  Q: Justin Henin will be back to the tennis court, what’s your opinion?
  A: it’s good to see her coming back, she has always wanted to have family and have child so she made the decision. When she stepped out the professional court for a couple of years she realized she needed it and wanted to be back. Henin still can dominate and play great tennis.

Bероника Jan 3rd, 2010 11:00 AM

Re: Interviews & Articles
Petrova draws the Brisbane's short straw - comeback Henin
January 3, 2010 - 9:41AM

Russian second seed Nadia Petrova could only blame herself as she drew the name all the Brisbane International women's field feared meeting in the tournament's first round -- Justine Henin.

Petrova gave herself the toughest possible start to 2010 by conducting the official draw and leaving the Belgian comeback queen's chip until last.

The Russian winced, shook her head and then ruefully smiled as Henin's name appeared.

Although previously ranked as high as No.3, the world No.20 knows how difficult the Monday afternoon clash will be after playing an exhibition match against the returning wildcard three weeks ago.

Seven-time grand slam title-winner Henin looked as sharp as ever on the Queensland Tennis Centre practise courts this week, and beat Petrova in straight sets in Cairo.

Before the draw, Petrova joked with tournament director Steve Ayles she hoped it wasn't her misfortune to create her own first-round nightmare.

She felt Henin was already close to displaying the form she was in as world No.1 before retiring 20 months ago, while top seed Kim Clijsters also rated her a genuine Australian Open contender.

"She was playing good tennis and she only needs a couple of matches to get her confidence but I couldn't feel the difference (in Cairo)," Petrova said.

"You would like to get a little easier opponent to get into the year and get some confidence.

"All I have to do is focus on what I can do best."

While it wasn't the most pleasing draw for Ayles, he was at least happy Henin was the last name drawn and not the first as it sets up a potential dream final with compatriot and top seed Kim Clijsters.

Clijsters, who kicks off the tournament today against Italian Tathiana Garbin, admitted all 31 other players would fear running into Henin.

"She's had a lot of time to train hard and she will definitely be up there," the US Open champion said.

Australian wildcard Casey Dellacqua drew a qualifier but will meet the Henin-Petrova winner in the second round if she progresses.

Jelena Dokic also received little luck by drawing third seed and former world No.1 Ana Ivanovic, who has been preparing on the Sunshine Coast where she's been staying with her boyfriend, golfer Adam Scott.

Men's top seed Andy Roddick drew Australian Davis Cup player Peter Luczak, while fellow American drawcard James Blake will play fifth-seeded compatriot Sam Querry.

Rising young Gold Coaster Bernard Tomic received a good break by drawing a qualifier but is on course to play defending champion Radek Stepanek in the second round.

The second-seeded Czech drew another Australian wildcard in Queensland local John Millman.


Bероника Jan 22nd, 2010 10:20 AM

Re: Interviews & Articles
Inside the world of ... Nadia Petrova

If you were not a tennis player, what would you be?
A doctor. So I could help people that way.
What music is on your iPod?
I listen to all sorts of music, but before matches I listen to house music.
What is your favourite breakfast?
I like to have Swiss muesli with berries and a latte.
What is your favourite thing about the Australian Open?
Definitely the atmosphere and the sunshine. I love it here.
What is your favourite movie?
Forrest Gump
What do you do to get away from tennis?
I love being in the outdoors and taking it easy. Otherwise I might go and have some shopping therapy, or interact with friends.
Do you have any lucky charms or superstitions?
I honestly don’t have any. I try not to be superstitious. I do have a set routine that I go through on a match day though.
What website do you visit every day or keep updated with?
Facebook and Getty Images (laughingly admits that she checks to see if there are any bad shots of her).
What would friends say your worst habit is?
Probably that I’m a perfectionist.
Who would you most like to have over for dinner, dead or alive?
I’m not sure … but probably a sports celebrity.

Bероника Jan 22nd, 2010 11:42 AM

Re: Interviews & Articles
An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Did you expect such an easy win?
NADIA PETROVA: Of course not. I was preparing myself already a long day, a long match. Might have been a three‑setter. Just really wanted to give everything I could today. Very happy.

