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Caipirinha Guy May 7th, 2009 04:56 PM

Ursynów Open thread: Iveta Gerlova - the champion of Ursynów

Sarah had pretty decend results on ITF Circuit. Well done, Paula [16 y.o] - the future of polish tennis.;) Two good prospects meet in the quarterfinal as Klaudia Gawlik defeated Justyna Jegiołka 6:4 6:0. Another prospect Katarzyna Kawa defeated Martina Kubicikova of Czech Republic 6:3 7:5.

Other Poles in Ursynów:

Sylwia Zagórska def Barbara Kvelstein 6:3 6:0
Karolina Kosińska def Eva Husakova 6:1 6:0

Kania nie dorównuje Sarah Gronert ani rankingiem (na razie…), ani wzrostem, ani siłą. Ma za to więcej sprytu i fantazji, które pomagają znaleźć się na korcie we właściwym miejscu i w odpowiednim czasie. Wtedy wystarczy tylko posłać piłkę tam, skąd przeciwniczka już na pewno jej dobrze nie odegra. Rozstawiona z czwórką Niemka często szukała wzrokiem taty-trenera, on coś tam próbował podpowiadać, ale pomagało tylko na chwilę. Najwyżej na jednego seta. Jego stratę Paula skwitowała z uśmiechem: „A bo lubię sobie pograć”. Teraz pogra sobie z Klaudią.

Kania doesn't equal Sarah Gronert neither ranking nor height nor power. But she has got more smartness and fantasy which help her to be on the good place and time on the court. Then you just need to put the ball in the inconvenient place. German - four seeded was looking for her dad-coach by sight, he tried to give her some advice but it helped only for a moment - for a one set. What did Paula say about the loss of one set? "I just wanted to play longer" - smiled. Now she will face Klaudia.

Pszczelny May 8th, 2009 07:22 AM

Re: Ursynów Open thread: Paula Kania def Sarah Gronert 6:4 3:6 6:2
Maybe this should be a start of Paula's thread. ;)

First career ITF quarterfinal :yeah:

Caipirinha Guy May 8th, 2009 02:12 PM

Re: Ursynów Open thread: 3 of 4 semifinalists are Polish
16 year-old girls continue their race in Warsaw.
Paula Kania of Sosnowiec after a good match against Sarah Gronert proved that a win over German was not an accident. She defeated her fellow Klaudia Gawlik of Nowy Sącz in two straight sets - 6:1 6:4 and will face nr 1 of the tournament - Iveta Gerlova who won to Sylwia Zagórska 7:6(2) 6:0.

Another revelation of the tournament - 16 year-old Katarzyna Kawa showed she's not worse than Paula. She defeated an Italian - Alice Balducci 6:2 3:6 7:6(3) and will face a local star - seeded with nr 2 Karolina Kosińska who totally outplayed her quarterfinal opponent Anna Zaja 6:1 6:3.

Caipirinha Guy May 9th, 2009 01:03 PM

Re: Ursynów Open thread: unranked Kawa vs number "1" Gerlova
Since the first round everything showed that in Iveta Gerlova and Karolina Kosińska will play in the finals. Each day increased the probability of such an end because neither of the rest seeded players didn't reach even the quarterfinals. And here suddenly, on Saturday morning, Katarzyna Kawa said: "veto".

We have just written about her, telling how bravely defended the matchballs in her match agains Alice Balducci. Kosińska, number 2 of the tournament, either didn't draw the conclusion from what she managed to see or she forgot that this 16 y.o. girl from the other side of net run to each ball until it bounces twice.
Kosińska was the favourite of the match even because the Kawa's tiredness of 2,5 hour struggle in full sun. Kawa can be very self-critical - even autoironical so she won't take umbrage of the claim that on Saturday morning she showed her opponent how to play tennis. We must tell that Kawa occured to be a very clever student and she did everything inversely. That's why she won but maybe too easily.

The other semifinal was not easy neither for a winner Iveta Gerlova nor for a defeated Paula Kania nor for the crowd. Supporters usually like long, sharp matches, such ones when the lead changes every time. However they approved the end of this 2,5 hour the rally of the errors with a big relief. Even so did the players.

Caipirinha Guy May 10th, 2009 11:14 AM

Re: Ursynów Open thread: unranked Kawa vs number "1" Gerlova
Iveta Gerlova def Katarzyna Kawa 6:3 7:5

Not that bad for Kasia concerning that Iveta is WTA's TOP400.;) And even Piter lost to her.

Now Iveta leads 2-0 in Head-to-head against Kasia.

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