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Zamboni Jan 1st, 2009 06:56 PM

Media forum in 2009 (please read)
Hey all

In honour of me finally updating the archives forum to include all matches posted in 2008 (yay me! And sorry for taking so long....) I thought I’d post a new announcement as well.

Unfortunately in 2008 there were less matches uploaded than in 2007, but there’s still a fair amount of matches in the archives forum :)

Now, I promise once again to try to update everything more often. At least it shouldn’t take another year...

And just to have them in an announcement in here, some guidelines for this forum:

Archive forum
I will, soon, create an archives forum, in which I will make a thread for every year there are matches from, up to 2008 will have more than 1 thread, in order to make sure you can find the matches easily. If you upload a match from these years that hasn’t been uploaded before, please put it in the relevant thread.
Please do not start threads in the archives forum, unless you have a match from a year there have not yet been matches uploaded from.

Request thread
This will stay as it was. There is 1 request thread, and if you want to request a match, please do so in there. Any other request threads will be merged.

2009 matches
They will be in separate threads for now. Later they will be in the archives forum of course.
I will probably not start weekly threads this year, but probably something like monthly threads, or threads per part of the season. I understand people want to use their own threads but it would be quite useful if you’d put 2009 matches in these threads.

Inactive links
I have realized that it doesn’t work if you PM me with inactive links, because unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that. Try to post a request for reactivation in the threads in the archives, it might work best.

kiki0077 Mar 10th, 2010 10:11 PM

Re: Media forum in 2009 (please read)

I'm s sorry to conradict you, but you cannot put all the matches in the same thread. It'll make it so difficult for people to find the matches they are looking for. Do you imagine the disorganisation that will reign if you put 20 topics together, add to that 10 or 15 replays for each topic!!! No you connot be serious!
You can create a section per season and let the members create their own threads, I want to be free to create modify and receive replays for the thread I created, otherwise, it would not be interesting to post in the forum, sorry to say that.

whalelk May 3rd, 2010 10:49 AM

Re: Media forum in 2009 (please read)
Hi! Not exactly on topic but I just found a cool tennis portal which does funny interviews with tennis pros. check it out: i especially like the one with David Ferrer :)

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