Q. What was it like on court? When did you sense that she was vulnerable, beatable?
NADIA PETROVA: You know what, I really tried to focus win every single point. I really tried to run, win every single point. I start collect my game.
When I broke her again in the second set, then I realized, you know, this is like a two‑set match for me, and I just start cruising through it.

Q. Did you feel like your game was at a high level or did you feel it was the way Kim was playing?
NADIA PETROVA: Well, I played very well. I didn't give her chance for her to start playing her game. I really put pressure from the first point, you know. I stayed close to the line. I was really observing her pace. Also, you know, coming up with the big shots. You know, I made very difficult for her. She had to come up with something unbelievable.
I bet, you know, it was tough out there.

Q. Obviously you're very happy with the way the tournament is going now.
NADIA PETROVA: Yes, very happy. You know, have a day off tomorrow. Unfortunately, out of doubles. But it's going to be another practice day. I'm not overexcited. I'm not super happy because I know the tournament is not over yet. There's more matches to come.
I should stay focused and get ready for the next one.

Q. Do you feel you can cause some upsets? Is there that belief that you can go a bit further than what a lot of people think?
NADIA PETROVA: Yeah, if I'm able to perform like today and keep the composure as I did today, yes, of course, I can come up with more upsets in this event.

Q. In terms of keeping composure, sometimes in the past you've had a chance for a big win and had trouble closing it out. Did you feel nervous the last game when you had a couple match points?
NADIA PETROVA: It's obviously tough. Yes, I felt like the victory is nearby. You know, the last point is always the hard one because the other person doesn't give a ‑ I don't want to say that word. That was actually about this for me the whole match, the last point.

Q. Did you change anything in your preparation?
NADIA PETROVA: No, I didn't change anything in my preparation. I know I had a good six weeks of practice. I'm fitter than ever. You have to chase every single ball. There are no easy points.

Q. You didn't have great results coming into this tournament, Sydney and Brisbane.
NADIA PETROVA: The beginning of the year hasn't been exactly as I wished it could be. You know, draw Justine in Brisbane, was a close match. I really enjoyed it. And then I went to Sydney hoping I could get a couple single matches. I lost a disappointing loss to Date Krumm. I stayed there, tried to play some more doubles so I could get some match play.
On the other hand, I know I'm doing well at the Grand Slams. I really like coming here. I like the atmosphere. I like this kind of Grand Slam feelings. At the other hand, I was quite happy because I knew I had my preparation. I knew I'm fit, and I was fresh for the tournament.

Q. From your point of view, were you thinking when a player loses 6‑0, 6‑1...
NADIA PETROVA: I'm sure, you know, she was trying to change few things. You know, she had couple of breakpoints in the second set on my serve. If I would have lost those games, she would have had a feeling like she's back in the game. But obviously I didn't let that happen.
So I would say, of course, it is frustrating that you're not able to do things the way you really want them to do. All I can say, you know, I just didn't give her a chance to get into the match.

Q. In the first set up two breaks, were you thinking that you were playing really well?
NADIA PETROVA: I wasn't actually thinking anything. That was a good thing (laughter).
As soon as the point was over, my priority was the next point. I really wanted to win it badly. You know, that way I start collecting point by point, game by game.

Bероника Jan 24th, 2010 11:10 AM

Re: Interviews & Articles
An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Did you see Kim Clijsters's comments after the match and do you feel she didn't give you enough credit that you deserved?

NADIA PETROVA: Honestly, I wasn't really paying much of attention. I thought to myself after that win that I have to stay focused for the next one. I didn't really go through the newspapers. Didn't really bothered by that.

But, uhm, what I must say, yes, it was a very good match from my side, and it would be really nice to get a good feedback from the person that I defeated.

Q. Did you play at that level again today, do you think?

NADIA PETROVA: Today was similar. I felt like, you know, my motivation, my concentration was on the same level. But today there were a little more unforced errors than against Kim. But I fought hard. I chased every single ball possible. You know, I end up winning it.

Q. You've had a lot of trouble against Svetlana over the last few years. Did you do something differently today?

NADIA PETROVA: Uhm, differently today? Well, instead of giving opportunity for her to put pressure on me and dictating the game, you know, I took everything in my hands. This time, you know, I felt also much fitter. I knew it doesn't really matter how long the match would go for, I still had a lot of energy.

I'm sure sometimes I even surprised her, you know, how well I was chasing the balls.

Q. Svetlana says this is the best she's seen you play in a couple of years. Do you agree?

NADIA PETROVA: Uhm, I think she might have been right. It's not only that I'm playing well, but I think it's just the whole composure on the court, it's like one complete player, yes.

Q. Where is that composure coming from?

NADIA PETROVA: Good question (smiling).

I think it has a lot to do with my pre‑season. I had six weeks of hard work. I really took my fitness to another level, especially because of last season has been difficult with the injury. So that was my main focus.

I guess, you know, going out there for each single match, I know what I've done. I know how much, like, gas I have in my tank, so I know that I can really push and dig really deep.

Q. You've beaten one Belgian already. You're going to play another one. Who do you expect to show up on the other side of the net on Tuesday?

NADIA PETROVA: That's not my concern right now (laughter). Doesn't really matter. As long as I'm in the happy state of mind and I'm performing like I've done the last couple of matches, I honestly don't care.

Q. Can you speak about both of them? If you play against Henin, what are you going to do differently than in Brisbane?

NADIA PETROVA: Definitely I'm going to take charge more in the rallies. Really got to be more focused on my serves, really work hard on the returning games. It's gonna be my main concern to break her and hold my serve.

If I'll be playing Wickmayer, it's going to be our first meeting, so it's always quite exciting for me 'cause, you know, I like to discover new players. I like to find the right, maybe, tactics as long as the match is going on.

You know, it doesn't really matter. I'm just happy to be in the quarters. I'm enjoying the way I'm playing right now. I'm looking forward to whoever it is on the other side.

Q. Is there a particular competition among the Russian women?

NADIA PETROVA: There's a lot of us obviously. We all fighting to be a part of the Olympic team. For example, two years ago I was, like, just outside of top 10, and I didn't even make it to Beijing because was like five other Russians in top 10. That's kind of a bit frustrating.

Yeah, of course, you know, every one of us wants to be the No. 1 in our country. Everyone wants to be the No. 1 representing in the Fed Cup. There is a lot of competition between us.

Q. Why are there so many good players?

NADIA PETROVA: I don't know. Big country (laughter).

Q. Do you feel like you've left some things on the table in your career that you want to achieve?

NADIA PETROVA: That's why, you know, I'm still here. That's why I'm working hard and digging deep, because I know there's still a lot to accomplish. There's still a lot to let out. That's what I'm really looking for. Like I'm looking for different little kind of like, you know, I know there's a lot left, and I'm just trying to discover those things, you know.

I really want to finally be a complete player. I want to quit tennis knowing that, you know, I've done everything possible, I developed as much as I could, and I gave hundred percent of it.

Q. Talking about your composure before, you said you had done a lot of fitness work before this tournament. What happens in the match? Is there something different you're saying to yourself in the match than before to keep yourself calm?

NADIA PETROVA: Well, first of all, it's just a game. You know, it's not the end of the world if you lose a match, because life goes on. There's so many beautiful and wonderful things you can do besides that.

I've learned to deal with the losses and I've learned to keep the motivation always up. Yeah, maybe right now because of that, you know, I feel a little bit more relaxed. I'm not as stressed if I make a silly mistake or something doesn't go my way because, you know, I still can make the best out of this day. Not necessary that it's going to be on the tennis court.

Q. So did you put too much pressure on yourself in the past then?

NADIA PETROVA: Yeah, well, I've always been a perfectionist. You know, it's not an easy thing because you always want to do everything perfect. You always ask a lot from yourself.

But at the other hand, it's also a good quality because it always makes me develop. It always drives me, you know, to become a better player.

Q. I know you've had some very good results before, but did you expect coming into the season that you could come to Melbourne and beat Kim and Svetlana the way you did?

NADIA PETROVA: Well, that's hard to actually answer that question right now because, you know, I didn't have a good beginning of the year. Lost two first rounds, got a little bit down about it. But I know I always did well at the Grand Slams and I knew I really had to focus one match at a time.

And when I played Kim, before going on court, I said, It's all or nothing, I gotta to give everything. I did. Same thing happened today. Just if I can really continue doing this, I can get even further.

Q. If you meet Justine, will that match have a special taste for you?

NADIA PETROVA: Oh, yeah, definitely. You know, I've played her recently already twice, so I really know what she's playing. I know what to expect. I know what kind of balls going to be coming at me. So it's all fresh in the memory, so it's going to be maybe even easier maybe for me to play her because it's like it's so fresh in my mind.

Q. What do you think of her return?

NADIA PETROVA: What I think? I mean, it's obviously great for the tour to have her back because she was too young to retire, and she retired being No. 1. There were a lot of questions, Why did that happen? But obviously, you know, after a couple years, she realized that there's still a lot of undone business, maybe, and she really misses to be back on the tour.

You know, it's great to see, like, Kim and Justine are coming back.

Q. You're not surprised that Justine came back, are you? Did you sort of expect it at some point?

NADIA PETROVA: Yeah, I'm not surprised at all because, you know, as I say, again, she just retired way too young, way too young.

Q. When she retired, did you think she was going to take some time off, but since she's a big competitor, she'll be back?

NADIA PETROVA: Yes, yes, she's a big competitor. She's done a lot. She achieved a lot. But I'm sure, you know, she still has this kind of dream come true to win Wimbledon. That's also main reason also she came back. She changed the game because of that, as well.

Bероника Apr 20th, 2010 08:28 AM

Re: Interviews & Articles
Power combo: Huber, Petrova

By Gene Sapakoff
The Post and Courier
Monday, April 19, 2010

Liezel Huber and Nadia Petrova had not played doubles with each other before this week but it's hard to argue with the starry combination that won the Family Circle Cup doubles title Sunday.

Huber, a native South African now proud to play Fed Cup for the U.S. and cheer for Houston sports teams, is No. 1 in the world in doubles. She owns four Grand Slam doubles titles.

Petrova, the 2006 Family Circle Cup singles champion, won the doubles title last year with another American partner, Bethanie Mattek-Sands.

But the 6-3, 6-4 victory over Vania King and Michaella Krajicek on Sunday might be short-lived harmony for the top-seeded team. Petrova is likely to reunite with frequent doubles partner Samantha Stosur, who chose not to play doubles in Charleston and won the singles title Sunday.

Huber said her status is "up in the air," but she likely will get back with longtime partner Cara Black of Zimbabwe.

"Cara and I are a team so I guess if there's the odd week we don't have a partner, we'll call each other or message each other," Huber said of Petrova. "It's been really fun."

Tony Huber, Liezel's hus- band and coach, recruited Petrova.

"I saw it as a good opportunity for me to work on my doubles game and also defend my title from last year," said Petrova, a Russian ranked No. 9 in doubles and No. 18 in singles.

The King/Krajicek team has an upside, too. They were playing together for only the second tournament after winning at the Memphis tour stop in February.

"We just clicked," said King, a Monterey Park, Calif., native.

Krajicek, a Netherlands native who lives in Bradenton, Fla., is the sister of 1996 Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek.

Expect more King/Krajicek.

"We said at the Australian Open we would play in Memphis and we did really well," Krajicek said. "This week has been even more special because it's obviously a bigger tournament."

Bероника Apr 20th, 2010 08:30 AM

Re: Interviews & Articles
Liezel & Nadia Win Too

CHARLESTON, SC, USA - Things got pretty tight at the end but Liezel Huber and Nadia Petrova were able to hold on to capture the Family Circle Cup doubles title, beating Vania King and Michaella Krajicek in the final, 63 64.

Although they were playing together for the very first time, Huber and Petrova's individual experience as doubles players surpassed almost everyone else in the draw, Huber with 41 Sony Ericsson WTA Tour doubles titles to her credit and Petrova with 18; and in their first four matches together they didn't even lose a set, collecting their 42nd and 18th career doubles titles, respectively.

Petrova was the only one of the four doubles finalists to have won in Charleston before, doing so last year with Bethanie Mattek-Sands - in fact, the Russian had also won the singles title here before, four years ago.

"It's a fantastic experience. I was coming here this year only to compete in singles and Liezel's husband offered me to play doubles with her this week," Petrova said. "I saw this as an opportunity to work on my doubles game and have a chance to defend my title from last year. I had wonderful fun with Liezel."

King and Krajicek were playing together for just the second time but their first venture was wildly successful, as they won the Memphis title earlier this year. En route to their second final they had beaten the two most accomplished women in the doubles draw, No.2 seeds Lisa Raymond and Rennae Stubbs.

"In Australia we said we would play in Memphis. We did and it went really well," Krajicek said. "This week has been even more special because it's obviously an even bigger tournament, and we beat the second seeds. Every match we played really, really well. Today was actually the first time we've lost a set playing together. We'll definitely be playing together much more again in the future."

Bероника Aug 26th, 2010 03:55 PM

Re: Interviews & Articles

Petrova had an identical 63 62 victory over Bethanie Mattek-Sands. "The conditions were great today," said Petrova, who next faces No.2 seed Samantha Stosur, who won her second round match Tuesday. "Sam didn't play for a few weeks so she may be a little rusty. If I'm able to play the same as today, I can have a positive outcome. It's a great opportunity for me."

rucolo Aug 27th, 2010 02:18 PM

Re: Interviews & Articles
Article about New Haven QF::p


August 26, 2010

NEW HAVEN, CT, USA - A day before she said it was "a great opportunity", and she certainly meant it. In just 53 minutes Nadia Petrova sent the Pilot Pen Tennis at Yale's No.2 seed Samantha Stosur packing in a hurry, 62 61.

Petrova, seeded No.8, was broken in the first game of the match but was almost perfect on serve from there, losing a total of just three points in her other six service games and breaking the big-serving Stosur five times. Petrova has now beaten Stosur in straight sets in all four of their career meetings.

"It seemed surprising, those are the right words," Petrova said. "I know Sam well. We played the first six months of the year in doubles and I got a lot of time to practice with her, so I know her game well, her strengths and weaknesses.

"Today I was really in charge of the game and didn't give her any chances to come back. I just kept the pressure on and tried to make her come up with a better shot. I'm very happy with my serve and didn't give out many free points."

"We both had our game plans, except she executed hers a lot better than me today," Stosur said. "I got off to a good start. She can ride on confidence really well though, and when she feels she's in front and can control what's going on, she's very hard to stop. She played quite well and I didn't play very well, so me winning only three games is probably a mixture of those two things."

Next up for Petrova is Maria Kirilenko, who ended the run of former No.1 Dinara Safina with a 63 63 win. Safina had beaten No.3 seed Francesca Schiavone and Daniela Hantuchova before running into Kirilenko, who has been creeping up the rankings all year and is approaching the Top 20 again.

"It's difficult for Dinara to come back. Before she was more aggressive, but now she's making longer points, and it's not hurting you as much," Kirilenko said. "I played well today, not many mistakes and very consistent. Everything was perfect today, except my serve. I missed too many first serves."

Petrova and Kirilenko are tied in their head-to-head, 3-3. This will be their first meeting on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour in almost exactly two years.

rucolo Aug 28th, 2010 03:11 PM

Re: Interviews & Articles
Article about New Haven SF::p


Caroline Edges Elena In SFs

August 27, 2010
NEW HAVEN, CT, USA - She came into New Haven having won only one of four matches in the summer hardcourt swing, but at the Pilot Pen Tennis at Yale it has all come together. Nadia Petrova fought back from a first set blowout to beat Maria Kirilenko, 26 62 62, and reach the 20th final of her career.

Petrova, the No.8 seed, lost the first set to her fellow Russian in 39 minutes, dropping her big serve twice; but she would not be broken again the rest of the match, dominating her service games and upping the aggression on her return.

"Even if you have pain, you have to try. I decided to continue," said Kirilenko, who was treated for a low back injury during the match. "I was in pain in the first set, but I won it because she was making a lot of mistakes. She was missing the first ball, the second ball. It was good for me. But then she started to play better. I'm playing well and to get this out of nowhere is always sad."

"When Maria called for the physio, those couple of minutes did very well for me," Petrova said. "I saw she was struggling and believed I could come back and win. I had a good conversation with my coach. I cut down on my mistakes and focused a lot on my serve. I felt I started playing the right game."

Petrova almost didn't play in New Haven, but received a last minute invite. "It's amazing. I got a phone call from Anne Worcester late Friday afternoon. I was still in Montrťal, about to leave the hotel and fly to New York. Then suddenly she offered me that last wildcard. It was a great gift. I was very happy. I'm sure my team was also excited to come for an extra tournament before the Open."

At night, No.1 seed and two-time defending champion Caroline Wozniacki improved to 12-0 lifetime at New Haven with a 16 63 76(5) triumph over No.4 seed Elena Dementieva, rallying from 5-3 down in the third set to win.

"The crowd really helped me today. It wasn't easy," Wozniacki said. "This is a great tournament. Obviously I'm playing well here. I'm really happy to be in the finals again, the third time in a row. Hopefully I can win the last match here."

Wozniacki leads Petrova in their head-to-head, 2-1, with Wozniacki retiring from their first encounter in 2008 but winning both of their matches in 2010.

Bероника Aug 29th, 2010 08:35 AM

Re: Interviews & Articles
Petrova was the No.8 seed this week, upsetting No.2 seed Sam Stosur en route to her first first final since the 2008 season, when she reached four of them (going 2-2 in those). She will leave New Haven 9-11 in career finals.

"It was a good match and I'm happy to reach the final here," Petrova declared. "Caroline is very good on the defensive. My game is trying to step in and try to go to the net, but she didn't give me many opportunities to do that.

"I had a tough hardcourt season. My confidence was a little bit on the floor when I came here. Now I'm back in my shoes. I'm happy and excited for the Open."

rucolo Aug 29th, 2010 05:10 PM

Re: Interviews & Articles
Article about New Haven Final::p


Caroline, Queen Of New Haven

August 28, 2010
NEW HAVEN, CT, USA - On Saturday night she went the absolute distance to beat Elena Dementieva in the semifinals, and Sunday she continued to show why she could be the next No.1 player in the world. Caroline Wozniacki won her Sony Ericsson WTA Tour-leading fourth title of the season at the Pilot Pen Tennis at Yale, beating Nadia Petrova in the final, 63 36 63.

Wozniacki, the No.1 seed and undefeated two-time defending champion at the Premier-level event, was leading 63 20 when Petrova's power game started hitting its mark; she took the second set and pulled off another mini-comeback with Wozniacki leading 4-1 in the third set, breaking back and closing to 4-3. But Wozniacki was too tough in the end, playing two strong games to win her fourth title of the year and the 10th of her blossoming career.

Wozniacki maintained her perfect record in New Haven, now at 13-0 (5-0 to win in 2008, 5-0 to win in 2009 and 3-0 to win this year, a first round bye and quarterfinal walkover from Flavia Pennetta cutting her hours this year).

"Today was especially tough because yesterday I finished really late," Wozniacki said. "In the second set Nadia started hitting some nice winners, and she broke my serve straight away. I just needed to keep focused.

"The crowd has been amazing here, cheering me on. Yesterday I was down and they got me through it. It's a great feeling. I love this tournament - it has been great preparation for me the last couple of years. I'd love to come back."

Wozniacki has now won her last two tournaments - Montrťal and New Haven - and three of her last four, including Copenhagen. Her only loss of the summer came to Marion Bartoli in the third round of Cincinnati.

"I've had two victories in two weeks and three victories in four weeks. I feel I'm in great shape and playing well. Hopefully I can continue the next few weeks."

Petrova was the No.8 seed this week, upsetting No.2 seed Sam Stosur en route to her first first final since the 2008 season, when she reached four of them (going 2-2 in those). She will leave New Haven 9-11 in career finals.

"It was a good match and I'm happy to reach the final here," Petrova declared. "Caroline is very good on the defensive. My game is trying to step in and try to go to the net, but she didn't give me many opportunities to do that.

"I had a tough hardcourt season. My confidence was a little bit on the floor when I came here. Now I'm back in my shoes. I'm happy and excited for the Open."
Sad Nadia lost, but it was a successful tournament for her.:D

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